Developing app to use car camera

Developing app to use car camera

I would like to know how open is the software platform is in the Tesla cars.

For example, if I want to use the vehicle cameras to take pictures or record images of the road, is that possible?

I would then co-sponsor an app to identify cars driving at abusive speeds, take the picture of plates so that I can report it to authorities.

ir | 18. April 2016

Totally closed for now.

Haggy | 19. April 2016

It's not likely, but hopefully by the time the Model 3 comes out, will have something for it. | 19. April 2016

Looking deeper at the hardware design, it doesn't appear the software in the main display has any access to the front camera - it's connected directly to the MobilEye chip for Auto-pilot. It's also far more narrow field of view than a typical dashcam and it may not even be in color.

The rear camera also does not appear to connect into anything you could control other than a simple display window. I don't think it would be available to save it's data anywhere.

So even if there was an API or the software was fully open, the cameras as currently designed are not viable for dashcams.