Where does the plug go in?

Where does the plug go in?

Does anyone know where the plug access is? Front, back, right, left, center? I know that my Model 3 is unlikely to arrive before 2018, but I'm planning to install a level 2 charger in my garage this year in order to take advantage of the $1K federal tax credit that expires in 2016. I already have a Prius Plugin with a level 1 charger, so I can legitimately upgrade to a level 2 charger and use it this year in order to qualify for that credit. The only problem is, if I buy a short cable, I need to decide where to mount the charger so it can reach the right spot on the car. Tesla has promised a converter plug so I will be able to share the same SAE J1772 coupler. I also want to install a 30 amp charger to get ready for the Model 3 even though I don't think the Prius will be able to draw that, but it won't hurt it, I use public chargers all the time with no problem. Does anyone have any other charger recommendations or advice?

Copythat23 | 01. April 2016

My guess is the rear left like the others they wouldn't change it because that would mean they would have to change how superchargers are used! But it wasn't discussed on the release! So it's just s guess

KP in NPT | 01. April 2016

In one of the ride videos, the engineer said it would be in the same place as on the S/X.

david | 01. April 2016

I have a J1772 in my garage from my Leaf, I now have a Model S. Before you install a J1772 which will cost you $600, consider the Tesla has a unique ability to plug in to pretty much anything. Consider getting a 220 dryer plug installed. Your Tesla will plug into it for a fraction of the price of a J1772 L2 charger.