Customer service

Customer service

Tesla’s wonderful customer service strikes again. Had service appointment today between 10:30 and 12:30 made changes in my schedule.
Received text from service person asking for my address....guess what 30 minutes later got an email rescheduling my appointment for a week from now....

Customer service seems number 1


Aerodyne | 23. März 2020

A week seems reasonable given the current crisis.

If you can make an appt with another SC, might be worth doing

barrykmd | 23. März 2020

The point was he adjusted his schedule to accommodate service and they changed it at the last minute.

Current crisis is simply another excuse like "it's a new company." Face, it, they treat customers like crap - always have, hopefully it will change some day. | 23. März 2020

Customer service has been and continues to be fine for most owners. It's only the 5 people in the forums that endlessly repeat service is awful. Why they continue with Tesla is beyond understanding. They really should switch to one of the perfect dealers where they take endless loving care of you while picking your pocket.

I've never had any issues with Tesla service over 7+ years as have all my local friends with Teslas. Yes, I believe there are some rare cases where something goes wrong, but they are the rare exceptions - true of any business.

Bighorn | 23. März 2020

I’ve never been treated like crap coming up on 7 years.

GHammer | 23. März 2020

Love Tesla service. Got a 12v needs replacement warning on my '15 85D last Thursday (first time in 5 years, not bad). Made appt. through the app, requested mobile service. Got a text the next morning saying they verified the failure remotely and contacted Mobile Service. Just got a text from my mobile tech saying he'll be at my house this Thursday. I dont know how it gets any easier than this.

Jschore | 23. März 2020

I need assistance please!! I have had the so many issues with my 2014 Tesla especially the door handles. Though out of warranty I went to the manger and he would not charge for labor but for the part which is $281 . Do you know where I can get it cheaper. It seems a lot. I have the model numbers. I heard of many people getting the handles replaced for free because it is a design flaw. Thanks!! | 23. März 2020

@Jschore - $281 is quite a deal. It used to be > $1000 each. If you're a DIY type, there are videos showing how to do the most common repairs. Getting the handles out of the door is a bit of a pain, but good DIY people should be able to do the removal in about an hour of work, then fix the part and reinstall. Tesla techs, having done quite a few can do it far quicker.

You might also buy used handles on eBay, but they are likely to have issues too, so I'd be a bit leary of going that route. The latest Tesla V3 handle design is better than V2 (whcih I suspect you have), and V1 in 2012-2013 era cars.

Jschore | 23. März 2020