3 miles left in battery

3 miles left in battery

Has anyone run out of juice...what's happen next?

lilbean | 26. Oktober 2016

There's a video on YouTube of a guy looking for the supercharger with zero miles left. He made it.

wang5150 | 26. Oktober 2016

Your auto insurance may provide free towing up to a certain mileage radius. You can have it towed to the nearest supercharger or use plug-share to see the nearest charging station if you run out of juice.

If you use the Tesla nav app to set your waypoints, it will suggest superchargers destinations along the way. Or you can plan your trip ahead of time by using site (

I've done many long road-trips now and I don't even worry about running out of juice (and I have a 75D). These road trips have been even more enjoyable and relaxing with the aid of auto-pilot features and superchargers along the way.

Maybe this was already said somewhere else, but Tesla will suggest superchargers along a long road-trip to maximize range and minimize charge time. For example, it would skip a supercharger in the middle of a waypoint if you can arrive at the next charging station at around 10% to 20% charge. Then, the supercharger will get you to 80% charged in about 20 minutes to get you to the next charging station. Normally, this is plenty of time for me to stretch, get another iced-tea or check out other Teslas in the charging station.

Hope this helps!

MXBlack | 26. Oktober 2016

Interestingly enough, I once met a Model S owner at a Supercharger who told me that he was actually able to drove an extra 20 miles after his battery indicator hit 0. It doesn't mean that anyone should do that but it's good to know there is a bit of reserved for emergency situation to get to the nearest charger.

lilbean | 26. Oktober 2016


mathwhiz | 26. Oktober 2016

Yes, it *once was* that you could depend on some residual miles of range left upon reaching zero, assuming moderate temperatures (approx 10-18 miles pre-v7.0, if I remember right). I recall the youtube video @lilbean mentioned, as a zero indicated battery approach to Hayes, KS at night. But, how the battery indicates at and beyond zero has long since been changed, and a dependable margin of below zero energy is pretty much no longer. Bjorn Nyland famously found this out in one of his videos, where he and a helpful passerby had to push his Model S to a nearby Level-2 charger when he ran out of energy at zero... So, it's best to consider zero, as actually zero...

mathwhiz | 26. Oktober 2016

Here are links to Josh Heffner's zero energy approach to Hayes, KS:

...and Bjorn Nyland's episode on, "...running out of juice":

jwh8000 | 26. Oktober 2016

I just completed a trip from Mi to Fl and ran into a problem in Knoxville Tn. I charged the required time at the Ky SC and was scheduled to charge at Knoxville. When I got close to the charger it popped up on my screen as temperately down do to a local power outage. I had to scramble for a plug share and sit for two and a half hours to add 50 miles so I could get to Chattanooga and charge at their SC. Had I known the Knoxville charger was down I could have added those miles at the Ky location in a few min and made it all the way to Chattanooga.

Tesla roadside assistance was helpful in me getting to a plug share, but it was quite an experience, one I hope not to repeat. It makes a good reason to purchase a Chadmo connector so at least you could get a quicker charge.

rossRallen | 26. Oktober 2016

Because of the inaccuracy of Trip Planner and its remaining SOC estimation upon arrival, I never leave a SC for the next one with less than 20% remaining at arrival. I've found that Trip Planner's optimism quickly turns into 10% or less upon arrival at destination. Don't brick your battery. Leave a reserve.

lilbean | 26. Oktober 2016

It's not fun to get the dreaded message that tells you to slow to 55 mph to reach your destination. That happens when I charge as suggested.

mathwhiz | 26. Oktober 2016

+1 @ross Rallen ... And always plan for an alternate.

Silver2K | 26. Oktober 2016

the extra mileage has been corrected by a software update on the Model S, it may also apply to the X. I think it's a mile or 2 at the most now

poloX | 26. Oktober 2016

battery could be damaged permanently. So don't let it drops to 0.