Anomoly or here to stay?

Anomoly or here to stay?

After the last "summons" update, vampire drain has slowed to 1 mph every 10 hours. Anyone else notice a change? Could there have been some accessory that was draining that no longer is? I have no clue.

aesculus | 15. April 2016

I don't know because my car is being wrapped this week. But it has been using 8 mi per day while gone and I have all the power set to minimal. Another thing that was weird was last night I checked on it via the app and the car was locked and the frunk open. While I was watching the screen the frunk opened and closed multiple times on the display. This was at 10 pm which is a time I highly doubt the installers were working on my car.

With this and the flapping mirrors, I am wondering whats going on. Of course they could have the fob close to the car and I also will have to wait to get it back today to apply the update I suspect, unless it did it itself.

loganboyd | 15. April 2016

your comment of 1mph per 10 hours makes no sense. the PH in mph stands for PER HOUR.
1 mile of rated range per 10 hours is probably what you mean.

ernie | 15. April 2016

I was going to correct the non-sequitor...but you did it fine! Thanks...

loganboyd | 15. April 2016

I think if you are only at 2.4 miles of rated range per day that is awesome. Mostly I've seen the good being around 3-4 and the bad being about 8-10.
Of course, just like each new version of iOS affects perceived battery life on iPhones. I'm sure each new firmware version on Tesla has the potential to change the vampire draw of all the different subsystems.

Remnant | 18. April 2016

@ ernie (OP, April 15, 2016)

<< Anomoly or here to stay? >>

"Anomoly" is a misspelling of "ANOMALY"

vperl | 18. April 2016

I love the spell checking, ,grammar police .

Compelled in their endeavor

Remnant | 18. April 2016

@ vperl (April 18, 2016)

<< I love the spell checking, ,grammar police . >>

Bad English is disrespectful and makes communication difficult and unpleasant.

vperl | 18. April 2016

Are you happy to shame me, the one of many things I am not good at.

Spelling, grammar, math, science, engineering, computers, are not anything I worry about.

You being compelled to shame me I find suspect and shameful .

I forgive you, you are forgiven.

You may shame me all you wish. When I speel a word word or cannot add or what ever due as you whis.

You are forgiven.

ELLIOTTCABLE | 19. April 2016

@Remnant, @ernie, @loganboyd: This probably isn't the place even for *me* to continue this mess of an aside, but: not everyone is English-as-a-first-language. What's the point of language if it's not a universal for communication? How would *you* feel, if you traveled abroad and were snickered at, or even insulted, for your disability to communicate clearly?

Here's a rule of thumb that, perhaps, *you* should consider: if you can understand somebody well enough to correct them, then don't fracking say anything. They've successfully communicated with you. That is the only point. If you literally *can't* understand something said (and thus, of note, are incapable of correcting the person) … or if someone *asks* you to give them tips and advice on their language use … that is the only time it is appropriate to respond to the medium, instead of the content. | 19. April 2016

I'm sorry, Elliott, I don't understand.:-))

SeanB.UT.US | 19. April 2016

Bad English is disrespectful? I think I'll have to pay closer attention to their lyrics next time.

darlin | 19. April 2016


loganboyd | 19. April 2016

@ELLIOTTCABLE What are you talking about??? I corrected the misuse of an acronym so that others would understand the correct units of measure the OP was intending to use. All to often on these forums, people misuse acronyms and that can lead to further confusion. No one is snickering at the OP. Ernie even THANKED me for helping correct the mistake ;)

darlin | 19. April 2016

some people have very thin skin

Remnant | 19. April 2016

@ SeanB.OR.US (April 19, 2016)

<< Bad English is disrespectful? >>

Yes, it often is, though not always or necessarily.

Especially spelling "errors". We have a spelling checker on line, which underlines misspelled words. We should encourage each other to use it. While we all misspell on occasion, knowingly or frequently allowing our message to go through unfiltered by it, must be deemed inconsiderate of the participants on the thread.

Tesla itself has a reminder in the beginning of each forum that we should review our messages before saving/publishing them.

vperl | 19. April 2016

More justification.

