Things that you want changed in the model 3

Things that you want changed in the model 3

So, here is the topic that just had to be made. A future customer with some dissatisfactions and is here complaining about it. I always found them to be frivolous, you're buying a car that's a decade ahead from the competition and you dare complain?

Now that I have money in I get it, when you have money invested in a product that you'll get in a year and 9 months "or more" you want it to be perfect. So, here are my suggestions:

1. More wheels offered. 2 out of 3 of the wheels were ugly and the last one is mid-2000s infiniti.

2. In-dash screen. If I wanted a tablet glued to my dashboard and sticking out I'd glue it myself. Reliability note: tall passengers are gonna Crack that Damn thing off when they accidentally hit it.

3. A little less Panamera-like. Just make it look prettier there's no way to accurately describe this problem.

4. Make a P90D happen, fit batteries on top of each other or whatever. Just make an M3 annihilator exist. Or just use a supercapacitor along with the battery for power bursts. Take my word for it, Supercapacitors will become the turbocharger equivalent in electric cars.

Any more ideas?

Bighorn | 31. März 2016

This is a rudimentary prototype. Elon said much will be added or changed before production.

adoh2010 | 31. März 2016

And it will be based on the opinions of reservation holders, so speak out.

Chunky Jr. | 31. März 2016

I think it is too early to know what to change since the design is in flux.

Xerogas | 31. März 2016

If it's not a hatchback, then that's what I'd want changed.

flight505 | 31. März 2016

@ adoh2010

1)I really like the wheels.
2) I like the screen, which probably will be integrated into the dash in production.
3) Panamera-like? I don't think so. If it was, hell Panamera starts at 78K. Did you see the low front photo of the Model 3 - great performance look I thought.
4) P90D L? Tesla will offer much hotter Model 3's. We just don't know how hot.

I was blown away with the car. I agree with Xerogas - the only thing I would change is from a sedan to a hatchback.

W | 31. März 2016

I didnt notice controllers on the stearing wheel but that will be probably added in final design.

archvillain | 31. März 2016

Needs a HUD.

egmeinberg | 31. März 2016

Definitely need a secondary screen for the driver. Glossy central screen without any cover or shade is going to be a smudgy, unreadable nightmare.

Ross1 | 31. März 2016

It is a wonder that stickinyourfacescreen is legal, or safe

MikelMNJ | 31. März 2016

I've reserved mine tonight, but I hope they change the bonnet and lights. For me, the rest of the car looks very model S like, until you get to the bonnet ... It looks like the roadster bonnet and even a bit of the roadster lights, it doesn't work for me personally having the sporty look of the roadster design clashing with the elegant design of the Model S/X.

johnnyxp64 | 01. April 2016

It needs a HUD for the driver i need to have my main information infront of me not turn to see a screen in the center of the car.

Also i really hope the screen gets integrated into the dashboard a bit sideways to the driver and have a driver's gauges or projected to the glass as i said,

and the front duck face changes a bit to look more tesla models s.

The rest of the car is looking brilliant. I know model x prototype was like that inside and then before release they fijished the interior and integrated the monitor into the dashboard. I hope its the same here and i will buy 2 of them.

Anthony J. Parisio | 01. April 2016

All I want is hatch back. other wise great!

J.T. | 01. April 2016

A future customer with some dissatisfactions and is here complaining about it. I always found them to be frivolous, you're buying a car that's a decade ahead from the competition and you dare complain?

