Support Vehicle for First Transcontinental Electric Skateboard Ride

Support Vehicle for First Transcontinental Electric Skateboard Ride

On September 16th, I will begin a historic journey across America as I attempt to become the first person to ride an electric powered skateboard across America. The journey which is called Evolve Across America - the First Electric Skateboard Crossing of America - In Support of Board Rescue is sponsored by Evolve Skateboards, the leading manufacturer of electric skateboards.
The ride across America will serve as a means to draw attention to, and raise funds for Board Rescue, a 501(c)(3) public benefit non-profit corporation dedicated to providing skateboards and safety equipment to organizations in the United States that work with underprivileged, at-risk and special needs children.

I have pushed a conventional skateboard across America on four different occasions; 1976, 1984, 2003 and 2013. This journey will also mark the 40th anniversary of my first skateboard ride across America. I will begin this journey in Newport, Oregon and finish in Williamsburg, Virginia. Former Freestyle Skateboarding World Champion Ed Nadalin will serve as the support vehicle driver. Ed who is also a professional filmmaker, will document the entire journey. The footage will be used to produce a documentary film.

So why am I posting on the Tesla Model S Forum? I believe that a Tesla Model S would be the perfect support vehicle for the Evolve Across America ride…"electric skateboard - electric support vehicle"! We are hoping that a member of this forum might be interested in loaning us a Model S as our support vehicle. We would need the vehicle for approximately 40 days. We would of course provide insurance.

Rudi Tuisk CEO, Founder and Technical Director of EV Race Systems will provide set-up support of the vehicle and assist with, and advice on technical support. If Rudi’s name sounds familiar, you may have read about his involvement with the Tesla Sweep of the 2010 Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally ( and setting the 2016 Pikes Peak Electric Vehicle Record (

If you or someone you know would be interested in providing a support vehicle, my contact information is below. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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Evolve Skateboards, Dockers, Pro-Tec Helmets

For more information contact:
Jack Smith 805-610-3565

instash28 | 10. Mai 2018

great thread

SamO | 10. Mai 2018


tes-s | 10. Mai 2018

Email sent.

tes-s | 10. Mai 2018

Email sent.

Pleasanton_Ca | 12. Mai 2018

Can we get an update on this thread ? ...

tes-s | 12. Mai 2018

Thanks for the email, and offer. I actually attempted the ride in September 2016, started in Eugene, Oregon and stopped in Mountain Home, Idaho (460 miles), due to a couple of close encounters with vehicles. Here’s a link to my Facebook journal about the attempt.

My wife is retiring in June and I will be restarting the attempt in Idaho in mid-August. We are currently working on the details of the this attempt. I will let you know more as we progress with the planning.

All the best,

mrporter6 | 13. Mai 2018

I am driving across the USA in late sept and would be interested in helping. Call 360-301-0341;to discuss options


Thereves9172 | 22. April 2019

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