There are not yet release notes for this version - no obvious changes within the app - anyone with a clue on changes ?

gregbrew | 10. März 2020

They stopped updating the change log after 1.43. Nobody here knows why.

bp | 11. März 2020

Tesla does the same with S/3/X updates - often a simple statement that the release only contains bug fixes.

Atom12 | 11. März 2020

@bp: "Tesla does the same with S/3/X updates"


My 3 always acknowledges that there is a change, even if the only delta is the version and date.

From what I can tell Tesla Energy has stopped making change log entries since December 2019
Version 1.43.

rlwrw | 11. März 2020

Probably like the Zimbabwe update, this one could be for South Earmuff, North Dakota.
One would think that major improvements would be mentioned. Major = improved charging algorithm, etc.

gregbrew | 11. März 2020

I'd be OK with the "improvements" if they didn't often break something else. I wish we had the option to opt in or out to firmware updates. I bought the darn thing for goodness sake. I should have some say in its continued upkeep...

rlwrw | 12. März 2020

@gregbrew. I hear you. I have dealt with software which was neatly organized into compartmented modules, and other software which was a hodgepodge of code going off in any direction at any time. In the hodgepodge, change one thing, and it could throw the entire program out of whack.
In the compartmentalized software, if one module works, it's not touched. Only the modules that need improvement get tinkered.
Now, which way has Tesla gone, either with the cars and/or energy systems?

fkhera | 19. März 2020

Did anyone know if TEG went off line??