So, for $1000.00 you got to be that guy. Congrats!!

cpmarino | 01. April 2016

As this is the car I've been impatiently waiting for, I must say I'm quite impressed. Frankly, given that there will be battery options similar to the S, I think Tesla will need to seriously up the luxury component/feature set of the S given the price disparity. Having said that, we knew this car would be unlike anything else on the road, and while it is still very much pre-production, I don't see much changing. No instrument cluster? I'll assume there will be a HUD, but I do love the clean lines behind the wheel. It's bizarre and will take some getting used to, but I do hope it makes production. As for the giant screen sticking out, I'm sure they will find a way to make it a bit more elegant, but I don't see any way to integrate it into the dash without making the dash enormous. I kinda like that it's the centerpiece of the car. Would I want to look down on it to see how fast I'm going ... no. So, either a HUD or a very narrow display behind behind the wheel with that information (like the passenger display on the new Ferrari GTC4Lusso). All in all, I think it's brilliant, they're going to sell a million of these things very quickly. It is so different than anything else in the price range, it's going to be huge. And, frankly, the fact that it's an EV is just secondary ... the tech savvy youth (I do not meet either of those criteria!) are going to be all over this just for the cool technology.

bdrathburn | 01. April 2016

My only make-or-break things are:
1) The lack of a gauge cluster in the prototype, this would really bother me. Hopefully by the time it makes it to production it will have something there or at the very least a full time HUD.
2) How far the center screen sticks out from the dash and just kind of looks like it was stuck on at the last minute. Again this is a prototype so i would like to think they would do a better job of integrating it into the dash in production.

Things i would like changed but could live with:
1) The front end, I really like the lines and shape but my eye keeps getting drawn to where the grill should be but isn't. They obviously don't need the grill on a EV but it would still be nice to have some sort of accent piece to break up the front end a little bit.
2) An option to remove the center console. Really like in the Model S how you have some open space between the front seats for storage.

KP in NPT | 01. April 2016

I think the front end is very front plate friendly. I know not everyone has to have one - but most places in the world do, don't they?

Hi_Tech | 01. April 2016

Love everything, except for the laptop sticking out and lack of a panel specifically for the driver. I think those will be integrated in final versions, but just want to be sure!
Else, glad I stood in line yesterday for my order!

ssarker | 01. April 2016

When we have a Model S and a Model 3, I will be driving the one with the "open" center console area. Hoping, it's the 3! From the initial reports, it will be more technologically advanced and have longer range than my early 2013 60 kWh S. I am OK with the look, but not loving it… yet.

upsboise | 01. April 2016

The prototype is just that I hope; a prototype. All in all, it looks amazing and I'm glad I put my $1K down! I agree that the screen should find a way to be integrated into the dash a bit better like the S and X have done. And that front end? My eyes keep getting drawn to it and not in a good way. Maybe it will grow on me though. I think I've just become so accustomed to the S's grill that not having something similar (i.e. different material colors, chrome edging, logo, something to break it up a bit, etc) it kind of bothers me. It's just odd how it seems to "pop" out in front in a single uniform piece. It just needs a little tweaking on the aesthetics, but overall, they nailed it!

up north | 01. April 2016

I put 1k down yesterday morning and would not change anything it's a beautiful car. It looks like this sedan will slip through the air better than any thing else ive seen on the road and still hold 5 adults comfortible in a smaller car. I've owned a lot cars in my life none have looked this good. Great job tesla thank you.

Nineball | 01. April 2016

First i understand that things will change, but here are my main complaints.


1. Real instrument cluster in front: (should have brought over the one from the Model S) The Prius look is disgusting, boring, and doesn't belong in ANY car that costs more than 15k.

2. Change the steering wheel: Three spoke flat bottom designs are the standard because they look amazing. Also whatever design you go with, add controls to it. The current design is awful. it didn't work for the S class its not working here.

3. The buttons on the screen are too small. Actually the whole UI is a mess. The Model S was clean, functional, terrific.

Overall the interior got a 4/10 initial impression. Factor in that its in BWM, Merc territory, 2/10. Very poor design choices were made


1. More wheel designs please: the current ones are kinda cool, but i'd love to get the turbines for the Model 3
2. Front-end is a bit bland: please give us something like the S or the model X. Nothing is boring and doesn't stand out
3. Less glass: There are these things called rocks. They tend to destroy windshields and the replacement of windshields can be very expensive.

jordanrichard | 01. April 2016

The car is not a hatchback. Look at the roof. There is no separation in the glass. Yes, there is a seam high up on the C pillar, but that is part of the trunk opening. The trunk has a boomerangish shape to it. Meaning the front edges go pretty far forward.

