Act like you have COVID 19

Act like you have COVID 19

Act like you have COVID 19: World Class Advice
Submitted by Ross1 on March 25, 2020

World class leadership: the one we all want: Jacinda Ardern

Act like you have COVID 19 (and the rest will fall into place).


justobjective | 28. März 2020

You're just not real bright are you @Ross. This will head down the same stupid path. Good luck ,buh by.

BadgerErickson | 29. März 2020

THIS is going to morph into a zombie apocalypse. Start your garden this Spring, cuz next Fall you'll NEED that food.

FISHEV | 29. März 2020

"World class leadership: the one we all want: Jacinda Ardern"

Been doing the run to Auckland for Whitbread Race and America's Cup for decades. All my GodZone friends were wild about Jacinda. Reminded me of how US felt about Obama, almost a new start for the country.

America's Cup is in Auckland, Grant Dalton's dream (Dalton also won the Whitbread) with new single hull design that rides out fo the water on foils pushing 30 knots. Fabulous stuff that most people don't know about it, super high tech saving. Sail boats could always sail faster than the wind (how is this possible!) and the foil riding catamarans and new America's Cup design by Dalton are like something out of Water World.

My biggest adventure. I can't drive on the right. Friends had a place at Lake Taupo and invited me down. Had work to do in Auckland so couldn't go with them when they drove down. So I took a cab down. It was hilarious. The recon the guy retired on the fair and the tip (paid by AOL).

This thread being about NZ leadership in the year of the Pandemic, maybe you should post some examples from NZ @Ross1.

justobjective | 29. März 2020

I've never had the opportunity to try driving on the right. My guess is I'd be horrible at it for a while, hopefully get the hang soon enough to survive! ;)

SCCRENDO | 29. März 2020

@justobjective. Don’t try it in the US. Do it in one of the British Commonwealth countries. LOL
I grew up driving on the left side of the road. It took a short period of time to adjust to driving on the right. The main issue is left turn when you end up on the wrong side of the road occasionally. I just kept repeating right short, left long. When i travel to left side of the road driving countries it take a while to readjust. When I turn I keep repeating left short, right long

derotam | 30. März 2020

*holding hand straight out in front of me... "aaarrrgggghhhh, brains, BRAINS, AAAARRRRGGGHHHHH"

Ohh sorry, that was acting like a zombie.

azucena | 30. März 2020

No, I'm not...Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The disease was ...

derotam | 30. März 2020

Just to be technically correct here, SARS-CoV-2 IS COVID-19. The original SARS is now designated as SARS-CoV1.

FISHEV | 30. März 2020

I wouldn't click that link above that looks like phishing bot.

jimglas | 30. März 2020

flagged it when I saw it

jimglas | 30. März 2020

worked this weekend
It was like being in a bad movie
sad and terrifying
our new reality

justobjective | 30. März 2020

I see too too many people every day acting like life is just normal. Have to say most are young or millennial. Wouldn't be an issue if they were not potentially endangering us all. What will it take? One of them dies?

Ross1 | 30. März 2020


FISHEV | 30. März 2020

Justobjective | March 30, 2020 I see too too many people every day acting like life is just normal."

They must be listening to Trump's daily political briefing. Now that Trump has banned Dr. Fauci from talking to the American people we have Dr. Trump instead and, good news, everything is just fine.

greg | 31. März 2020

I think @ross1 means that Jacinda Adern is an shining example of just the sort of leader that Australians (and the world at large) really need, and one the Aussie clearly wish they had right now.

The Aussies have got a real dickhead of a leader right now.

I don't know too many world leaders that have been through the number of momentus events that Jacinda Adern has been through as a leader so far.

Most leaders would barely manage with one such event in their tenure.

She has had 3 events on her watch now (terrorist attack in March 2019, volcanic eruption December 2019 that killed or injured approx 40 people and now this).. All within a single year

ScoMo in Aus has only had fires and pestilence so far since becoming leader.

And cocked up both of these big time.

FISHEV | 31. März 2020

@greg "ScoMo in Aus has only had fires and pestilence so far since becoming leader."

And now plague, seems someone is trying to get a message to the right wing, anti-science Pharaohs.

FISHEV | 31. März 2020

And now we have a variation on a theme, instead of taking our first born, it takes our parents.

rxlawdude | 31. März 2020

On a happier note, the weed delivery services in SoCal are doing a smoking business.

Ross1 | 31. März 2020