Is anyone willing to do this?

Is anyone willing to do this?

I'm not into Twitter but I'd love to have someone start a new Forum topic with updated Elon tweets starting with the Unveil. I just heard the one about the new spaceship display being designed but it's buried in a thread.

Tweet from Elon:
@HBL_Cosmin Wait until you see the real steering controls and system for the 3. It feels like a spaceship.

Thanks to the one who puts this together. 8-)

mos6507 | 03. April 2016

I think the best place to get near-realtime news and gossip would be a FB page. The spam filter prevents me from putting a hyperlink in. But if you prefix this with the facebook base URL, this is the most popular group there at present.


KP in NPT | 03. April 2016

I would do it but I travel too much and am offline - it wouldn't be up to date. We could start a twitter thread and keep bumping it with new stuff - then anyone could contribute.

Bluesday Afternoon | 03. April 2016

It looks like someone on TeslaMotorsClub is covering Elon's tweets

jordanrichard | 03. April 2016

Simply Red, I created a Twitter account for the sole purpose of following Elon's tweets. Then I added Tesla.