I still forgive the oppressors

rossRallen | 19. April 2016

English is not my first language, but I understood @ernie just fine.

dbh | 19. April 2016

My car has been getting XPEL and Opticoat for 6 days (pick up tomorrow). I think it has lost 6 miles - 179 to 173 during that time. Definitely not 8-10 miles per day - at most 1.5 miles per day if my memory is slightly off.

rossRallen | 19. April 2016

I believe that one of the updates in late March fixed the current drain. I notice that the instrument panel and touchscreen often take a few seconds longer to boot up now if the car sits idle overnight. So, some new sleep mode is saving energy.

ernie | 21. April 2016

Indeed, I thoroughly dislike misspelled words, especially when generated by my fingers. I will make a mental note to type posts into Word to let Bill Gates’ employees’ created spell checker weigh in on my spelling. Remember, however, that spell check does not always correct for “Grammar” despite the claim it does so.

I remain unruffled and take no offense at being corrected. I will find an appropriate pile of dust, add some ashes and make a shirt out of sackcloth and spend at least three days in contemplation squatting is said dust and ashes. If the Forum denizens so wish I can spread them on my head, but if I do that I request a full clemency. [Insert smiley face here] Rhetorical question: is “full clemency” redundant? I think so.

aesculus | 21. April 2016

@ernie: Caught you again. :-)

I will find an appropriate pile of dust, add some ashes and make a shirt out of sackcloth and spend at least three days in contemplation squatting is said dust and ashes.

aesculus | 21. April 2016

Bold did not work. :-(

squatting is said dust

ernie | 21. April 2016

Rememememember...speell chek does not always catch the laatent errors [latent only to the hurried poster].... Now correct that one! How did you know that I did or did not not mean that "squatting" is tantamount to "dust and ashes"??? HUH? Well, OK I give up for the day! Dang this keyboard and its independent proclivities.

jeffpoel | 21. April 2016

Good spelling and grammar facilitates effective, clear communication. When someone corrects you for making a grammar, usage, or spelling mistake, which we all do, especially with the inherent inaccuracies with mobile device word replacement algorithms, try to avoid being insulted and take it as a learning opportunity. In science, we say that if you can't write about what you observed, it never happened. I spent 13 years as a supervisor trying, in vain, to teach my staff how to write clear, effective letters and reports. One of them, who admitted cheating his way through college English classes, still wrote at a middle school level, even after 10 years of effort on my part. He resented my tutoring and chose to be insulted rather than using it as an opportunity to improve. His attitude impeded his learning. Don't be like him.

ernie | 21. April 2016

Just to be clear I quote from my previous post: "I remain unruffled and take no offense at being corrected."

Brian Vicars | 21. April 2016

@ernie. +1
I'm Canadian. If I don't like the exterior reflection of my signature red Model X, I could always have the "colour cancelled." Oh dear, have I made consecutive spelling errors? Oh, & did I mention my vehicle will be coming soon? I hope it will be Christmas wrapped. I'm sure Americans spell "wrapped" with two "pps" for obvious reasons.

vperl | 21. April 2016

Watch your step, forum police will get you, saddle up for the attack.


Brian Vicars | 21. April 2016

@vperl. The last time I had an infraction requiring ANY police of ANY kind was when I was stopped by the police for speeding in my bright metallic green '75 corvette. I was presented with a speeding ticket for $15 & told by the officer that the next time he would also charge me for drinking & driving. Lucky day, October 15, 1976. How do I recognize the forum police & do they have the authority to cancel my Model X?

Sorry, posted in the wrong section of the forum, please disregard anything I post in the future. Thanks everyone.

vperl | 21. April 2016

15$, now they get 300+ $ just for 60 in a 50 zone and your insurance company gets a raise.

Kinda of a win, win.

Forum police swarm on the weak. Just laugh at their pompously designed purpose.
Silly bunch of twerps.


rossRallen | 21. April 2016

Forum police vanquish the weak and nasty.

aesculus | 21. April 2016

The atmosphere here is just about like it was before they announced the reveal event in September. You can cut it with a knife.

