16 legs in a tesla X from Florida to Quebec

16 legs in a tesla X from Florida to Quebec

Just got back from a 4000 miles trip from Florida to Quebec with 4 kids, my wife and her quide dog. Stopped in DC for 2 days to see the wonderful musium, walker around the Liberty statue to break the trip on the way up. Came back through Niagara Falls, Ruby's falls, and a big sink hole in Gainsville.

Charged 13 times on the way up and ? On the way back with no problems. Had to adjust my spread a few times and ignore the car asking me to turn around at a few times... Closest call was with 15 miles range left... My wife was a bit worried... At one of the station 2 cop cars stopped to see what type of car it was:) no ticket.

The cars seems to assume you have an ez pass so you have to be carefull when following the GPS. (we have sun-pass in Florida and they are not all compatible:( just got a bill in the mail...

While I was in Quebec there was an update that changed how the car react around semi probably in reaction to the accident what was just reported. I have to admit I do not like that update, it makes the car unpredictable around big truck. One time the autopilot did a lane change between two trucks I really wasn't expecting it. The car also some times slows down while passing them, could be a problem if someone is following you closely and very annoying.

Overall loved the trip, auto pilot makes a world of a difference. Not as stressful, more relax you just have to be aware of your suranding and be ready to take controls.

Triggerplz | 01. Juli 2016

Charged 13 times on the way there WOW y'all were rolling. About the cops I've had my MX for 5 weeks and have been pulled over 3 times by the cops driving behind me and once by 2 cops walking the beat on a crowded street with bumper to bumper traffic none of the times have they ever asked for a drivers license, registration, insurance card or nothing..

staly23o | 06. Juli 2016

I am interested to know what highest consistent speed and the range that give you before reaching super chargers.

Bw476 | 06. Juli 2016

2-3 times I had to adjust my speed or follow a truck to extend my range, with 4 kids we often let them play outside so the car ended up charging more than required => could drive faster or reduced the next stop...
I find that at 70 mph I get the indicated range.

Gayatrikr | 06. Juli 2016

Nice !!

Triggerplz | 06. Juli 2016

I'll be taking my MX along with these 3 legs ;-) back to the SC to get that crackling noise out of my rear speaker and the chrome under my widow on the FWD replaced

lilbean | 06. Juli 2016

Ha! How far are you from the SC?

Triggerplz | 06. Juli 2016

It only 35 miles but in one stretch there's always traffic.. they suppose to open a new one within 15 miles