Unable to charge - disconnect and retry

Unable to charge - disconnect and retry

Charging at home with a Tesla charger everything runs fine. While at another house where I have a 16Amp plug, I several times get the "Unable to charge - disconnect and retry", with error codes CP_a058 and IS_a174_SW_Charge. Just unplugging the cable and connecting it again solves the issue and charging continues.

I suspect this happens when I connect too much load at home (namely air conditioning). But it is very annoying having to go to the car, unplug and plug to solve the issue.

is this happening to more folks ? any more ideas on the error codes ? any other way to solve this without having to go to the car ?


CaliforniaMaki808 | 20. Februar 2020

I don't have this problem at home but I do have it public chargers (Volta) where after a certain hours or sometimes miles on my Tesla, it would stop charging. I get the interrupted charging message on the app. When I try to click "Start Charging" on the app or dashboard, it won't start charging again. I have to disconnect the plug and connect it back in to start the charging again. I'm not sure if it was the updates that caused it or Volta chargers doing something to Tesla vehicles.