Hopefully we can get all of these issues behind us and everyone can spend their free time driving, washing and polishing their Model X. Or go over to the Model III forums to rinse and repeat. :-)

Big T | 21. April 2016

I was not born in the U.S. and I love to be corrected on my English. I have family here that are newly arrived and I try to teach them the numerous American idioms that befuddle them (like "what do you bring to the table" and "burning the candle at both ends" and "your eyes are bigger than your stomach"). Their goal is to lose their accents and speak like any other average American.

Don't be thin skinned and don't come to the rescue of someone because you think he/she might be offended. My greatest honor on this forum was to be corrected by Brian H (who has been missing for some time). I was sick at the time and made a wording error that I should have caught (don't post when you have the flu or when you're taking opioid painkillers).

vperl | 21. April 2016

Big T

The U.S. was founded on liberty.

You need not speak, or copy us.

One thing I have defended is your right and others to take opposing views on most every thing. The only exception is when one comes here they should not expect our way of life to be changed by actions that causes harm to our society.

Come here expect us to fall in line with the culture of your country is not acceptable. I Do not care where you came from or who you are, but I require you and all others to live here peacefully.

Stepping over that line is not acceptable.

Living here with us and raising your family in peace we all Applaud.

Do not worry to be perfect in English, in the '70 tens of thousands of Vietnamese came here, they slowly learned English and now are a big part of our community . After WW2 and Korean war of the early 1950's many came here to live with great success.

Fitting in, just do what you are doing.... Bet you have or already are succeeded.


All I wish for is the ability to not live in a war zone , where terrorists wish to kill any that do not believe in the terrorists beliefs.

Do not let the forum police bully you, they are cowards hiding in the internet, these twerps, run in groups. They love what is called " group think" . Also, they make rules they do not obey. Shows how silly twearpy the are.

I laugh at them. Silly twerps they are.

ernie | 21. April 2016

@Big T...I wish to clarify for the record. My X was ordered 10 days after major back surgery in 2014 when I was clearly [according to my wife] under the control of the demon Oxycodone. So extrapolating from your statement that it is unwise to " when you have the flu or when you're taking opiod [or opiate] painkillers", it could reasonably be inferred that to log onto the Tesla website and order a car would be unwise..."iffen" you be on the demon Oxy. I would then not be driving the car of my dreams.

Welcome to the land where dreams can be least for the most part, although I could not start either of my businesses now and succeed (IMO) ... just too many impediments. (Gosh, I did not throw this into Word for spell check...)! Hint: if you do not know if you spelled it correctly, just throw quotation marks around it and we will all assume you are a literary genius...literally.

ian | 21. April 2016

See vperl CAN spell and use proper grammar when he wants to! We get glimpses every now and again. ;-)

Anyway, what was this thread about? Oh yeah, vampire drain. Can't wait to test it out. Should have my X by the end of June. That's right, I've ordered, been confirmed and even have a VIN! Woohoo!


Brian Vicars | 22. April 2016

Thanks, I'll add vampire drain to the 343 other items I am waiting patiently to test & try out. At least me vehicle isn't depreciating yet. Unlike the "regular" car dealers, a Tesla model does receive its model year before it is produced. Imagine ordering a 2016 Lexus & then receiving a 2018 @ the same price because of production delays?

Brian Vicars | 22. April 2016

Replace "me" with "my" and "does" with "doesn't."

Big T | 22. April 2016

Ernie, that's funny. You should see what you can order on Dilaudid. ;-)

sklancha | 23. April 2016

@JeffPoel. There is a difference between offering a gentle correction and cramming your superior language knowledge on an uninterested party. You find it disrespectful for someone with imperfect grammar or spelling capabilities to share their thoughts on this forum, but you didn't find your own actions (trying to correct a colleague, who clearly wasn't interested in your help) for TEN years extremely disrespectful? I make more than my fare share of errors- particularly when typing on the droid. Sometimes I am grateful for the assistance and other times it is quite annoying and disruptive to the flow of conversatiin.
My two cents

vperl | 23. April 2016

I spill purfictley