19" Cyclone Wheel Winter Package

19" Cyclone Wheel Winter Package

Just saw that the price of the 19" cyclone wheel and winter tire package was reduced from $4500 to $2800 in the Tesla shop. I'm thinking I might buy these soon, because it sounds like a good deal. The 4 tires are worth about $1200, so that would mean getting the 4 OEM wheels installed for $1600 basically. The only concern that comes to mind is how the X will drive on 19" wheels and how the range might be affected, because I think these wheels may be too small for the X and better suited for the S. Thoughts?

hami05 | 27. August 2016

http://m.imgurDOTcom/dPemNHZ Heres the only picture I could find of them on an X btw

elguapo | 27. August 2016

Shouldn't affect range at all. If anything, it could go up slightly. Just need to make sure Tesla adjust car to know what size tires are on it. 20" slipstream isn't much more. I like that look more.

hami05 | 27. August 2016

@elguapo my car already has the slipstreams on it. I just want the Cyclones because I'd be able to use them in place of my 20" ones, and I want to protect my slipstreams from our unpredictable 4 month long winters. I was looking at them before as well, but now that they've gotten a $1700 price cut, I'm really tempted to pull the trigger. I like the look of the slipstreams a bit more as well, but I think the cyclone wheels will look nice on my white X. To me, they look a lot like the turbine wheels, except they're just not as symmetrical.

elguapo | 28. August 2016

@hami05 Got it. I have the 20" slipstreams too and a P90D, so I will need winter tires and rims. To be honest, I don't trust Tesla to change the tires and then reflect the 19" change in the car's computer system, so that's why I am staying with the 20"s. That's literally the only reason. Kind of sad.

elguapo | 28. August 2016

Also, I didn't realize they cut the price. That's a good deal.

bhoskins | 28. August 2016

@elguapo. They should be about the same outside diameter thereby not affecting the speedometer accuracy. The rims are 1" smaller, but the sidewalk is a bit higher profile to compensate.

elguapo | 28. August 2016

@bhoskins Right. I believe the tires are all same diameter, but someone mentioned on a thread months ago that the car needs to know the rim size. Confused me as I am not a tire expert.

The more I write, the more i think I will try the 19" for winter.

hami05 | 28. August 2016

@elguapo I think I'll order them on Tuesday from my SvC when I finally pick up my X, before they raise the price again or something. I mean they do come with 4 new TPMS in the set, and if Tesla is assembling and installing them, I trust them to do the job correctly. It's up to you, but I think these would be great for you as well, especially on your P90D, because they could give it an arguably more sporty look in the winter than the slipstreams. When these things are moving, they look exactly like the turbine wheels, as they also have the 10 'turbine spokes', with different spacing. It really is a great deal. If you insist on 20" wheels though, then just buy some nice winter tires for your slipstreams or there is the(previously $5500) $5300 helix wheel and winter tire set.

elguapo | 28. August 2016

@hami05 Agreed. The helix wheels are, in my opinion, grossly overpriced. I don't even like the way they look. I think I will end up getting the 19". Just don't know when.

elguapo | 28. August 2016

I don't think they'll raise the price again, but who knows with Tesla. I have several months before they go on since I am in mid Atlantic.

hami05 | 28. August 2016

@elguapo Sounds good. I'm in Ohio and we normally don't get snow til late November, so I might hold off until next month to order then. If the price stays, it's a sign that these cyclone wheels are the right choice. If it rises again, then it's a sign that we should probably just throw some winter tires on the slipstreams instead lol. Actually the bigger concern I have right now is that the cyclone wheel package may become discontinued altogether, but I'll see if I can get some info from the folks at my SvC on Tuesday.

eric.zucker | 29. August 2016

FWIW, the car isn't certified for towing with 19"s. I'm getting 20"s with winter tires.

hami05 | 29. August 2016

@eric.zucker thanks for the tip, but I've never towed anything in my life lol. I'm sure you probably will have saved someone who does tow though. Which 20" wheels did you get by the way? Slipstream or helix?

eric.zucker | 29. August 2016

I'll find out Wednesday :-)

eric.zucker | 29. August 2016

I spoke with my DS, my winter wheels are 20" helix, with Pirelli Scorpion winter tires.

hami05 | 29. August 2016

Ah yeah the 19" cyclone wheels are better for people who don't tow I would think. All those packages come with Pirelli scorpions. Any reason why you took helix over slipstream? Imho slipstream look cooler and are a lot cheaper.

eric.zucker | 29. August 2016

My Service Center only had helix in stock in size 20". I'll leave them in aluminum color, summer slipstreams will be matte black.
My car is deep blue metallic, carbon fiber decor, 6 seater, tan seats, white headliner, subzero, premium interior and sound, towing.

eddiemoy | 29. August 2016

anyone notice that tesla is putting all season tires on all their wheels now? also when i bought the model x the configuration page said nothing about the reduction of 10-15% in range. i'm thinking of asking sales to give me the standard wheels and a refund back. their omission of the facts led me to buy the bigger wheels. 10-15% is a huge difference and I think with the summer performance tires i'm getting even more reduction in range.

wonder if that is why tesla stopped shipping the model x with anything other than all seasons.

eddiemoy | 29. August 2016

also notice they increased the price on the 22" option from $4500 to $5500. nuts so that you can lose all that range.

