An Informal Survey

An Informal Survey

When I got my S in 2012 (that I ordered in 2010)
I paid about 3 times more than what I was willing to pay for any car previously.
I got more than I paid for & never had any buyer's regret.
The S Forum has a lot of people who paid for more for a Tesla than they would have for any other car.

For those new to the forum & just reserving your 1st Tesla (with the Model 3).

Do you anticipate spending more, less, or about the same for the 3 (when compared to your previous purchases)?

Thanks & welcome

mntlvr23 | 13. April 2016

$30K is my previous max. I expect that this one will be $45K (and hopefully less due to incentive if lucky).- so up to 50% more.

clayton.a.phillips | 13. April 2016

I'm definitely going to be paying more (previous max is $27k and I'll probably spend $40k on the Model 3). Plenty of time to save though.

vp09 | 13. April 2016

I bought my last car 29 years ago for $14,000 out the door with a/c and great sound. Would have been 12k without. A brand new just-off-the-boat-from-Japan Acura Integra.

I drove it today and will drive it tomorrow. Excellent gas-engine car.

I put down a deposit on the 3, but when I looked at all the Model Ss, and the truck with 6 new ones coming into the showroom parking lot, I thought to myself, hey, I could own one of those. So, 7 days ago, I put in an order for a Model S. With tax and whatnot, probably will come to about 110 thousand. A lot more than I paid for my last car.

vp09 | 13. April 2016

I think the thing is that we're not just buying a car. We are buying to the vision of Elon Musk: Sustainable transportation, and a smaller carbon footprint. We are helping lead the way to the future.

JeffreyR | 13. April 2016

More for me too. Brand new VW Passat V6 w/ stick is my last new car, a '99. I'm driving a hand-me-down MB w/ low mileage until I get my first Tesla.

Haggy | 13. April 2016

Less if you count the Model S, but assuming I max out the options on the Model 3, I'd say it might be around the high end of anything I bought before the Model S. So not counting the S, I'd say "same." When you consider tax incentives, there could be a spread where people effectively pay anywhere from $25K to $60K. They might not offer options that would go that high, but the point is there could be a range that would put it in a good price category for a lot of people. The bigger issue is that people have no clue what options will be available.

I think the base price is what is bringing people on board, and chances are it will be a good car even with no options. But options will make people want to spend more than they had anticipated.

jay.shelley | 14. April 2016

Increase in price is significant for me. My last three cars: 1) 25 year old car given to me free and not worth anything, 2) 15 year old car which I paid $900 + headlight repair, 3) 20 year old car given to me for the price of picking it up.

Even after talking with my wife for 3 months about planning to reserve a Model 3, the day before reservations she suggested that our existing cars still run and we don't need to spend this much. Then she got a bright idea and said that if I would take the three kids with me to "camp out" in line to get a Model 3 then I could do it. She thought that would deter me. After a rainy night in a tent with 3 kids under 7 years old, we were the first to reserve a Model 3 at our showroom :)

Yes, it's a significant increase in what I'll be spending for a car, but it's the first car that's been compelling enough, and besides, with the tax incentives which I *should* be able to qualify for it I shouldn't lose what I've put into for 3+ years. I don't buy new cars for me or my wife (she's had much more valuable cars then mine) because they lose too much value just driving them off the lot.

mail | 14. April 2016

I am a single mother with two boys. The amount for the new Tesla 3 is twice as high as for my previous car. I hope my car works until the new will be shiped. I want to promote environmentally friendly transport and appreciate the commitment of Tesla Motors very .

Stx | 14. April 2016

Definitely! I paid my current car 12 500 € but I'm considering the possibility to buy a Model 3 as my next car even though the price in Italy will probably be in the range 40k to 45k €.

storm3163 | 14. April 2016

$45K is usually my max( paid $47K for what I have now). So probably spend about the same. However, I've been thinking about buying the Model S instead of the Model E.

PeterPlt | 14. April 2016

I bought my S85D a year ago for about twice what I'd previously spent on a car. When I asked my thrifty wife of 47 years her thoughts, pre-purchase, she said, "Why not. You've earned it." I didn't ask again...