Structurally, the car isn't going to change, I suspect. What can change are the cosmetic bits like the nose. Also for those not liking the dash, remember what the dash of the original MS looked like......

Nic727 | 01. April 2016

What I would like to change for Model 3 :

- Have a Dash in front of you.
- an option to get 300 miles range

msdhillon | 01. April 2016

I completely agree with the interiors. Please do not do what Prius is doing now. Driver has to have a dedicated instrument panel right in front of him instead of just one big screen mounted in the middle. And the screen does not seem to be well integrated with the rest of the dashboard. Add a HUD or at-least provide that as an add on item and DO ADD an instrument panel in front of the steering wheel to display primary information like speed, range, battery status etc.
Otherwise the car is awesome. I am in love with the exterior.

nlanzano | 01. April 2016

Steering Wheel, Dashboard, and Front bumper are my only concerns otherwise it looks like they did a very good job with what they are trying to accomplish that's for sure!

PhillyGal | 01. April 2016

I had really wanted a hatch like Xero, Anthony and others said.

Will not having a hatch make me not buy one? Not a chance!

skygraff | 01. April 2016

Must agree about the hatch (lift back)!

That design element is perfect on the S and many manufacturers have been bringing it back because of how Tesla's have been lauded for it. Unless they've miraculously designed the frame just right for my string bass bridge (not a flat surfboard - don't those have fins?) to fit under the pass through, this will be a make or break factor.

I love the look of the car (interior will take some getting used to) but really hope they reconsider the "trunk" before final production.

awgibson93 | 01. April 2016

Did anyone else notice that the M3 wheels were single lug? Meaning they have one big lug nut hub centric unlike the model s which has 5 lug nuts.

MarlonBrown | 01. April 2016

I liked the car as is. The "tablet" in the console is most likely a prototype stage and it should be integrated later. The front is nice and unique since very few cars can afford having no grill. It resembles a Porsche - which is not a bad thing necessarily - but it is still authentic. Honestly I am not too crazy for changes in the exterior since car design is influenced by aerodynamics and in the end cars will end up looking like each other. What is important is that it does look proportional and well planned. Harmony in the dimension and style are what differentiate the more expensive cars than the Hyundays, GM and Kias of the world. I really liked the interior simplicity. I always thought and wanted that. Keep it simple but using quality materials. I suppose a HUD will be implemented and at that point why do you need a redundant dashboard. I am not sure what you meant by Infiniti like wheels. I like them all and they look designed with aerodynamics in mind.

RFloyd | 01. April 2016

Definitely a reflected HUD in the glass of velocity at the very least. Build the control screen into the dash with maybe a popout feature if need it protruding while driving. Sunroof option? Probably difficult because you'd need 3 glass pieces instead of the single piece. Ability to increase or decrease the Light throughput in the glass.

michelcotee | 01. April 2016

Building and designing a car his a huge job and nothing will make all client agree.

Please take this as wishes, not complaints.

1-More rounded nose, look too sharp
2-More aerodynamic car. Too classic and trendy. Big wheels. This will need more watts to move and will pollute and cost more. Car of the futur, yes but I wish to protect even more the planet. to timid here aerodynamically. There is 15% performance that is left on the table easy. But I understand that sales maybe tied to classic shape.
3-Center tunnel use a lot of valuable space. Especially if you want to carry skis and/or surfboard that can slip between front seats. Honda Odyssey did good job here.

That's it, the rest is excellent.
Elon, I salute your vision, commitment and efforts.

