Model 3 from the Powerwall Event 10/28/2016

Model 3 from the Powerwall Event 10/28/2016

bj | 28. Oktober 2016

Ooooh... it does look nice, doesn't it. I like it in silver.

akgolf | 28. Oktober 2016


Calibrotha2000 | 29. Oktober 2016

Man that last picture...drool

tykayn | 29. Oktober 2016

Gosh, there is a mini tesla XD | 29. Oktober 2016

Looks more like a mini-S
@Evino strikes again! How about finding some mules?

KP in NPT | 29. Oktober 2016

Is it me, or does that silver look different than silver on the MS? It almost looks like a wrap. If that is paint and it has that depth, I might actually consider it.

Ehninger1212 | 29. Oktober 2016

Looks bigger next to the model X than I thought. Really puts into perspective the size.

jamilworm | 29. Oktober 2016

Whenever I see an X in real life I am always surprised at how small it is.

Calibrotha2000 | 29. Oktober 2016

I've heard that that silver is custom that's why we don't see it on the S or X So it appears all the paint jobs that we've seen on the model 3's are all customer paint jobs so fingers crossed they are available on production

d.r.coursol | 30. Oktober 2016

I've had two silver cars and wasn't looking to get silver again.... But if they are offering this silver I'm sold. Thanks for loading these pictures.... I fell like I've been starving for M3 info and updates. This should tie me over for a while.

EVino | 30. Oktober 2016

As the sun was going down

Calibrotha2000 | 31. Oktober 2016

Omg @ the last pic as the sun went down....I think I'm moist

ccsccs7 | 31. Oktober 2016

That looks a bit *too* sporty…

Red Sage ca us | 31. Oktober 2016

Truly impressive.

alphacompton | 01. November 2016

Damm that looks good. I was seriously considering Red and I didn't think any color could make me change my mind but after seeing the Silver in a few shots after the unveiling, I'm getting swayed. This would look good in my driveway.

RMV Tessa | 02. November 2016

Brilliant! The power roof, power wall and of course the electric car...

tedirelan | 03. November 2016

Wouldn't have been funny if a guy came out of one of the houses they were using and starting pitching a fit about all the people gathered around? LOL

Mike83 | 03. November 2016

Very well done. Awesome. Can't wait to get our M3. We want to build a new home using Tesla. It is great to have a company that takes care of its customers; so rare in today's gorilla marketing disease.

PhillyGal | 03. November 2016

Thanks for sharing!

I personally have a strong distaste for silver cars but the matte gray/silver looking prototype at the unveiling event was drool worthy for sure.