Getting a new roof - is it time to go solar?

Getting a new roof - is it time to go solar?

Live in Maryland and in the process of getting estimates for a new roof. Would like to convince the wife to get solar panels also, as soon we will be a 2 Tesla household. House faces E-SE so we would need panels on the front, which is the sticking point with her. Will probably be in the house for another 10 years and wonder if the payback will be worth it. Looking for recommendations, opinions.

rlwrw | 11. Februar 2020

If you are getting a new roof, look into Tesla Solar Glass tiles, and see if Tesla is current enough to handle your time frame.

gregbrew | 11. Februar 2020

If you go with the Tesla solar roof, add a year to the re-roofing process, and be aware that there will be hundreds of connections on your roof, expanding and contracting with the whims of the weather.

I'd stick with a new roof, and then put panels on it. One of the panel choices is a very dark black-ish color, and the edge skirts give a clean, finished look. Just make sure such is in the contract, by reading it carefully, and insisting the provisions you want are in there. I'm growing weary of people who complain here about what they got, which was exactly what was in their contract that they didn't bother to read before signing.

Besides, caring about the future of our planet enough to get solar should be celebrated for it's inherent beauty, not hidden away because some might find the array unattractive.

jeff | 11. Februar 2020

Your first step should be to get a handle on your current usage. If you look at a regular electric bill, it will say how many Kwh, or Kilowatt hours, you used. Divide that by the number of days in the billing period and that will give you your average daily consumption in Kwh. See what you can find out and then options can be considered.