Where do I put my iPhone?

Where do I put my iPhone?

The Model 3 looks just perfect to me.

While the tablet display is great, I still anticipate that there will be times I want my iPhone somehow mounted on the dash. (Alternative mapping apps? Other audio or video streaming apps? Facetime calls? Etc....Heck, maybe I will want to be an Uber driver!) I find it absurd that cars today don't have smartphone mounting standard; we're left using magnets that fit into the vents on the dashboard. Now with the Model 3 there are no vents -- so even the crappy iPhone mounts that are available won't work! I can't see how I could put an iPhone on the dash somewhere. Do others agree that this is an issue?

acuoio | 04. April 2016

I guess anything that discourages drivers from looking at a phone while they drive is a good thing, no?

bjdraw | 04. April 2016

The touch screen should be able to negate the need to look at your phone. My understanding is that this isn't currently the case for many S/X owners with iPhones. Hopefully Tesla will figure it out before the release of the 3, def' a software problem.

jmiday | 04. April 2016

I believe it will have vents :)

Red Sage ca us | 04. April 2016

Apparently, due to the smaller size of the vehicle, Tesla Motors will build the Model ☰ with door pockets, seat back pockets, and various cubby holes for stuff and junk. But probably not any 0# $#!+ handles or coat hooks.