Range increases to 351

Range increases to 351

Tesla releases “Long Range Plus” Model S/X with 390/351 mile range, new wheels

TSLA67 | 14. Februar 2020

Just saw that! Anyone know what happens if you have an order set to deliver in 2 to 4 weeks?

Bighorn | 15. Februar 2020

Based on continuous upgrades on all fronts--firmware, hardware, maybe wheels, though EM said Aero wheels may push the new S figure of 390 over 400. He said interim cars would be somewhere on the spectrum between the old and new figures. They renamed it just to get a shot to recertify the EPA number. Should have the latest on anything yet to deliver.

sfurg73 | 15. Februar 2020

Well this is irritating. I’m supposed to pick up my X in a week. Now I’m wondering if I should have waited.

n7142701886 | 15. Februar 2020

There is nothing change with the baterry but the new firmware for new Model X increases its range to 351.

So it is expected that all Model X delivered after 02/14/2020 will have the latest firmware that increase range to 351.

There is some existing inventory Model X with the range of 351. I got email about this.

Bighorn | 15. Februar 2020

Well there are hardware changes, but they've already been implemented. No need for FOMO. | 15. Februar 2020

From Elon today:

"All S/X cars made in recent months have actually been above stated EPA range. Will be unlocked soon for free via software update."

Pungoteague_Dave | 15. Februar 2020

It is my understanding this OTA update will apply to all Raven models, so back to last summer - includes my 9/19 MX. | 16. Februar 2020

@Pungoteague_Dave - While not entirely clear, I got the sense it only applies to the most recent Ravens, as quite a few small, but contributory hardware changes have been made in the last couple of months. I expect software improvements to motor control would work on all Ravens so older ones may not get as much of an increase. I guess we'll know in 4-6 weeks.

amatye | 17. Februar 2020

I am also crossing my fingers for more range with an OTA update like Pungoteague_Dave as I purchased my MX Raven in September 2019.

Pungoteague_Dave | 18. Februar 2020

@TT, you may be right but my ranger, usually in the know, says my 9/19 X will get the added range.

3gmcintire | 21. Februar 2020

I ordered the MX LR on Feb 4 and got a VIN on Feb 14, the day the website changed to LR+.
My cars Birthday was the day before: Thu Feb 13 14:33:54 2020

After pestering my dealer to find out if my car has long range PLUS and her saying she is 'pretty positive' it does but not able to get proof, I told her today I was going to order a new LR+ and I would not cancel my prev order until I either got an arrival date on the new car or further info came along proving my original car was a PLUS.

She later called back and sheepishly said - Tesla sent an email out today and though more info would be forthcoming, they included a list of cars that were LR+ and my car was not on the list.

So she said she can change my order to a new LR+ and I should expect it in about 3-4 weeks. Basically she saved me a $100 cancellation fee. Now the website says 4-6 weeks so it may take longer than she thinks but at least I will have what I want.

So beware that some very recent cars may not be LR+ . If you are expecting delivery soon, check with your dealer and make sure your car is on the new LR+ list if that's what you want

3gmcintire | 21. Februar 2020

Stop the presses!

The dealer just called me again and said that Tesla just sent out a new letter and list and my car is on this list. But they will hold it locally until Mar 7th when they will do they update and change the MonRoney sticker to say LR+.
So it looks like I get the sticker change after all and get my car in two weeks.

robAZ | 21. Februar 2020

Was gonna say I think you are playing with fire.. You got pretty lucky getting a VIN so soon. Going on a month soon and no VIN for me.. Congrats! Hopefully it all works for you..

schaaf | 21. Februar 2020

Is there a place on the in-car menus where the range is stated? I just looked for something like "EPA range 329 Miles" but couldn't find anything.

3gmcintire | 21. Februar 2020

tesla motor club has this thread on the subject.

I wanted to post over there but I am not allowed to post as I just signed up. Could somebody with posting rights at TMC point to my new info on this thread about the Monroney sticker?

I suspect that the laws will not allow the changing of a Monroney sticker after the car is purchased. I presume that is why these LR+ cars are on a 'confinement list" (Tesla's term) until they can be updated on Mar 7th. I'm guessing that's when the SW is available.

sw | 22. Februar 2020

I was told I could take delivery of the LR on 2/15 and the car would get a software update to LR+ but they could not change the monroney sticker. They would, however, be willing to change the invoice to reflect LR+. I said why don’t you keep the car, update the software, and let me know when it becomes a LR+. Then the said “well that could be a month or more,” at which time I said then order me a new VIN since it’s the same thing.....

amatye | 22. Februar 2020

Just heard from my Tesla sales manager and apparently my 9/19 MX will not be available for the added range.

gdawson | 22. Februar 2020

Anyone heard any chatter as to whether the MX Raven Long Range will receive any, however small, bump in range when the next OTA update is released?

fuentejose | 22. Februar 2020

My 2 cents, there will be a software update for the raven model’s and will increase range, but only new ones ordered as + will actually be the 351. Time will prove me correct or wrong. I think is a modified batt package, nothing too fancy but enough to make it a significant difference from the Y. That way keep the models competing.

n7142701886 | 22. Februar 2020

Tesla holds delivery until March so they will update all New Tesla X before delivery.

I ordered a Tesla X for my wife in Jan 2020 and just emailed Tesla today. They replied that they hold the delivery for update to 351 miles.

fuentejose | 23. Februar 2020

Just saw in inventory, this mode xl with 1k miles was updated already to sell it off:, yesterday it was a 328 miles, today it's a plus model, LOL.

danielcmu | 07. März 2020

I just picked up my car yesterday (Model X 351 EPA) and miles are showing up as 293 EPA on 100% charged,
Do I need to take it to Tesla to configure the problem? Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.

MEAllard | 08. März 2020

Software update is probably needed. My X (delivered 3/3/20) didn't show the 351 rage until after the 2020.8.1 update.

adityan | 08. März 2020

@MEAllard did 351 range happen after 8.1 or 4.1?

MEAllard | 09. März 2020

After 2020.8.1 (specifically, the range was not updated after the 2020.4.11 update). Also the model changed from "Long Range" to "Long Range Plus" after the 2020.8.1 update. My Monroney sticker says "Long Range"

qi | 10. März 2020

I just received a Long Range Plus Model X. It display on the dash, the center display, and in all the paperwork. Built 02/20.
It displays about 282 miles (calculated) at 100%. That is, 240 miles at 85%.
Everything about the car is Long Range Plus except the flash. Trying to get it to update to 2020.8.1 as we speak, and have sacrificed two lambs and three chickens.

2020.4.11 did not fix the range problem. But I can return it in a week and get my money back, so there's that.

qi | 10. März 2020

Range displayed did not increase after flashing 2020.8.1. I did a reboot, no change.
Perhaps it has to be driven and charged more. I asked if the car was a 351 mile LR+, and 2 different people before the sale assured me, and 2 people at the service center assured me.

I doubt anything is wrong, but the only way to tell is to waste a day driving the car at 50 mph, or 7 hrs. Even the % meter does not add up. The battery capacity can only be determined by driving from 100% to 0% since the bar graph, % meter, and miles all fail to indicate correctly.