Deposit on the SUV?

Deposit on the SUV?

Has anyone who has read every statement by everyone regarding this event noted a clue as to whether both the sedan and SUV can be reserved on the 31st?

David N | 24. März 2016

Good point. Tesla has said on numerous occasions that only a Sedan will be revealed. That doesn't mean that only the sedan will be reserveable.

danCE | 24. März 2016

If by some chance, Elon unveils both a sedan and a crossover, then I'm sure when it's time to convert your Model 3 reservation into an order, you'll be able to pick which one you want to buy.

carlk | 24. März 2016

Don't think Tesla would want to spread itself so thin when it will be overwhelmed by just the sedan demand. The SUV imo is at least a year, and likely much longer, away.

Red Sage ca us | 24. März 2016

Someone said, "Under Promise, Over Deliver".... I'm sure that Franz von Holzhausen has more than one body design for Tesla Model ≡. I believe people forget that his original prototype for the Model S was unveiled barely nine months after he joined the company. Given four years since the initial reveal of the Model X prototype, I would expect him to have come up with a whole bunch of things, as I am certain he has not been sitting on his hands since then. But, with the absolute imperative that Model ≡ arrive 'on time'... And, the near mainstream focus of the product line... I am certain they will only unveil one version of the car... THIS year. They may, or may not, begin to reveal other configurations once a year, or once every two years, thereafter. So, don't look for the Crossover/Wagon before owners are driving around their Sedans. Don't expect to see a Coupe/Cabriolet before owners are taking possession of their Crossover/Wagons.

"It's worth saying that making one of something is quite easy," Musk said. "Making lots of something consistently that's going to last a long time is extremely hard. In fact, it is way harder to make the machine that makes the machine that it is to make the machine in the first place."

Hi_Tech | 25. März 2016

I'm hoping they have the Model Y (SUV version of Model 3) announced within the next year. I'm planning on applying for 2 reservation spots next week. If the Model Y is announced before we go through M3 ordering process, I'd love to switch one over and get one of each.