Michel Côté

Remnant | 01. April 2016

@ Nineball (April 1, 2016)

<< Less glass: There are these things called rocks. They tend to destroy windshields and the replacement of windshields can be very expensive. >>

Smart and Hard Glass, that is Rock Proof (Bullet Proof) glass with electronic Electrochromatic Tinting would be the way to go then.

MarlonBrown | 01. April 2016

Hey Michel Cote, you can always get the cheaper and smaller rims if you want to. Please dont get too excited about the global warming thing. I want the nicest rims availae and if car is ugly with small wheels like a Prius, no one is rushing to buy the Prius. Take it easy.

Remnant | 01. April 2016

@ michelcotee (April 1, 2016)

<< More aerodynamic car. ... There is 15% performance that is left on the table easy. >>

Tesla has a petition on file with NHTSA to go mirrorless. It should demand that NHTSA respond or take it to court for imposing contradictory requirements (mirrors and cameras) at the same time.

Getting rid of the side cameras would decrease drag by at least 10% and of course reduce wind noise accordingly.

josepvilanova | 01. April 2016

Have to agree with adoh2010.

Good outer looks, pedestal-mounted screen not so much. Put it in the dash, please, like the S and X. A lot of dirt would build up behind that pedestal-mounted screen.

Remnant | 01. April 2016

I meant getting rid of the side mirrors ...

mbb | 01. April 2016

I like the simplicity of the new dashboard design. It feels futuristic. Driver needs less and less information as autopilot advances. In the future even steering wheel will go away. No reason to stick with old dashboard

Tstolz | 01. April 2016

Hope it ends up with a nice interior ... really was hoping for a hatch-back ... that's one of my favourite features of our MS.

BruceD | 01. April 2016

First off....congrats to the design and development team. Think the car looks great, even the front end. And if the car hits its drag coefficient targets - don't change it.

Do have to agree with the comments on the dashboard / LCD screen. Would prefer to see the screen integrated....kinda looks like someone took an iMac and just stuck it in place....I'd have concerns with head-strike in an accident if this stays as is. Also would really, really, really encourage the incorporation of a standard drivers display. Using the center screen as the drivers dash would be way too distracting.

dd.micsol | 01. April 2016

Well on second look-watched the unveil again in more detail with pausing it...
I like the red car wheels.
I agree windows could be an issue if not really durable. That's a lot of window to replace if it cracks-maybe 3 pieces in the end?
Dashboard can't be finished-that's a work in progress.
seats look awesome.
Would love it if autopilot was given as a freebie to anyone who ordered in a store yesterday.
I wonder if they will put the plastic protector over the front bumper to stop the bugs from splatting on the windshield.
Love the rear end-leave it alone except maybe put in a brake light that will illuminate 'TESLA 3" - a knight rider touch and be dim when lights are on.
front bumper needs something in that wall space even if a painted design on it.
mirrors- good
steering wheel-ehhhh maybe change that a little bit -looked ovalish to me. Give me a knight rider wheel or some bent light sabers in chrome with heat in the cold weather or something cool. Maybe this could be an option perk.
As for paint job-give me darth vader-luke skywalker- han solo- and chewy or
or just the electrical cool gadgets-3p0 r2 light sabers Mill falcon etc.
Okay I'm going crazy here. You said a wish list right?
I love it Elon.

Ankit Mishra | 01. April 2016

My response to hatch comments-
This is the best that Tesla can do at this point of time. It needs to have a healthy margin for Model 3. I guess even after reduction in battery costs, to get a reasonable range out of the car while keeping a good profit margin requires some modifications in the car. Also, Tesla knows that the "people hauling comfort" is the most important thing for a car. It's better to make a car with comfortable seating and compromised cargo capacity instead of vice versa. Hence, parameters like drag coefficient, battery cost, profit margin and seating comfort is what's responsible for the trunk route for Model 3 IMHO.