hami05 | 29. August 2016

@eddiemoy as far as I know, Tesla has always been shipping the 20" wheel X's with Continental CrossContact LX Sport All Season tires. It's only the 22" wheels that have come with summer tires and they still do. In the design studio, it has always mentioned that the 22" wheels exchange some range for increased performance/handling, but only recently they added percentages. The 10-15% hit includes the summer tire hit I believe.

dbh | 29. August 2016

@hami05 My 20" wheels on P90D came with summer Michelin Latitude Sport 3s. I was told that P90D has only ever been configurable with summer tires even on 20" wheels.

eric.zucker | 29. August 2016

I'm getting proper Summer tires standard, supposedly. Comes with all P model X..!

hami05 | 29. August 2016

@dbh interesting so that must be part of the performance package I guess. I feel like the expenses continue to add up with these upgrades lol. If you get the most expensive model, the performance for a 30kish upgrade, or the $5500 wheels, they throw on the summer tires which you have to replace more often which adds up even more. On top of that, with the $5500 wheels, your range effectively goes down to 200 mi for a 90% charge. That's just crazy to me haha

eddiemoy | 29. August 2016

@hami05, when did you order yours? even as far back as march 2016, nothing regarding reduction in range. it came much later...

look at the current configuration page, even the P100D is coming with all seasons now!!

eddiemoy | 29. August 2016

here is a video from tesla motor club end of april 2016 still nothing about reduction in range

hami05 | 29. August 2016

@eddiemoy well I ordered mine in June, so it may have come a bit later than March then. I did go with the 20" wheels and I just have a 75D, so obviously I wasn't going to get summer tires anyways. That's kind of strange though how they are just now putting all seasons on the Performance models. Maybe they were getting complaints about the summer tires.

eddiemoy | 29. August 2016

yeh, i'm complaining and i didn't get the proper info when i ordered. borders on false advertising.i hope they make it right by swapping mine out and giving me a refund. the range i have is unacceptable with the performance tires. the range penalty i have is closer to 30%!!!

eric.zucker | 30. August 2016

@hami05: I disagree. Having two sets of wheels winter/summer spreads out the annual mileage on each of them, and your tires last longer. All seasons are a poor compromise both in summer and winter - the only thing that connects you to the ground is the rubber in your tires.

Depending where you live, all seasons might be acceptable, but where I am, summer is easily 30 to 35C, and winter can occasionally get as low as -20C. Snow and ice on the roads is standard behavior, I have a stock of salt (calcium chloride), a snow blower, chains for all cars, the works.

I live on a private road which is plowed at our cost, but they do it last after they are done with the public streets. If I want to get to work at all - I need proper winter gear.

I'm certainly not taking chances and risking damage to bystanders, property, and a $180k car, to save a few bucks on a set of wheels.

hami05 | 30. August 2016

@eric.zucker Well yes, I totally agree that for different circumstances, such as yours, it may be best to alternate between summer and winter tires. Sorry for the misunderstanding. For me, I live in a place where we get 10-15 cm of snow in the winter sometimes, so I too will definitely be getting winter tires, but not sure about the wheels anymore, because as you pointed out, the wheels don't really matter as much. Our summers though are much milder and usually there are only about 2 weeks where the weather reaches 32-35 C and the rest of the year tends to stay between 10-25 C, so All Season tires are very popular in my area. I was just thinking that eddiemoy might have similar circumstances as me and that for him, All Season tires would be preferable to summer tires as well.

rolnitzky | 20. September 2016

I must say, I was also duped into upgrading(?) to the 22", not knowing that there's such a steep penalty.
Now looking for winter tire/wheels. At I can get a package with the same SCORPION WINTER tires for under $2000, why should I get it from a Tesla service center instead for more.

SeanB.UT.US | 21. September 2016

Our P100D 20" wheels came with Michelin Latitude Sport 3 Summer tires. Our delivery guy said they were all seasons, but they are summers.

I really don't know a whole lot about tires. When it comes to snow tires, should we stick with 20's or are there compelling reasons the 19s would perform better? The 19s and 20s available at Tesla are effectively the same width.

Solarman004 | 22. September 2016

I'm leaning toward the 19s because they are a symmetrical set...all 4 wheels have the same width, diameter and offset. I like the idea of all 4 wheels being interchangable.

TDinDC | 23. September 2016

I just ordered the 19s, and I plan to get them powdercoated to match my grey 22" summer rims. I was going to buy another set of caps to match, but now I think I'll just use the summer caps for the winters, and hope that the powdercoating matches as well as I think it will.

elguapo | 25. September 2016

@rolnitzky I am confused, you can get the Scorpion tires, new rims, and TPMS sensors for under $2,000 from TireRack? I don't think you're making a side by side comparison.

19" from TM are $2,800 for tires, rims and sensors...

MyXinTx | 25. September 2016

I am a fan of comfort and quiet over looks.... so the smaller the wheel + the more rubber tire to match diameter = smoother ride and quieter, especially if Michelins... albeit less wear.

Unfortunately my X with 20's came with noisy and harder Continental ContiSports, so now I want Michelins, the only ones available for the X are available through Tesla, not even Discount Tire can access them.

Initially I wanted to change wheels, so Discount Tires test-fitted 19" wheels configured for the Model S, and they easily cleared the front brakes so that is viable...I wonder if Tesla will "bless" this install.

I will probably just get the Michelins from Tesla and store the Conti for reinstall when looking to sell the car.

About standardized vs staggered wheels, I have to assume that Tesla put out staggered for performance, wide on back for traction, thinner on front for I will probably stay staggered, even if I were to change wheels.

Thoughts on that?