Front License Plate Holder

Front License Plate Holder

So random question. I'm in a state that requires the front plate. However, I do not have it on either of my current vehicles and I certainly do not want it on my Model 3. With my other cars it was easy to specify to the dealer not to include it (so they don't put the default screws in it!) Has anyone gotten a Tesla delivered without the front plate screws in a front plate requiring state? I know this is a long ways off, but it'll drive me a bit batty if the beautiful front end is defiled by license plate holes.

mntlvr23 | 18. April 2016

@ slasher - I do not know the answer, but am curious how you get away with not having front plates in a state that requires it. I would love to do that also - and want to learn your secret.

liftsrock | 18. April 2016

I had this issue here in Ohio on both a BMW X3 and Fiat 500c. Google search for "no drill license plate bracket" and you will find several types. For my cars I used the bracket but that may not be the best one for the Model 3. It would be nice if Tesla made this easier for us but they're not the only manufacturer that does not think any of us needs a front plate. Probably will have to figure it out after taking delivery of the car.

archvillain | 18. April 2016

@mntlvr23 - you look up what the fine is for failing to have the plate (probably in the $100-250 range, depending on state), then you set that money aside for the fine you will get. Then you take off the front plate, and you see how long it takes to get a ticket. If it takes a year or more, then you have an idea of what your annual cost might be for noncompliance, and then you can either put the plate back on, or decide you you prefer to continue being a charitable philanthropist for your state :)
(Also check that it doesn't count as a moving violation or anything like that in your state, which can have greater consequences than effectively a large parking ticket.)

mntlvr23 | 18. April 2016

@archvillian - thanks, just what I thought. Or perhaps I can just move to a non-front plate state. Or register it in a non-front plate state - preferably one that has zero or low personal property tax - and just use their plates (and once again see how long it takes to get caught.)

When I bought my current hybrid, personal property taxes in my area were essentially waived for hybrids. That lasted all of one year before budget crunches got rid of that program .....

btbailey9 | 18. April 2016

When my Model S was delivered in California, l was given a bag containing the plastic front license plate bracket and mounting screws. I was asked to sign an acknowledgment form stating that I was aware of the California front plate requirement and that I was taking delivery without the bracket installed.

I've considered having a vinyl photo sign made of my plate and putting that on with some sort of removable adhesive. It could be sized and perhaps trimmed a bit to fit the plastic nose contour. Not sure if that's legal, though. My jets were cooled when I was quoted the sign shop minimum of $75!!

Cowbell | 18. April 2016

That's a cool idea, a stick-on "plate". With the model 3 I'm more worried about ruining the 0.21 drag coefficient rather ruining the looks.

jordanrichard | 18. April 2016

slasher016,the service center where you will take delivery will ask you ahead of time, if you want the plate mounted. Here in CT, the law is there is to be a front plate. The plate is in my glove box. Most owners here don't bother, so much so that they just assume you don't want it on. During the delivery they ask then. If you want it, it takes just a couple of minutes for a service tech to mount it.

I took delivery Mar 2014, and live 2 miles from my local PD, passing police cars all the time and never once I have I been pulled over for it.

slasher0016 | 18. April 2016

@jordan Good, that's what I was hoping for. I'm in Ohio as well, and both of my cars I explicitly told the dealer not to drill the holes because I didn't want the plate. In SW Ohio, both Kentucky and Indiana do not require front plates, so cops do not even think twice when they see a car without one. I've been ticketed multiple times (speeding!) and have never been given a ticket for not having a front plate.

Haggy | 18. April 2016

Tesla was supposed to give me a form to sign along with my license plate bracket but I remember not getting one. In any event, police in California would rather not bother pulling over a Tesla for a missing front plate when they can pull somebody over for speeding and give the person a $550 ticket. A missing plate is a "fix it" ticket here and can be cleared up by demonstrating that the plate is on the car. I have a magneplate for my Model S and if I'm going to park somewhere that might be a problem, I put the plate on.

Sparky | 19. April 2016

What's needed is a conversation amongst governments to support low C/D cars with intelligent plate laws. If there is data to show that a front plate actually does something other than employ licence plate makers then there should be foreword thinking legislation to allow conformal sticker plates that would not interfere with airflow. If it can be shown that front plates are a complete waste of time and money they ought to be done away with completely.

skygraff | 19. April 2016

I wonder how that would go over with the red light camera advocates. Might have to compromise with some kind of transponder access.

cephellow | 19. April 2016

Short answer- yes. Tesla will allow you to not mount front plate.
California requires a front plate, I never mounted it. It actually saved me money when I got pulled over for speeding once. The Cop said he also noticed that I didn't have a front plate and didn't write me up for the speeding ticket but wrote me a fix it ticket for the front plate. It gave the cop a convenient way of warning me about my speed but allowing him to write a violation so that his quota looks better at the end of the month. I double sticked the bracket and plate on to get the fix-it signed off at the Highway patrol office later on. The plate is now in the frunk where it belongs.
I wrote an email to Jerry Brown to ask him to have the DMV offer a front plate 'sticker option instead of a metal plate'- easy way to reduce carbon footprint for the state- I would encourage other Californians to write to the governor as well.
Do not make your own sticker. That is considered Forgery and is a felony, regardless of whether you have the front plate or not. Great concept, Bad Idea.

dsvick | 20. April 2016

In Ohio they're working on a new law so that you can't get pulled over for the front plate being missing, you can get ticketed for it if it's missing and you get pulled over for something else though. In the year and half to two years we have to wait, it might just get passed.

archvillain | 20. April 2016

You can also get electric retracting plate-holders:

http://tinyurl . com/guo7oqu

(I got one, but when I was about to mount it, I decided that with the nose design of my car the plate-holder would be susceptible to being scraped off if I poked the nose over a curb. That's not an issue with the car in the video, but a friend of mine with a similar car to mine also got the electric plate, mounted where I was about to but decided not to, then he scraped it off by parking the nose over a curb... It looks like the plate mount would work better on the Model 3 though.)

nlanzano | 21. April 2016

My hope is that where ever Tesla puts the front tow hook will also be a good spot to install a front plate. Pop open the access and screw in an adapter to mount then remove and go clean whenever you want.