Title says it all

AlMc | 14. April 2017

@ace: New technical support AFAIK is $280. Unless there is some very negative news I doubt it dips below that level in the time frame you are describing. Macros probably will affect the SP in the short run and especially the geopolitical ones are difficult to predict.

Many are watching the yield curves for evidence that economic macros may cause a dip. The theory goes as the yield curve flattens the chance of a dip increases dramatically.

The good news is that EM seems to be taking to tweeting when the price breaks under $300. deliberate or just coincidence?

222 | 14. April 2017

He used to tweet a lot each time it dipped below $200.
He's set his new target tweet price.

sentabo | 14. April 2017

I hope he does a lot of tweeting in the future, when it dips below, 400, 500, .......

222 | 14. April 2017

LOL. Agreed.

carlk | 14. April 2017

He did give us a hint when he tweeted "stormy weather in shortsvile". He's probably more confident about Tesla than anyone else of course but it's also because he knew there are good things coming. The same happened when he warmed of "tsunami of hurt" a few years back.

SamO | 14. April 2017

VW is offering a clear timeline with the first stations going into operation for the ‘nationwide 150 kW+ fast charging network’ of 0-50 stations by Q4 2018.

Tesla's lead isn't getting any shorter.

Mike83 | 14. April 2017

Lots of good news with a semi, convertible roadster, PU, panels, roofs, Powerpacks, PowerWall 2 and whatever else is cooking. I believe it was said, Its not a good idea to short Tesla. Lots of hiring also.
Congrats to all at Tesla.

Mike83 | 17. April 2017

The last Short Interest number I see is 31.4 million shares needed to be purchased. It is no surprise to see more FUD.
TA looks very good.

Mike83 | 19. April 2017

Some good news on the settlement of former employee. Looks like they agreed to cooperate leaving old contract in tact instead of dragging it out.

acegreat1 | 20. April 2017

Sounds good.

carlk | 20. April 2017

The most important part is Tesla will have rights to exam his work to make sure no proprietary info he gained from Tesla is used for his new employer. That's pretty much all this kind of lawsuits are about.

Mike83 | 20. April 2017

carik. it is a strong positive for Tesla.
Here is story that dipped the stock. Wish I had had a buy price benchmark in. Obviously exaggerated to generate stock trades.

sentabo | 20. April 2017

It is amazing how one recall causes the stock to drop over 1% (it was up before the news and ended down about 1% for the day). Almost every automobile has a recall now and then (or so it seems); not sure why there should be such a reaction.

Oh well, a minor bump in the road in the overall scheme.

barrykmd | 20. April 2017

NOt really. Bubbles are fragile.

carlk | 20. April 2017


Do you still own TSLA? Just curious.

barrykmd | 21. April 2017

Currently out. Waiting for the Model 3 missed intro deadline, and associated drop, to jump back in.

Mike83 | 21. April 2017

sentabo. The shorts and market makers are in a bad position and will use anything to try to knock the price down but if you notice the volumes are pretty small. The short interest will be released 4/26 and I like to see if they start buying back the sold shares. Will get interesting as more FUD is observed.

Captain_Zap | 21. April 2017


The late start and early delays of the Model S didn't impact the stock much. Tesla caught up quickly. The ultimate delivery numbers count announcement sent the stock through the roof in early 2013 during the Detroit Auto Show. I'll never forget that day. :-D

I'm betting that Tesla learned its lesson and it is keeping the Model 3 simple for manufacturing and delivery expectation reasons. They have a choice of suppliers now, but that wasn't the case with the unproven Model S or the Model X's unusual parts. Suppliers can now count on some larger numbers and ongoing demand. They are more eager to please. There are back up suppliers too, from what I have gathered.

barrykmd | 21. April 2017

Captain_Zap - I certainly could be wrong, but there's a lot more hype and expectation for the M3 with 400K deposits and the fact that the M3 is supposed to morph Tesla into a volume auto manufacturer. If so, I missed an opportunity. I'll survive :-)

carlk | 21. April 2017

Everything for the near future is priced in at current price. No one knows better than the market knows now

Mike83 | 26. April 2017

Short Interest as of 4/13 increased to 31.6 million Shares. Nice.