KP in NPT | 01. April 2016

After just watching several of the first ride videos that really show the outside of the car from all angles - I like it as is. I like the front end, the headlights, the rear - I wouldn't change anything. I'd take that car today and be thrilled with it.

The drivers were all pretty emphatic that the screen will stay as is - and that the landscape orientation eliminated the need for the HUD. I expect it's something that will take a drive or 2 to get used to - but then it will feel normal. As for integrating it into the dash, it seems to me it would make the dash huge, and part of why they did it this way was to give the driver and passenger a greater field of vision. I again wonder if that's something that you need to be in the car driving/riding to really get a feel for.

mbb | 01. April 2016

I like the new display design. The MS display integrated into the dashboard is too low and difficult to access. I also like the landscape orientation. It brings the display closer to the driver and to the road view. Easier access, safer driving!

skygraff | 01. April 2016

In response to Ankit Mishra and after watching the first ride video where they opened the trunk -

The opening is quite restrictive even if I wasn't biased by my personal requirements and there is a lot of wasted space with the rear "hat shelf." As we've seen with the S, it is absolutely possible to incorporate a hatch/liftback design without compromising aerodynamics or people hauling comfort. Considering the requirement to transfer structural members from the "hat shelf" area to a mid-glass hinge (behind the passenger heads), it's likely that the weight costs would be offset.

I do recognize that the hinge on the S is further back and, as such, is able to be bulkier without impacting rear head-room and I'm guessing that moving the hinge that far back on the 3 might result in a bit of rear visibility degradation. I'm hoping that Tesla will be able to find a way around those issues and, by configuration time, offer a lift-back option. I would pay extra for that rather than go back to the old trick of sliding my bass into the reclined front right seat through the back left door (if that's even possible) or choosing an uglier car with a hatch (wish I had the garage space and $ for an S instead).

KP in NPT | 01. April 2016

I would prefer a lift back, since my job requires me to lug suitcase/carryon/tote and living in NE means I also haul a shovel and brush, I do love all the space in the back of our S. However, I have made due with my IS250 trunk for 9 years so far and will make due with this much more happily.

In the ride video where they asked to see the trunk open, the engineer opening did make a point to say the design was not final and in the end there would be more space. Whether that's more space via a lift back or with a regular trunk, I don't know - but it does seem that part is not said and done.

masterjatt510 | 01. April 2016

I placed a order for the Model 3 after seeing it and i love the exterior but my main complaints are

- please integrate the display into the dash it really looks like a glued iPad pro as of right now.
- change the steering wheel i did not see any buttons so im hoping that changes would love for a model s type of a steering wheel to be integrated in

masterjatt510 | 01. April 2016

I placed a order for the Model 3 after seeing it and i love the exterior but my main complaints are

- please integrate the display into the dash it really looks like a glued iPad pro as of right now.
- change the steering wheel i did not see any buttons so im hoping that changes would love for a model s type of a steering wheel to be integrated in

Ankit Mishra | 01. April 2016

I trust the engineers at Tesla. They would have done it if it was possible. Model S is a big car than Model 3, hence comparisons between them is questionable.

aarnold | 01. April 2016

If you watch this video (at the 1:50 mark), the guy clearly says the screen will stay as it is. He states it is a critical part of the car. So there you have it. The screen will be there and will not be integrated into the dash. I think it makes it look very futuristic. I agree that adding a HUD would make everyone happy while keeping the screen where they have it and seems to be intended to stay. I think this baby will sell like hot-cakes.

ColoDriver | 01. April 2016

I agree on the hatchback vs trunk. If I can't easily put a bicycle in the back, then the Model 3 is a no go for me. The Model S solved the problem and has a large and usable opening hatch.

The driver needs instruments (at least a speedometer) directly in front, anywhere else and it creates a driving distraction. And I would prefer if the screen was integrated into the dash, not stuck on like an afterthought.

I have my deposit down, and I really want to buy one, but I would like to see this be a more useful and versatile car than it's current layout suggests.