Wheel locks for the MX

Wheel locks for the MX

Does anyone have wheel locks on their MX? Where did you get them? And will the Wheel locks from the Model S fit the MX?

rossRallen | 12. April 2016

Get them from the Tesla store under Model S accessories. I was told by my DES that they fit. Only issue might be matching the finish with the ones on the wheels now. On my list of accessories to get, but I never leave the car out overnight and don't frequent bad 'hoods.

ernie | 12. April 2016

Well @Triggerplz.... you just cost me over $620 as I just bought a new style 8' HPWC and a set of wheel locks. Like the shorter version and 8' is perfect. @rossRallen...your VEE HICKLE will sure look funny up on four cement blocks [or not depending on your concept of humor].

Sure want a black TESLA jacket, but my wife frowns on show...[IMAGINE A GROWED UP MAN SIGHING].

Triggerplz | 13. April 2016

@Teslamotors do they fit on the 22 inch silver Turbine MX wheels? My DS isnt sure.. @Ernie I just ordered the $73.20 wheel locks.I only saw one version and that was from Teslamotors link are there others?.. Go head and buy that Black Tesla Jacket and let Wifey know who wears the pants :) @RossRallen You don't have to frequent a Bad hood they can get you at the mall, restaurant , movies,etc, I saw on a documentary a crew that stole 4 tires in 60 seconds. Only $73.20 to protect that VEE HICKLE. :)