acegreat1 | 26. April 2017

Yeah buddy

AlMc | 26. April 2017

@barrykmd: There is a very interesting discussion going on over in the TMC investor section about a distinct possibility that Q1ER will show 'profit'. If so, there may be some added Institutional forced buying as it is possible that Tesla may be added to the S&P500 later in the year. Any fund that is obligated to have included all stocks in the S&P500 will be forced to add TSLA. These funds are 'buy and hold'. It will reduce the shares available and may trigger the short squeeze many have been waiting for/predicted.
The market will realize this probability IF Q1 is profitable.and these funds *may start accumulating shares to try to avoid having to buy them when others are also bidding up the price.

What makes Q1 potentially profitable? Delivering 25,000 vehicles and the feeding in of the NICs from SCTY.

SamO | 26. April 2017

Clown car is loading up again. Fossil fuel sycophants and coal fondlers.

SbMD | 26. April 2017

@AlMc - I don't see how anyone over at TMC could claim that Tesla may get added to the S&P 500 later this year, since Tesla won't meet the qualifications for being added. Notably, they won't have had the chance to have 4 straight profitable quarters by the end of the year.

AlMc | 26. April 2017

@SbMD: The rules for acceptance into the S&P 500 are that you have to have a year ( 4 consecutive quarters) that ADD up to giving a profit AND the last quarter has to be profitable. So, even if you have one or two quarters that are NOT profitable, if the other two are and offset the loss then you are still eligible for inclusion. Q3 2016 profitable, Q4 2016 a loss, if Q1 and Q2 2017 are profitable and can offset the Q3 2016 loss thenTSLA can be added to the S&P 500. :)

AlMc | 26. April 2017

@sbMD: Quoted from the S&P indices guide:

Financial Viability. The sum of the most recent four consecutive quarters’ Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) earnings (net income excluding discontinued operations) should be positive as should the most recent quarter. For equity real estate investment trusts (REITs), financial viability is based on GAAP earnings and/or Funds From Operations (FFO), if reported. FFO is a measure commonly used in equity REIT analysis.

barrykmd | 26. April 2017

AlMc - Interesting, in any case.

SbMD | 26. April 2017

@AlMc - thanks for the response and for bringing up the indices guide; it has changed since I had last looked at the criteria.

It would be great if they could meet that criteria of profitability in particular, as that feat would be a greater lift to the stock than being added to the S&P 500. Therefore, it would follow that there will likely be a significant short squeeze well before any announcement might be made about being added to an index fund. This would also be in accord with the decades-old debate of whether or not being added to an index leads to a stock move, or is it the financial performance which substantiates the stock's movement.

Nevertheless, I'd be surprised if they didn't push the envelope and pull an "Amazon": invest heavily in the business for a longer period of time, and not care about incurring a loss. They are just getting started.

carlk | 27. April 2017


"Nevertheless, I'd be surprised if they didn't push the envelope and pull an "Amazon": invest heavily in the business for a longer period of time, and not care about incurring a loss. They are just getting started."

No doubt that's what they are doing. It may not please those valuation guys but Tesla really does not need them. Tesla only needs to convince enough investors it can put money into better use than to hord cash or pay them back in dividents. Amazon and Netflix have convinced their investors of that and Tesla so far is doing a pretty good job there too.

AlMc | 27. April 2017

Neither Amazon or Netflix have ZEV credits or NICs from their acquisition of Solar City to offset Opex.

This could get very interesting and I am sure is source for debate in Fremont.

Even some shorts are reducing positions with *profit* in Q1 2017 being very possible.

This profit is NOT guaranteed but EM's 'stormy weather in shortville' could be seen as him being on board with this sentiment.

