"Autosteer Speed Restricted"

"Autosteer Speed Restricted"

So there is a limited access, four lane expressway that I drive to and from work everyday. Although the speed limit is 55 mph, traffic typically moves at 65 or more.

If I engage autopilot, for most of the drive, I will be limited to a maximum speed of 60 mph. If I try to increase the speed on autopilot, I will get a message that says "Autosteer Speed Restricted." Then, after several miles (always in the exact same spot), I will be allowed to increase the speed on autosteer to a maximum of 65 mph. The posted speed limit is still 55.

If I'm going in the other direction, starting from where I'm allowed to keep the autopilot at 65, when I reach the same spot the car will slow down to 60 fairly abruptly. It is clear that there is some sort of arbitrary geofencing software that limits your ability to set the speed, but I'm not sure why. It's actually not very safe to be driving 5 or 10 mph slower that all of the traffic around you.

I'm posting this because I'm wondering if others encounter similar situations in their daily commutes. If I'm driving on an interstate highway, I can set the autopilot speed at pretty much whatever I want, so I don't understand why certain sections of the same road, with the same posted speed limits, would have arbitrary limits to the allowed autosteer speed.

Teslaguy | 09. Mai 2020

A good chance it’s an error in the geofencing data for that road. I have a road that starts at 45 then goes to 55 but the car stays at 45. All you can do is turn off AP.

hgmichna | 10. Mai 2020

You can also simply step on the accelerator. The car will still autosteer, but it will issue a warning that automatic braking doesn't work while you have your foot on the accelerator. Also it is a bit awkward, because you now have to keep your speed manually (pedually).

I use this method when there is a stretch of road that is clearly amenable to a higher speed. I also use it when the autopilot misidentifies the official speed limit.

Among the many problems I guess this one has a fair chance to be resolved by Tesla later this year, perhaps by simply allowing a moderate upward tolerance for the manual speed setting.

walnotr | 10. Mai 2020

With each new iteration of the software, there often is a new driving technique to learn. With the new traffic control recognition my driver input is different from prior versions. Instead of a series of analog inputs, control of the car is more binary. Single inputs (tap stalk to acknowledge green light) and the car does the interpolation of the remaining control needed to proceed. Of course I’m still in the loop to insure an analog driver isn’t breaking my car’s rules.

Overall task load is much reduced. I drive/ride around almost continuously using a combination of TACC, AP and NoAP only intervening when my input is needed to correct for a missing or incomplete algorithm. I have been a geek my entire life and this is the best toy I’ve ever owned.

I’m hoping the rumors of speed limit recognition will come true soon as that is the piece causing people the most problems lately.

Infiniti Pi | 10. Mai 2020

Try submitting a bug report

Windsurfer | 10. Mai 2020

Thanks for the replies. I haven't been posting on this site much over the last few years (I started visiting in about 2012, bought my first S in 2013) because it seems that nearly every post gets hijacked into an argument between real or perceived trolls and the true believers.

With every update I've hoped that the geofencing error has been resolved. I'll try the bug report, although reading about bug reports on other threads suggests that just because you enter a bug report it doesn't guarantee that it will be acknowledged or even read by Tesla.

EVRider | 10. Mai 2020

Geofencing issues won’t get fixed by software updates, but maybe via navigation updates. I don’t know how much of the geofencing data is in the downloaded navigation data vs. obtained real time from servers.

andy | 10. Mai 2020

The GPS database isn’t always up to date or accurate. I get this when the car thinks that speed limit for a road is lower than that which is posted on the signs. It’s quite a handy warning.

There’s a specific road that I used (before lockdown) and the car would post the warning every time.

In 2022 I believe that legislation will come into force here where new cars have to have speed limiters that track the local speed limit and don’t allow you to go faster without a conscious decision to firmly press the accelerator. I assume that, by then, cars will have reliable speed limit sign readers and up to date GPS databases. In the meantime I’m happy with the way the car behaves in this instance. In the future the current warning will become academic.

spuzzz123 | 10. Mai 2020

Question....does ap software for model 3s w HW3 limit freeway speeds to 5mph over speed limit? I’m asking because this is the second posted thread where folks are bummed about the restriction — like it’s a recent restriction. I’ve noticed no policy changes in my hw2.5 version.

EVRider | 11. Mai 2020

@spuzzz123: No, that speed restriction has always been there when using Autosteer on secondary roads. I think you might be confusing that with the new auto stop at red lights/stop sign feature, which restricts Autosteer to the speed limit (not 5mph over) — that’s what people have been complaining about.

hokiegir1 | 11. Mai 2020

Further question - Does there happen to not be a median/island area on the part restricted to 60, then there is one on the 65 section? That is generally the difference between a +5 restriction and being allowed more than that.

spuzzz123 | 11. Mai 2020

Ah yes that must be it thanks evrider.

Windsurfer | 12. Mai 2020

@hokiegir1 there is absolutely no difference in the median in the area in which the speed is restricted as compared to the less restricted speed. If there was, I could better understand it, if, for instance, one portion of the highway was somehow less secure or less safe than another.

fredilarsen | 01. Juli 2020

I was looking forward to AutoSteer but quickly found out that it was completely unusable to me because of this.

Self driving will never work if it is to cause congestion and dangerous situations because it does not follow the flow.

At least here the speed limits are set 20km/h lower than most people consider normal and safe, so following the limit makes a lot of people angry.