If you have no health insurance, you die.

If you have no health insurance, you die.

What a terrible story to hear. 17 years old nonsense death in Lancaster because there is no universal healthcare.

SCCRENDO | 29. März 2020

Perhaps this pandemic is a lesson to all that we need Medicare for all including illegals. Go Bernie or at least go Biden. Listen to Bernie.

FISHEV | 29. März 2020

Everybody who doesn't have health care now or loses it because they unemployed should be given instant access to Medicaid. Should have been part of the $2T bill but GOP'ers fought hard against it as it would have reduced the $500B for big business.

I don't know if would have saved the 17 year old in this case, not sure that small clinic even had C19 testing available, What killed the kid was not testing which goes back to incompetent Trump's appointing an incompetent evangelical religious nut to head CDC where, on instructions from Trump he held off as the pandemic was spread throughout the US and then when Trump realizes he can't hide, Redfield, Trump's discredited head of CDC, rejects WHO's proven test procedures, goes full MAGA with some failed "private enterprise" deal which fails and US is left defenseless.

FISHEV | 29. März 2020

"What killed the kid was NO testing".

Orthopod | 29. März 2020

Maybe the kid would not have got to a test clinique anyway too busy partying with friends till he gets too sick to barely walk and call the ambulance.

However if you need respiratory support, intubation and ventilation, money should not be a matter when 72hrsnif respiratory supports keep a future American working tax payer alive for 30 years. Just from an economic point of view, loosing a kid who has just bend through 12 years of education and all the costs enquired because he has no insurance is not even economically wise. On a humanitarian point of view, it’s a fucking disaster.

If Bernie had been elected 4 years ago, that kid would be alive.

Uncle Paul | 29. März 2020

Due to Wuhan flu (Covid-19) people will die.
In Socialist countries, Democrat States, Republican States, States with elderly, State with children, Communist countries, Rich countries, Poor countries. All will see citizens die.

Christians, Jews, Arabs, Athiests, Agnostice, Naturalists, Christian Scientists...all will see death.

One, well publicised, dead kid does not represent the entirety of a medical system.

A well controlled state media will seem to have the best results and most perfect leaders, but still many will die.

What is yet to be seen is which countries handle it the best over all.

Orthopod | 29. März 2020

Flu is a different virus caused by Influenza (e.g. H1N1, H3N4, H2N3)

Influenza causes flu
SARS-CoV2 causes Coronavirus disease 2019 COVID-19
HIV causes AIDS
HSV-1 causes Herpes

Wuhan flu is the same as saying Africa Herpes when you are talking about AIDS.

You just showed you have no idea what you are talking about Paul.
Sad to see 17 years old die because you wanted hospital beds to be reserved for the riches, Uncle Paul. People will dit because lack of respiratory support, caused by a failing system.

FISHEV | 29. März 2020

"What is yet to be seen is which countries handle it the best over all."

it's "seen" already, China and Korea are only two with infections rate less than 1 due to actions both took, different actions by the way. | 30. März 2020

Kid ignored social distancing. | 30. März 2020

When you stop testing, you get zero new infections reported. It doesn't mean there are no new infections. Even with testing, no one is doing anything close to daily 100% population testing to ensure there are no new infections.

China's numbers are encouraging, but there is massive political pressure to have zero infections, so I don't have much trust in these numbers. South Korea is more reliable, but even they can't do 100% daily testing to confirm it's been wiped out. It's going to be with us until there is a vaccine.

andy.connor.e | 30. März 2020

Worrying about testing is like worrying about the paperwork. Everyone needs to stay home. If you are sick you should seek help as needed. Testing yourself is pretty useless if everyone is staying home and social distancing.

FISHEV | 30. März 2020 | March 30, 2020 Kid ignored social distancing.

A death sentence in Trump/GOP America.

rxlawdude | 30. März 2020

@andy +1. Especially since most tests take days for results (the new instant Abbott test just released today will take time to get distributed), ASSUME YOU ARE INFECTED AND STAY THE HELL ISOLATED!

andy.connor.e | 30. März 2020

Keep spreading the fear and panic making people think they are dead if they get the disease.

rxlawdude | 30. März 2020

Fear and panic? I dunno about you, but I am rationally fearful of catching this infection.

The people who are spreading this most likely are the "NOBODY IS GOING TO TELL ME WHAT I CAN DO! I'M AN AMERICAN!" types. You know, Trump voters.

andy.connor.e | 30. März 2020

Not you. People before your post.

But the types you are referring to are called idiots. They came before the label 'trump voter'.