AlMc | 27. April 2017

Speigel reducing short position and Spanos accepting Q1 probable probability:

Mark B. Spiegel‏ @markbspiegel 14h14 hours ago
Mark B. Spiegel Retweeted Mark B. Spiegel
I've lightened my $TSLA short ahead of the report just in case there's a giant spike on manipulated "profits." I plan to upsize right after.Mark B. Spiegel added,
Mark B. Spiegel @markbspiegel
Here's the correct link for something you should be aware of in next week's $TSLA earnings report- be careful:
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SamO | 27. April 2017


Mark B. Spiegel‏ @markbspiegel
There are MULTIPLE non- $TSLA storage projects already in place around the world of that size. Then read this& STFU: (link:…
Tesla Model S60‏ @TeslaMS60
Replying to @markbspiegel
What is the sum total nameplate capacity of those 90 energy storage companies? I'll start. #Gigafactory 1 100GWh #NightmareInShortsVille
Tesla Model S60‏ @TeslaMS60
Replying to @markbspiegel
Sad that Mark didn't even read the link that falsified his entire investment thesis.

carlk | 27. April 2017

A little bit of inside info of battery production in China. I recently met a past coworker who has been working in a Japanese invested battery plant in south China for the past few years. The plant was mainly making mobile device batteries but we did talked about auto battery when he learned I own Tesla cars. He said Chinese government is heavily promoting EV and battery production now but China's battery technology is still behind. So the government is setting up a high goal of energy density companies have to meet to get subsidies. He said those companies are of course are all jumping in trying to meet the goal fast but he said the way Chinese companies do things he's all but certain they will have problem in other areas. The Samsung fiasco is an example but he claims batteries from his plant never had problems.

carlk | 27. April 2017

A piece of timely news about Tesla and China.

Elon got a rare one on one meeting with China's top economic official. China likely realized it will be hard to achieve its EV initiative without Tesla's participation. This got to be good for Tesla too.

acegreat1 | 27. April 2017

@Carlk you know it's going to be big....soon

barrykmd | 27. April 2017

Until China takes it apart and creates a cheap knock-off.

carlk | 27. April 2017

Not that they are not doing it already. Although if you take a look at what they have achieved you can certainly understand why Chinese officials are interested in working with Tesla.

acegreat1 It will be huge imo. China could really become Tesla's largest market as Elon initially predicted.

carlk | 27. April 2017

Sorry forgot to add "soon".

AlMc | 27. April 2017

EM has been suggesting China is the most important market for EVs (Teslas) outside of our domestic market for 3+ years now. Let us hope that an agreement has been reached.

revrev4ruach | 02. Mai 2017

Tesla is most painful stock for short sellers in 2017

SamO | 02. Mai 2017

Short bets against Tesla have grown to $10.1 billion from $8.7 billion at the start of April, and during that time short sellers have racked up paper losses of $1.4 billion, according to S3 Partners, a financial analytics firm. Tesla's stock has climbed 15 percent in the same period and has surged 50 percent so far in 2017.

"You have your momentum guys riding this stock up and making a fantastic return, and the fundamental guys holding onto their shorts and building them and saying 'this can't continue' and waiting for the shoe to drop," said Ihor Dusaniwsky, S3 Partners' head of research.

Overall this year, short sellers betting against Tesla have lost $3.7 billion, far more than has been lost shorting any other U.S. stock, according to S3.

The next three most painful stocks for short sellers this year have been Apple, and Netflix. Short sellers have lost $1.5 billion betting against Apple, $1.1 billion betting against and $776 million on Netflix, Dusaniwsky said.

carlk | 02. Mai 2017

Apple, Amazon and Netflix have been favorites for short sellers since before the 2000 dotcom bubble. They always say valuation does not justify the stock price and the bubble will soon burst. But those stock went through the 2000 dotcom as well as 2008 financial crises they not only did not burst but grew even stronger. Those shorts did not believe when people told them these are companies that growth is more important than current profit and they learned their hard lessons. Today's shorts need to learn from their predecessors or they will learn the lesson the hard way.

Ross1 | 03. Mai 2017

$327.66 high for the day

SamO | 03. Mai 2017

If you are a Tesla shareholder of more than $10,000 you will get access to the SpaceX IPO per this article:

Captain_Zap | 03. Mai 2017


I don't believe the rumor.

carlk | 03. Mai 2017

Elon said he did not want a SpaceX IPO. The way things look now he does not need one either.

SamO | 03. Mai 2017


Yea. Very very much . . . wish fulfillment. Too early in the morning, and I was too credulous. :-)

AlMc | 03. Mai 2017

@sBMD: Well, after this ER/CC you may get your wish to get back into TSLA sub $300. Happy for you but I would like to have seen. better ER/CC. :(