EV Watch for Tesla, Apple iPhone/iPad/Watch app

EV Watch for Tesla, Apple iPhone/iPad/Watch app

Hi All,

Just released a new Apple Watch app. The difference with existing Tesla watch apps is that it doesn't try to shrink the official Tesla App, but extends it by taking advantage of the Watch format:

Charge Reminders!
Complication support - monitor your charge state as easily as checking the time
Use the crown to set charge limit more easily than even on your phone
More WatchOS 2.0 support - Uses selectors/dials (vs clunky buttons of watchOS 1.0 apps) to adjust car settings.
Quickly check and change common items like lock/unlock, charge, climate, and panoramic roof states.
A relative bargain at $3.99

Download iPhone App:

Security note:
No credentials are sent to servers other than Tesla's and then only the token returned from their server is retained on the iOS keychain.

fact200 | 10. Mai 2016

1.09 released now with charge reminders! Feedback appreciated!

SCCRENDO | 10. Mai 2016

Just downloaded. Have Remote S and ConnecTT on my watch for $10. This is so much better. Fingertip adjustment straight from the Apple watch face. Used to use ConnecTT because of its macros but this is so much simpler and quicker. Worth every penny. Great app. I have the Classic Model S. If I had all the AP features would probably download the Ndili app which has summon. But no use for me until I get my Model 3 with AP

ooagentmm | 10. Mai 2016

Looks great. Get Android support and you'll have my dollar(s).

Made in CA | 10. Mai 2016

This app is pretty good. I love the Apple Watch battery complication. It shows your car state-of-charge on the main clock face and allows you to change it using force touch. Nice! The app is worth it just for that.

But the rest is a little clunky. Some comments:

- It would be nice to be able to switch cars on the Watch
- Don't show the "Roof" info unless you have a pano roof
- Don't use the "Lock" icon to bring up the menu of other actions on the phone. I assume pressing a Lock Icon would lock and unlock the car.
- The spinner dial to change the charge limit on the phone is great!
- The graphics are a little rudimentary.


Made in CA | 10. Mai 2016


I constantly get a "Error Contacting Phone" message when the app is up on the Watch (the phone is 6 inches away). It looks like a timeout is being trapped a little too soon. Makes the app hard to use.

Is the lock button on the Watch supposed to do anything? I tap it and push on it and nothing happens except the error above.

fact200 | 10. Mai 2016

Thanks and thanks for the feedback! Most of the emphasis for the app has been differentiating features from existing apps (esp. the official Tesla app) which are watch complications, crown interactions and charge reminders. Future updates will hopefully clean up the rest.

Some responses to the above:

re. Phone comm errors. Something happened in one of the recent iPhone updates (9.3.x) that de-stabilized bluetooth. Toggling bluetooth on/off on the phone sometimes helps. Future updates will make the watch app less dependent on the phone.
The Lock button originally had an allowed you to unlock. But I left it out of the release due to the patent troll. If the car is unlocked, then force touch does give you the option of locking

fact200 | 20. Juni 2016

Updated to v. 1.11.


3D Touch support for common actions
Refreshed UI on iPhone/iPad
Improved charge reminders reliability
Improved watch query times

fact200 | 02. Juli 2016
steverapport | 03. Juli 2016

Just downloaded it, but when I launch it, it opens a login window and nothing else at all - no option to register.

So I'm stuck.

fact200 | 03. Juli 2016

Hi Steve,

You're right. It's not terribly clear, but the login it's asking for is your mytesla login. It needs it in order to communicate with the car.

steverapport | 03. Juli 2016

Ah, thanks.

fact200 | 19. September 2016

Updated to 1.13 to fully support iOS 10 and watchOS 3.

wendyelwell88 | 08. Januar 2020

I just purchased the EV watch app so I can use my new apple watch 5 for the Tesla (without iphone). It does not seem to work - when i click on the app on my apple watch, the screen goes blank and nothing happens.
Please advise - I was really looking forward to operating my Tesla model 3 with just the apple watch.

wendyelwell88 | 08. Januar 2020

Update: i force-started the watch and it now works.