Enzodriver | 30. März 2020

I nominate this topic as having the worst and ill informed topic title ever !! Not impressed and I don't even live in the USA.

WW_spb | 30. März 2020

Fake doc at it again. Spreading fud

Uncle Paul | 30. März 2020

Once flu data is politicized, it becomes meaningless.

FISHEV | 30. März 2020

Enzodriver | March 30, 2020 I nominate this topic as having the worst and ill informed topic title ever !! Not impressed and I don't even live in the USA.

It's a big problem in US as many people don't have health insurance and this demonstrates what happens. Had that clinic taken him in, looked at his symptoms, enough to scare an "immortal" teen into going to the clinic and sent him for testing or even called 911 to come get him, he'd likely be alive.

This was due to his parents having no heath insurance. Had he gone into the hospital needed the full suite of care hiis family or he would have been facing a $100k bill and he could still be dead.

"The answer to our health care crisis is clear. We propose a publicly financed, non-profit single-payer national health program that would fully cover medical care for all Americans."

mymoneyjenny | 30. März 2020

I have an idea: personal responsibility. For ourselves and our children.

Just a thought.

FISHEV | 30. März 2020

mymoneyjenny | March 30, 2020 I have an idea: personal responsibility. For ourselves and our children."

Exactly. Look at these irresponsible health care workers, caring for you and your children and getting sick. They should show more personal responsibility and stay home. That's what Trump would do. Always ask yourself what would Donald do?

"Nurses Die, Doctors Fall Sick and Panic Rises on Virus Front Lines"

"The pandemic has begun to sweep through New York City’s medical ranks, and anxiety is growing among normally dispassionate medical professionals.

And the truck drivers, grocery clerks, how utterly irrespnsible of them getting food and medicine to people.

Have they no shame, no sense of personal responsibility?

FISHEV | 30. März 2020

And just minutes ago, despite Trumps disaster at CDC botching the US test kits and leaving US defenseless, Trump still protects his appointee claiming testing is not a problem while science and facts say otherwise. You doing a heck of job Redfield. We don't need no stink'in test kits.

"Despite Pushback, Trump Suggests Testing No Longer an Issue"

andy.connor.e | 30. März 2020

keep yelling at trump and not helping to solve the problem

SCCRENDO | 30. März 2020

If we keep yelling at him and the stock market drops he realizes that he is screwing up and then listens to the experts. So I don’t think it hurts to yell at him. It only hurts MAGA hatters who don’t realize that voting for him got us into this mess. So stop defending the clown and ask him to start acting in the public interest. And perhaps you guys may realize that you shouldn’t vote for him next time.

Shesmyne2 | 30. März 2020


Still Grinning ;-)

andy.connor.e | 30. März 2020

Oh it hurts people like you because it wastes valuable opportunities to do something like help to be part of the solution to the problem. How many times to i have to say it? Talk to 10 people those 10 people talk to 10 people and two tiers later you're at a million. Im not sure why people choose to flood their brains with this stuff.

You could be making a difference at any moment.

Uncle Paul | 30. März 2020

People die under single payer systems too.

Does not matter who was president, this kid was probably going to die no matter.

If not him, then another kid.

No need to politicise everything.

WW_spb | 30. März 2020

Anyone with brain knows this but that is not the mission for Fake Doc.

SCCRENDO | 30. März 2020

@uncle. If you have insurance you could die. If you don’t have health insurance you have more chance of dying. But even if you don’t die you spread the disease around. So to all but the MAGA hatters it makes sense to provide as many people legal or illegal as possible with the best possible medical care to decrease mortality and spread. And if you get COVID or any other disease when hospitals are full you lose your bed that you think you are entitled to

NKYTA | 30. März 2020

“Not you. People before your post.

But the types you are referring to are called idiots. They came before the label 'trump voter'.”

So true. So sad. Well pointed out...again. :-/

FISHEV | 30. März 2020

andy.connor.e | March 30, 2020 keep yelling at trump and not helping to solve the problem"

Just holding him personal responsible. He is the reason the pandemic got out of hand in the US. He continues to blunder and lie about. Reporter quotes his comments from two days ago and Trump denies every making them even though everyone is watch the tape.

Trump banned Dr. Fauci from the White House political presentation as Fauci kept telling the truth while Trump kept lying. A clearly unhinged Trump bans the only head of a US health agency that is not one of his cronies. It is truly crazy.

