Totally non-responsive FWD

Totally non-responsive FWD

Hi Everyone,
We've had my Wife's X for about a week now, other than minor things, we have had no issues. Today, after 2.15.50, my wife took the X on her 1st long trip. She took the babies and her sister to Disneyland. (100 miles round trip)
When their day was done, the passenger FWD would not open. (I figured she was doing something wrong)
Once she arrived home I checked it out, and sure enough, holding the top of the key while double-clicking the door (by passing sensors), holding the b-pillar actuator up/down for 30 secs at a time, resetting IC & MCU, pressing the door handle and still NOTHING. No beeps, no movement no nothing.
Has anyone had this and was able to resolve it w/o a service center visit?
I called TMC, and they left the service center a message to call me in the morning, and unable to help.
Problem is now, this is my wife's only car, and she has a million things she has to do all day with the kids, so it's going to SUCK (for me) because of the whole "happy wife, happy life" thing. She's going to have to get a trip into the SC on her schedule somehow.
Any advice is more than welcome here.

aesculus | 04. April 2016

The only one you did not mention was the door popup panel on the main screen, but I assume that was just a minor omission on your report.

Sounds like it must be a disconnected wire or something like that. In all the cases I have heard there is at least an acknowledgement of some action, but the doors just don't respond properly. Your's seems DOA if no clicks, moans, shudders, whines etc.

And no errors on the panel?

Muzzman1 | 04. April 2016

Yes, you're right. That was an omission. No response from the screen either.
....and no errors on IC or MCU

eric.zucker | 05. April 2016

Is there a fuse box, did you check for a blown or ill-seated fuse?
It does sound to me like a loose connection somewhere. | 05. April 2016

Both @eric and @aesculus could be right but before horsing around with it yourself, get it in to the SC for diagnosis and fix. Don't waste any more time. BTW dead door= no juice for whatever reason or failed controller board. Either way you need technical help.

Muzzman1 | 05. April 2016

...yeah I began looking for a fuse, but the box is labelled to see the manual for the identification of the fuses, but I could not find it in the manual.
I buttoned her up, and waiting on a call from the SC.
Thanks guys!

carlk | 05. April 2016

Please keep us posted.

Muzzman1 | 05. April 2016

So my wife took it into the service center. I asked her to ask them what they did to fix it, and she said they pulled the speaker cover and did a manual release.
Apparently that fixed it. Sorry I don't have any other specifics.

AlMc | 05. April 2016

I can feel your pain on the 'happy wife/happy wife' situation. ;)

Glad the fix sounds quick and easy.

aesculus | 05. April 2016

If you want to know the procedure it's written up in the Emergency Response Guide. But not sure why that fixed it.