Anyone have photos of grey ext. grey int. combo?

Anyone have photos of grey ext. grey int. combo?

I have seen this one:

On the fence about grey seats or black seats -- definitely going with grey exterior.

vp09 | 08. Mai 2016

I ordered a 90D in silver with gray (grey) leather seats. I didn't do gray versus black for the looks, but because I'm pretty sick of sitting on black seats in cars that sit in the sun here in Southern California. Like sitting on a stove, or a fire.

I did see a gray or silver Model S with tan seats, and that didn't look right. My wife says they are not tan, but are mustard.

ilovecoffeex | 08. Mai 2016

Yeah my friend has tan and it is definitely a peculiar color.

trixiew | 08. Mai 2016

I have grey and grey with black Alcantra headliner. Blends beautifully. I'll try and post a photo later.

TaoJones | 08. Mai 2016

trixie has excellent taste.

I started with the textile headliner, which was awful about six different ways. Now the headliner is black, and, well, you know what they say. Great offset and it's just easier on the eyes. A must-do for all future cars, given the available headliner choices, imnsho.

Outside, I wanted the dolphin grey, but it was discontinued by the time I ordered. The steel grey, now named midnight silver (but the same exact paint code) has grown on me - there are hints of blue in the metallic, and it's beautiful in the sun.

Inside, the grey leather provides great contrast - there's not as much of it in the front as you'd think, given the obligatory black dash and other trim pieces, including the wood.

Speaking of wood, now that they have ash, that might be worth a shot. I chose the obeche, and like it. Whatever you do, do consider matte instead of glossy. A little lemon oil every now and then and the grain in the matte obeche really comes through. I had a loaner one time with lacewood - that was nice as well. Am leaning toward either matte ash or matte obeche for the next soiree.

ilovecoffeex | 08. Mai 2016

I'm going with the carbon fiber and black headliner regardless of if I go black seats or grey -- just changed to grey seats in the design studio (4 days left). Would love to see some pics where there is no filter, lighting effects, etc., which seem to be all I can find. In the link I shared in my original post the sun is hitting the seats making them look pretty amazing in my eyes, but, again, I'd love to see something that is "true."

ilovecoffeex | 08. Mai 2016

From the Tesla Motors Club forum, where I made the same post, check out these pictures for those interested:

trixiew | 08. Mai 2016

I also have the carbon fiber. I need to quit being lazy and take a photo for you.

evsisson | 08. Mai 2016

I placed my order just as dual motors came out in Oct. 2014, and I took delivery March 15, 2015. The tan leather in the Design Studio looked pretty strange at that time, so I got the standard gray leather seats. The gray turned out to have a nice warmth to it, making it almost appear tan...much nicer than the stark gray in the Design Studio.

I can't say the current gray will be the same. You'd better check it out at a Tesla Gallery.

ilovecoffeex | 09. Mai 2016

I don't think the grey has changed though, has it? Also any discoloration or staining with your grey seats? Seems to be a topic that comes up a lot.

ilovecoffeex | 09. Mai 2016

@trixiew -- Please take pictures before May 12 :) Also, same question regarding discoloration or staining of the grey leather.

trixiew | 09. Mai 2016

@hale11-drop me your email to I'll send photos that way. Also, I've had no discoloration or staining. 1 1/2 years and 30K miles looks like new.

ali | 09. Januar 2020


ali | 09. Januar 2020

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