22,000 miles later, the S is more than I expected. However, my wife refuses to drive it (too big, too much technology and concerned about scratching it). So, the 3 is my replacement car for the S. I will get it totally jazzed up (P-D-max battery) and it will still be more expensive than any car I've owned prior to the S. I hope she will give it a try. No matter what, it will be worth every penny!

slasher0016 | 14. April 2016

I spent $54k on my current car (out of the door.) I told myself I'd never spend that much on a car again. Hopefully that is true. I want "ludicrous mode" model 3. Hopefully the upgrades aren't so enormously priced as the Model S, or that version of the 3 could be in the 60s.

slasher0016 | 14. April 2016

BTW, I can't seem to figure out how to change my forum name, does anyone have an insight? There was a post I read earlier about clicking on MyTesla, etc. but the only thing there is editing my contact info (I have a 3/31 reservation.)

dsvick | 14. April 2016

Probably more than double. My current car was about $20,000, I figure my M ☰ will be over $40,000, hopefully not over $50,000 though. Have to see what the options are.

Hi_Tech | 14. April 2016

Have a S85 from 2013, but prior to that the most expensive I got was $40k... which required a lot of thinking and planning. A year later, I got the S85 for more than double that. I'm also on the reservation list for Model 3.
Tesla is making a compelling and fun vehicle! The others until now were just a mode of transportation.

@ryee - I'd like to know how to change my forum name as well.

mb30 | 14. April 2016

I've been able to afford 50-70k for a car for the last two cars i've purchased, but i've never felt compelled to buy one in that range. A few times, i've worked on possibly buying a base model S, but i decided that i would rather wait for the model 3 and buy a reasonably well equipped one. So based on everything i plan on spending a little less than~50k on the model 3 where my previous cars have come in around 25k. For me, it's about finally having something that i feel is worth spending the money on. I've read stories on these boards of people in a very similar position as me, but with more money and in regards to the S. I think Teslas represent a significant step forward in engineering and technology and for that kind of leap, people are willing to pay. Well at least I am :P

adias.angel | 14. April 2016

Almost 50% more from our 2014 purchase.

We replaced one of our ICE cars with a Mazda 3 two years ago for a bit over 20k. I am expecting to spend 40k on my Model 3. After 200k miles (6 years with work commute) the two cars should about at about the same costs. Since I keep my cars 10+ years, I should see a significant savings.

slamarche | 14. April 2016

I will probably put more than previous cars. I would say about $45K.

autoxer7 | 14. April 2016

I paid about $25k for a new 2008 Mazdaspeed3. I'm budgeting $45k for the M☰ but I think I'll also qualify for the full $7.5k tax credit... so out the door a 50% increase from my last new car purchase.

damonmath | 14. April 2016

Going from my E550 coupe to a Tesla Model S 85 I more than doubled the price tag, however, I saved over $200/month in fuel and maintenance costs... Essentially spending less in total cost of ownership. With the Model 3 I will certainly be spending way LESS than any other NEW car I have ever purchased.

jdanielp | 14. April 2016

I have never bought a car... I previously owned a car that my grandmother gifted to me when she decided that she no longer wanted to drive (if only more old people would make that decision (or buy Teslas) it would make the roads a lot safer), but it was scrapped around ten years ago so I have been managing without by getting back into cycling and rail. As a result, I feel somewhat guilty about the fact that I will be bringing an additional car onto the roads, but what a car...

Garcia.steve | 14. April 2016

More. This is my dream car

Octagondd | 14. April 2016

2-3X depending on situation and options.

junehhan | 14. April 2016

I have paid up to $55k for my cars but my next go around my max I am willing to spend if $35-40k as I am just in the process of switching careers. I do want AWD and a larger battery and am willing to pay upto $45k for it. I generally go light on options as I have no desire for those bigass rims that weigh a ton and increase risk of damage. I also have no desire for a moonroof as I like having metal over my head. I put in my deposit but am probably around #275000 to 300k on the list.

