iPad holder for seat back?

iPad holder for seat back?

Has anyone tried strapping an iPad to the back of either the driver or passenger seat for rear passenger (children mainly) viewing on long trips?

Any recommendations on a product or home solution out there?


Pryoritiesinc | 05. Oktober 2016

We just bought 2 portable did players and always carry iPads for them. It's amazing we were raised without technology, how did our parents do it??? :)

Pryoritiesinc | 05. Oktober 2016

DVD players, not did players

KurtsX | 07. Oktober 2016

That is so true.....I walked thru the market the other day and saw a toddler in a stroller, could not have been more that a year old, and hes got an IPad in front of him to keep him busy......But then again, I was even more surprised to see an actual child in the stroller and not a dog, which is much more common in my area. Im going to watch to see if I can find a dog in a stroller with an IPad!

(actually I considered getting a picture of my dog behind the wheel of my X, with auto pilot on......I actually hear dog drivers are much safer than humans!)

LimawanS85 | 07. Oktober 2016

Someone posted on Model X FB page a while back that they were able to fit an ipad holder on both driver and passenger seat

eddiemoy | 07. Oktober 2016
mathwhiz | 07. Oktober 2016


dangolfy777 | 16. Februar 2020

Hello everyone. I think that it's a great idea to pun an iPad for the kids, so they won't get bored and tiring in the long trips. I have actually tried it once, when we were moving to another city with my family. It was a very long trip (870 km) and I decided to hire an iPad from for the kids. It was not difficult at all to put in on the seat. The children were very happy, and it was a very comfortable trip for them. So, it's a very good idea, give it a try!

Marty M | 20. Februar 2020

Best method i've found was one that looks kind of like an apron. you click the strap around your headrest, and the apron sits on the back of the seat with an iPad mount. it's not super pretty but its safe and nothing will fall off and hit your kids legs. You can get them from baby shops, they have other compartments too which is handy.