Which used model year should i buy

Which used model year should i buy

Tesla Model S has been my dream car. I am stretching my limits buying an used $50,000 to $60,000 Model S. People who were in similar situations, was it worth it ? In terms of charging your car. How did you get a 220v charger installed if you were living in an apartment without chargers. 2014 and above years seem to have the same hardware with autopilot. What do i need to watch out for ? What kinda of model s can i expect at that price range. Thank you.

GHammer | 06. Juni 2016

Cars built from the middle of September 2014 have the autopilot hardware. In that price range you're looking at a 2013 S85 or a early 2014 (non-autopilot) S60.

Silver2K | 07. Juni 2016

I got my 2013 p85+ (pre ap) for 60k this past December.

I've had 0 issues besides the DU starting to make a little noise (recently) that service would like to rectify for me. I live 250 miles away and service will pick up the car and drop off a loaner.

best service ever!!

alnrench2 | 07. Juni 2016

I bought a 2013 S85 back in Jan. There was a great selection available at the end of 2015, but you had to act fast, because as quickly as they appeared on the website, they also disappeared. I did not feel comfortable putting a non refundable deposit on a used car without first seeing and driving the vehicle. Certain cars I wanted to go see would sell too quickly. Then finally once I became familiar with prices and options out there I knew exactly what I wanted, test drove a couple, and then I was finally able to act quickly and secure my current car. It was not easy trying to conduct this business during Christmas and New Years holidays. CPO can save you a lot !

tes-s | 07. Juni 2016

This should give you a good idea what is available in that price range. Expect to pay more for a CPO from Tesla.

PhillyGal | 07. Juni 2016

Part 2 of your question "was it worth it?"

Yes. Many people who own Teslas either stretched to get it, or have plenty to spend but never before even imagined spending this much on a car. Very few regret it from my experience talking with many owners online and in person.

Silver2K | 07. Juni 2016

I don't know much about the ebay cars, but I know what I'm getting from Tesla. They have a CPO agreement you and Tesla will sign as to who's responsible for what. They are responsible for impact damage, scratches/damage wider than a human pinky, holes in interior and some other stuff. I would ask for a copy of the agreement so you have a good idea. You also get a 4yr/50k new car warrantee if you buy a CPO from Tesla.

Not Ready for P... | 07. Juni 2016

I won't tell you what you should do. But you made the following points clear in your original posting...

1) Car is pushing your budget
2) You have no personal means to recharge an EV

ram1901 | 07. Juni 2016

Ask your landlord permission to have an electrician install an outside outlet (240 / at least 30 amp ) that you can use to charge your car. The installation should be around $800 dollars depending upon how far the outlet is from the breaker panel. You'll need an adapter to go from the 50 amp down to 30 amp outlet... Come to think of it your Tesla portable charger comes with that adapter..

As for a Model S pre owned.. would not recommend one of the older Tesla's so you'd need more than a $60k budget to buy a 2015 pre-owned Model S. or wait for the Model 3.

Silver2K | 07. Juni 2016

@ram -1

There are quite a few older teslas on the road without issues.

What are your reasons for not recommending an older tesla?

ann | 07. Juni 2016

I recently picked up a 2013 S85, found it on Autotrader, and because I bought it directly from the first owner, got an excellent price. I also got extras that I didn't expect, like XPEL coating and another set of wheels and snow tires! I looked at another car locally also, but would not recommend dealing with a "used car dealer". I also looked at the CPO vehicles, but the price is much higher (of course, you do get an excellent warranty, if you can pay the higher price). My car is covered under the original warranty until August 2017. I did not pick up the extended warranty (apparently only the original owner can do that, and she did offer it), because I don't expect too many issues, and I will trade it or sell it outright when I'm ready for my next Tesla.

So, shop around, and do your homework! I don't think you can go wrong with a used Tesla, no matter what year it was made.

chaitu9916dummy | 07. Juni 2016

@Uncle Fookie Work has chargers and i live pretty nearby. Budget is the only problem :p

Thank you everyone for the responses. will create a new thread regarding loaner cars and inventory cars.

jose.t.weeks | 07. Juni 2016

You could also wait for the 3

chaitu9916dummy | 07. Juni 2016

my current car is on its last legs, was planning to buy an A6 but hoping i can find some good deals on Tesla.

mrjedistud | 07. Juni 2016


Tesla did a great job with my CPO. P85, 2013, very well optioned. It was just under $62,000.
The car runs great and looks like it was taken care of by both the original owner and Tesla. The new warrantee also gives me peace of mind.

I think your issue will be charging, especially from an apartment.

chaitu9916dummy | 07. Juni 2016

I see only 60 2013 models on CPO , trying to find one with autopilot features.

SJR | 07. Juni 2016

The earliest that the autopilot feature was available was October 2014 delivery. My 2014 S85 was delivered on September 15, 2014 and the autopilot came out a few weeks later. Wish I had known and I would have waited two more weeks, however the vehicle is phenomenal....I am still smiling!

Silver2K | 07. Juni 2016

I've been reading on this forum that the AP sensors of today's Model s will not satisfy Elon's fully autonomous vehicle goals. If you want the safety features of AP, then that's the direction you want to go.

TaoJones | 07. Juni 2016

The latest that you can afford.

GHammer | 07. Juni 2016

"I see only 60 2013 models on CPO , trying to find one with autopilot features."

There aren't a lot of used Model S with autopilot and if you find one it's probably above your stated price range.

inquisius | 07. Juni 2016

If budget is such concern, then I'd start looking at Panjo. People from Tesla Motors Club sometimes sell theirs for pretty cheap prices there. I've once seen an S for $40k on Panjo. Here is one:

Silver2K | 07. Juni 2016

I would spend a couple k extra on a cpo to get the warrantee. the mileage is way to high to take that chance.

inquisius | 07. Juni 2016

You're not taking much of a chance, these things are built to last for ages. But yes, it would indeed be better off buying one with Tesla backing if you can afford so. I'd be way more concerned about the accident history of the car than anything.

jman | 07. Juni 2016

if the autopilot is not important to you get an 85 prob 2013 with miles or 2014 with less miles, don't worry about the features. The car is amazing with NO features. If you can wait, wait about a year and there will be more autopilot vehicles out on the market.
It is my dream car and took me 2 years to convince my wife of getting it. I think she is pretty happy about it.
Sunroof is great if you like sunroofs, but definitely can go without it, the only upgrade I would look for would be next gen seats. Our 2015 70D is great with them. If you live in a climate with snow, look for the D version, if not regular 85 will do you very well !!! Enjoy shopping and the process, once you get it just enjoy the drives !!

Reddy kW | 07. Juni 2016

I was told by someone I respect years ago that you "may" regret spending a little too much, but not for long. But you will always regret if you don't spend quite enough forever. In other words, get the most car you can possibly handle financially even if you have to stretch it because you are absolutely going to love the car, guaranteed. If you try and shortchange yourself now, you will hate yourself for years to come.

chaitu9916dummy | 08. Juni 2016

Thanks guys , for now will go for 2013, 2014 85kwh models without the autopilot , i see lot of them 50-60k range. TESLA TESLA TESLA!

krissu | 08. Juni 2016

I would recommend even new S70 with just next gen seats, the rest is nice to have, but thats it. You can later add range, autopilot. You will get facelift, tax credit etc.