'Where's Fauci?' America panics as doctor absent again from White House briefing"

WW_spb | 31. März 2020

Trump Trump Trump. Funny to watch every one go nuts when you say Trump.

andy.connor.e | 31. März 2020

Thats all its been for literally 5 years and people are incapable of breaking themselves out of it.

FISHEV | 31. März 2020

WW_spb | March 31, 2020 Trump Trump Trump. Funny to watch every one go nuts when you say Trump.

Actually is was @Moneypenny who raised the issue of Trump's complete failure to take personal responsibility for his bad decisions that resulted in pandemic in US, one that could have been prevented had Trump NOT shut down US China Pandemic Liaison office, NOT shutdown NSC Pandemic Response team and listened to US intelligence telling pandemic was happening. Just those three bad decisions, that old GOP "personal responsibility", stopped US from getting it under control early as Korea did so well.

We do need to hold Trump personal responsible for his decisions just as @Moneypenny states.

andy.connor.e | 31. März 2020

5 years of trump bashing has resulted in zero. Do you know what the definition of insanity is?

FISHEV | 31. März 2020

andy.connor.e | March 31, 2020 Do you know what the definition of insanity is?

Believing anything Trump says.

jimglas | 31. März 2020


andy.connor.e | 31. März 2020

Doing the same thing for 5 years expecting a different result.

FISHEV | 31. März 2020

andy.connor.e | March 31, 2020 Doing the same thing for 5 years expecting a different result.

Trump has been lying every day for five years and I guess he was expecting he could lie his way out of pandemic. It doesn't make him crazy, just a pathological liar who ignored warnings and caused massive damage to US that could have been prevented. I certainly expect the same for the last few months of Trump's debacle. That you expect a different result would seem to fit your cliche.

andy.connor.e | 31. März 2020

Seems like complaining and trashing him for 5 years has had a significant impact hasnt it? Just keep filling all the discussion time with talking about trump and dont ever talk about solutions to problems.

andy.connor.e | 31. März 2020

All of you idiots talking about trump 24/7, wonder when you'll realize that filling discussion and air time with Trump talk is going to guarantee his re-election. But you'll all probably realize that when its too late.

FISHEV | 31. März 2020

Actually we were talking about health care delivery systems until the Trumpers showed up and started spamming.

FISHEV | 31. März 2020

Three of us are LMP's and are involved in health care delivery. And you?

WW_spb | 31. März 2020

Fish, will you send me your tears jar when Trump is reelected?

SCCRENDO | 31. März 2020

@WW-spb. There is no cure for stupidity and nobody here says it is impossible for Trump to be reelected. But most of us will do our best to make sure it doesn’t happen. Will we cry? No. We are not crybabies like you. When we get lemons we make lemonade. I certainly took advantage of the continuation of the Obama stock market boom. And lI knew a recession was coming. Although not so soon. But I wanted to diversify. So I pulled out a whole chuck of money as a large down payment on my new beach house at the peak just before the Trump Induced Covid crash. So I am sad regarding the pandemic. But otherwise I am smiling now. I am enjoying my time off seeing patients through telehealth and ready to be called up to the front lines if my help is needed.

jimglas | 31. März 2020

I also pulled out of all stocks (except tesla) before the trump recession started. It was very predictable, even without COVID.

jimglas | 31. März 2020

he couldnt ride the obama wave forever without enabling another corporate buyback. And that wouldnt happen since democrats now control the house

Uncle Paul | 31. März 2020

We should leave sccrendo alone. It is normal to scream that someone you disagree with lies. People said Obama lied, Courts ruled that Bill Clinton lied, People said Nixon lied, Hillary lied, Trump lied, Roosevelt lied, Ike lied, Cuomo lied, Monica Lewenski lied, Ronald Reagan lied.

Everybody screams that people they disagree with lie, but I have to agree with SCCRENDO when he stated "t makes sense to provide as many people legal or illegal as possible with the best possible medical care to decrease mortality and spread."

Medical staff is going to be spread pretty thin. Many of them will become out of action because they are on the front lines and wlll get the disease themselves.

Gonna be a tough road ahead for everybody.

SCCRENDO will be happy that I have been sequestered in my home and practice Social Distancing for some time now. Will do everything in my power to avoid getting sick and taking up one of the precious hospital beds. Also glad he got his own new beach house instead of using that $ to help some of the less fortunate.

sabbia | 31. März 2020


Solipsism again.

jimglas | 31. März 2020

the difference is that trump cannot get through a minute without lying. Over 20,000 documented lies since he took office.
When caught in a lie, he doubles down on it or squeals "fake news"