You know you need an electric vehicle if...

You know you need an electric vehicle if...

Ok this could be fun...

You know you need an electric vehicle if...

1. You have to turn off your engine because Jack can't hear you give your order at the drive thru.
2. You just paid $60 for gas...and you filled up 3 days ago.
3. You think your car/truck sounds doesn't.

I thought I would wait and make the list longer but acknowledge people with more creative skills are on this forum.

FISHEV | 05. Mai 2020

1. If your planet is in global warming crisis from burning fossil fuels
2. Your country has killed 2M people and spent $20T on Middle East oil wars.
3. Your country spends $500B a year maintaining military to secure Middle East oil fields.
4. Your country's aquifers are getting pumped full of toxic chemicals.
5. Your can't see the stars at night.

andy.connor.e | 05. Mai 2020

4. When your garage smells like gas. or maybe thats the mower

blkice | 05. Mai 2020

Fish , after that post it’s ok you like Fords

Tesla2018 | 05. Mai 2020

You come home drunk from your company Christmas party and leave your car running in the condo garage and almost. kill the entire building. Happened about 25 years ago across the street from me.

You get sick of eating roller dogs at the gas station during your lunch break because you don't want to get stuck going after work to fill up.

Your electric car is faster to 60 than your Porsche.

The girl you meet for a date after work asks if you work at a refinery. See reason above why you don't want to get gas right after work.

You don't want oil leaks on your driveway.

Ross1 | 06. Mai 2020

You are a poster on the forum here and are the odd man out because you are not an owner.

Thats not very good, try again...

Ross1 | 06. Mai 2020 watched the CYBERTRUCK release and after 29.9 minutes of internalisation you just knew!
Then: the big question was: FSD?
Dual motor?

And then like a gift my shares went to $850, 950, 968.99..

Ross1 | 06. Mai 2020

Actually I waited to Christmas Day (US), and cashed out at $850.

blue adept | 06. Mai 2020

You realize that your choosing to drive an ICE is going to affect the lives of your children and the futures of other peoples children for years to come long after you're gone;

You realize that the "throaty" sound of the exhaust was just an appeal to your baser juvenile instincts to act out as a cry for attention;

You realize that you're tired of fixing it...again;

You realize that you have more of a relationship with it than you do your own gf/family;

You realize that you've named your children after car makes/models;

Your doctor has you give up smoking only for you to later realize that it wasn't the smoking;

You realize that the reason why you've been getting "buzzed" wasn't the alcohol/drugs;

You realize that "fast" isn't actually what you've always thought it was.

andy | 08. Mai 2020

Had a lawful reason to go a bit further from the house the other day. The air has cleaned up a lot and not much traffic around, but it only took a couple of diesel vans to make a noticeable difference.

We’ve been focussed on CO2, but NO2 causes a lot of problems.I’d add an answer to the topic of “you need clean air”.

Orthopod | 08. Mai 2020

You have a garage and don’t want to die from CO intoxication

Xerogas | 08. Mai 2020

You hate waiting in line 20 minutes at Costco to save $.05 per gallon

billstanton | 08. Mai 2020

I prefer the light-hearted ones! I was inspired again after an outing...

You are tired of washing the black soot off the back of your truck, can't wait for that Cybertruck.

TranzNDance | 08. Mai 2020

You have an attached garage and don't want exhaust going into the house if you happen to open the door at the wrong time.

Your spouse needs an electric car if you both leave or arrive at around the same time and you don't want to breathe exhaust from their car.

andy | 09. Mai 2020

@billstanton - how about - “if music to your ears is, er, music”?

Tesla2018 | 10. Mai 2020

I like sneaking up on neighbors walking down the middle of the street talking on their cellphones with their ear buds and honking to scare the hell out of them since they cant hear the car coming.

farhan1998feb | 11. Mai 2020

You need an electric vehicle if you think.
1. You are really serious about the environment.
2. You are serious about the smelting glacier and rising ocean water.
3. You are serious about your children future in a healthy environment.

Hope tesla do more to reduce the cost of electric cars so that it is reachable to mid class family.

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