Red Sage ca us | 14. April 2016

I figure a fully loaded Tesla Model ☰ P135D Coupe with Falcon Wing Doors and a Liftback would likely cost about three times as much as I have paid for any other car.

allweathermaint | 20. April 2016

I have bought basic cars and trucks both new and used my whole life. Two 2WD trucks new under 10 grand, one used Subbie for 17. This will likely be the last car I buy. Don't mind spending up to 50. I would get a new S70D now if I could afford it. The draw is high tech, EV, performance and cool factor. Elon has the right idea of capitalistic altruism that I believe is the future of successful companies, and I support that.

jamilworm | 20. April 2016

My current car is Honda Fit bought used for $14,000. Before that Civic for $7,000. Before that Civic for ~$5000. So I have been gradually stepping up with each new car, but this will be a giant leap. I have been able to afford more expensive cars in the past but I just really didn't see value in it. I don't anticipate and buyers remorse with my M3.

dd.micsol | 21. April 2016

Let me see-From what I can remember:
Honda accord 1980-5k
Honda Civic 1988- 8k
Tried a Buick-huge mistake-7k
Went to acura integra 1995-16k
Back to civic 2005-new 17k
Prius 2011 new 26k 0% interest 60 months-paid off in 3yrs.
so yeah, this will be more but not for my wife.
Wife has the S. Well, okay I bought it for her. Love that woman.

Drdpharris | 21. April 2016

I have a second-hand Mini CooperS which cost $23k CAN .... so yes this will be a significant increase of about 100% but likely will be my last car! We just need Mr. Fusion to power it.

Psyclo | 21. April 2016

I've never bought a new car before, so have had a very low max price I would pay for a car. But for a Tesla I'll gladly spend $50K. I would love to be able to buy a MS for $100K, but just can't make the numbers work with my budget. :-(

tesla | 21. April 2016

WAY more, for the simple reason I had no plans to ever buy a new car again. It's kind of a gyp in terms of money management. But with Tesla, I would actually rather Buy a NEW Model 3 than a used Model S. I realize that does not makes sense... it's purely a visceral response. One argument is that I just want to experience the latest technology. And, quite honestly, my #1 motivation to buy an electric car is just that the idea of driving a pure electric is just sooooo cooool. Again, visceral. And NEWER, is COOLER. It's cumulative.

Then the secondary, more practical considerations cut in; full warranty, and of course I'm willing to pay a premium to drive a smog-free car. I am hoping that the promise of renewable energy powered charging stations turns out to be a real thing, otherwise you are back in the it-creates-pollution-to-make-the-electricity-to-charge-the-car argument.

And one last HUGE reason to pay a premium for an electric -given that the Model 3 may cost more than what I'd normally pay- is the notion of no longer being a GAS SLAVE. No more of the high taxes on gasoline in California! No more to the invisible tax of cap & trade now being added to the price of a gallon of gas. It's worth the extra money to take a bite out of corrupt politics along with taking a bite out of air pollution.

jamilworm | 21. April 2016

@CoastalCruiser +1. One more cool thing that motivates me to buy a Tesla when I never planned to buy a new car before is that this is a car that can actually get better the longer you own it. Normally with a car you are stuck with what you bought for the most part, unless you want to pay big bucks for aftermarket features that may be poorly integrated into the car itself. But with Tesla since so much of the experience is software driven they can offer regular software upgrades that improve the driving experience and add new features over time. That's jut awesome.

Badbot | 21. April 2016

My most expensive is a 2005 sport trak stickered at 24,800 I got it as a loss leader for 16,400. I suppose I will be about 40-45k for the M3 AWD biggest battery and auto pilot. I am in my 60's and in the next decade or two AP-Driving help might be good for anyone around me. this will be my last car. and any tax savings I can get. the 7500 fed will probably be gone before I get mine. CA 4000 might still be available. | 22. April 2016

@ed: Don't be too sure about that last car idea. I'm a lot older than you and still have at least two more to go:, MX and M≡.

Badbot | 22. April 2016

Thanks George but I can not afford anything else. I will need to cash out my 401k to get this and put some income in my tax return to get the credit assuming I can get delivery before the rebates disappear. You want to buy a 1966 mustang?