Can we pick color?

Can we pick color?

I see red grey silver and black. Not liking the white interior and would like blue. What does it mean we can configure?

MarlonBrown | 07. April 2016

Where do you see it? What are you talking about?

Captain_Zap | 07. April 2016

Configuring will not happen for a long time. What you see is likely the Model S or Model X configuration information. | 08. April 2016

Nope - no color choice at all - all cars will be red, the Tesla corporate color.

Well.. maybe not :) Tesla has 10 paint lines at the factory, so you can expect 8-10 color choices. The colors, maybe the same as those available on the Model S and X. Colors are also likely to change, typically 1-2 colors are retired per year and new colors added. So you'll have to wait until mid-2017 to end of 2017 to find out the colors available. Most popular are White and Black, so they are almost a certainty. Based on the S and X, metallic colors will likely be an extra cost option.

PhillyGal | 08. April 2016

"You can have any color as long as it's black." ~Henry Ford

dd.micsol | 08. April 2016

From looking at their current colors they have too many light black colors.
Just my opinion from looking at model S. I will say that the red white blue and solid black are nice colors-the rest don't interest me at all.

jordanrichard | 08. April 2016

Go to the Model≡ page configuration/ordering page and tell us what you see..........

Red Sage ca us | 08. April 2016

PhillyGal: +1! Apropos.

RED, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet...

Burgundy, Titanium, Gold, Forest, Azul, Byzantium...

Candy Apple, Orange Cream, Sunny Lemon, Lime Slice, Blueberry Pie, Plum Basket...

sbeggs | 09. April 2016

@Red Sage,


Red Sage ca us | 09. April 2016

Once upon a time it was reported that Tesla Motors was considering a wide variety of colors:

yongliangzhu68 | 10. April 2016

The problem with car colors is they are dictated by 2 factors.

1) Actual demand numbers (what people DO buy the most, not just say they like the most)
2) Number of paint booths available

As of now Tesla seems to have about 10. In some of the Model S refresh speculation articles I read that Tesla may offer a coulee of more color options. Not sure if that mens 2 more boots for 12 colors or replacing 2 colors.

cstrow | 10. April 2016

BMW offers the "Individual" option for paint for around $2-10K extra. Could be worthwhile to add this level of customization to the Model 3 considering how many of the same car you'll be seeing on the roads in a couple of years.

des3444 | 09. Juni 2016

yellow for me I want every one to see model 3

jamilworm | 09. Juni 2016

@des3444 +1

topher | 10. Juni 2016

I am given to understand that the current paint building has capacity of 500k cars per year, so if they are currently using all the booths, the number of colors is likely to remain near the same (across the whole line). Hopefully we will see a wider variety, even if no more options.

Thank you kindly.

Badbot | 11. Juni 2016

the painting area was expanded. 500k car build rate was without robots so it may well exceed that number.

Drdpharris | 11. Juni 2016

Since Tesla is into doing things differently, why not offer personal colour choice, even transitions -- ought to be doable with robots.

mos6507 | 13. Juni 2016

Yep. If they're supposedly going to "revolutionize" manufacturing I'd say being able to offer more paint choices should be a part of it. It's one of those things where you can never have enough choices available, so there's plenty of room to innovate.

topher | 13. Juni 2016

How do robots affect the number of paints they can offer? With robots changing colors is just as expensive and difficult as if you did it by hand, probably more so. What makes sense if one color per robot per day (or whatever the time period between cleanings is).

"The car body paint shop has two sealing, two primer and two top coat lines. It is designed to paint as many as 500,000 bodies per year. The plastic parts paint shop delivers the necessary amount of bumpers to meet body production demands. Primer and base coat are waterborne in both paint shop areas, car body and plastic parts. The clear coat is a 2k solvent based paint. The paint shop, which Tesla ordered in 2014, will be ready by end of 2015." -- Durr

Thank you kindly

Drdpharris | 13. Juni 2016

Colour mixing at point of the spray gun. Three or four colour mixing. Would seem that the technology should exist. I am not surprised at what Tesla can accomplish!

bsleigh | 14. Juni 2016

Should a bald guy order the glass roof. Will he need to keep his hat on while driving??

Badbot | 14. Juni 2016

Automotive painting systems are not a color printer.
Bentley Allows you to pick any color IIRC.
But even they will not paint grumpy cat on your hood, oops bonnet.

Drdpharris | 14. Juni 2016

What I am suggesting is that maybe the traditional painting systems might be modernized, just like other aspects of the car build. Seems to my naive imagination it only takes 3 or 4 paint delivery systems with mixing internally to the paint gun chamber.

However, I recognize there may be multiple 'difficulties' - achieving identical colour across the multiple paint heads, adequate cleaning between colours, getting consistent mixing at painting rates, and of course the purchaser saying "That's not the exact shade of puce I ordered!".

Just a thought experiment really. Hmmm, pointillism painting ..

mos6507 | 14. Juni 2016

"Automotive painting systems are not a color printer."

If SpaceX can 3D print a rocket nozzle I don't see why Tesla can't find a way to create a car painting system that works like an inkjet printer. It's just a matter of having the will to do so. I don't think there are any laws of physics that need to be overcome to do it.

topher | 14. Juni 2016

Nozzles aren't exactly precision... youtube watch?v=vXntSUtoEFc

giskard | 25. Juni 2016

I'd just like to see a bright/vibrant color option or two. Something like the Kryton Green Chevy used for their Camaro 1LE reveal or a similar blue or orange equivalent (oddly enough I'm not a big fan of red). I drive a Volcanic Orange MINI now and don't want to end up in a drab white/gray/black car.