Quiet car law for 2019

Quiet car law for 2019

Did anyone else see the news about the law that is being implemented in 2019? All quiet/electric cars will be requeied to emit a noise when traveling over 19 mph that makes it clear to pedestrians that a car is approaching.

Do we know if new orders have this hardware? And will older cars be able to retrofit easily? I talked to my guy at tesla and he said he doesn't think the hardware is in the cars right now, but he wasn't sure.

Redmiata98 | 15. November 2016

The ruling requires that newly manaufactured vehicles have the sound generator. I did not see any requirement for retrofits.

vperl | 15. November 2016

2020 law in U.S.

Old news

vperl | 15. November 2016
tommyalexandersb | 15. November 2016

Oh sweet, so it won't be required on any cars produced before 2019?

lilbean | 15. November 2016

Cool. I didn't think of that. I thought our cars would have add the feature.

vperl | 15. November 2016

Nope 2020 production cars only, "THUNDERSTRUCK"

My choice

Solarman004 | 15. November 2016

"All quiet/electric cars will be requeied to emit a noise when traveling over 19 mph that makes it clear to pedestrians that a car is approaching."
It's actually when operating less than 19 mph. All Nissan Leafs have had this since their introduction. From inside my Leaf, I can't hear it, but it's noticeable enough from the outside for the visually impaired to detect the car at crosswalks.
It's a worthwhile feature.

lhanspal | 15. November 2016

Yep - this one is a candidate for AP3.0 ... and hopefully Tesla realizes that they have to figure out retrofit options.. or they will have a bunch of disappointed owners by promising "Full Self Driving Hardware on all cars"

vperl | 15. November 2016

This law is not retroactive, the first cars by this law are 2020 vehicles. About three years and a month or so..

Do not include other stuff...... Not needed ..

lhanspal | 15. November 2016

Oh ok - didn't realize that...

However, broader point remains - the self driving market will create new requirements which will require retrofits...

tommyalexandersb | 15. November 2016

Was wondering about that myself^. For example, what if all autonomous driving are required to have extra lights that are green or something, and required to be on when autopilot is engaged. Then what does tesla do? Refund that $8000?

francoisbitz | 16. November 2016

I seem to remember that the Fisker was able to make various sounds when in electric mode. I recall the salesman
telling me that is was for "future proofing".....(too bad they could not predict their demise)

rossRallen | 16. November 2016

I have a pair of diagonal side cutters to take care of any noise-generating hardware. Moronic legislation solving a non-problem. Bigger problem: people walking into traffic staring at their phones. Darwin would not be pleased.

lhanspal | 17. November 2016

Dont think this is a case of "moronic legislation" ... Nissan Leaf has this feature - and it makes a huge difference, when you are in a parking lot - and dont realize an electric car, like Tesla, approaching...

BTW - this is specific to electric cars after 2020 - right? What's the rule on electric self driving cars? Don't want to be in a 'dance' with a driverless car in a parking lot... :-)

earlyretirement | 17. November 2016

All you have to do in the Model S or X is simply turn on the AC and it's quite loud. No retrofit needed. I'm still surprised how loud the car is with AC on.

lhanspal | 17. November 2016

True - if the temperature delta is high ... e.g. Outside temp at 90 ... and inside set to 70 ... sure the AC is loud enough...

However, when it's 60 outside ... the Tesla can be eerily quiet. Didn't realize this till my wife swung by to pick me up in the evening. And it was late evening... so, the noise feature is definitely something that Tesla could use...

Vawlkus | 18. November 2016

90% of the time you hear a car's wheel/tire noise before you hear the engine unless it's a 5.0L like my old Mustang.

This is a nonsense nanny law IMHO.

KurtsX | 18. November 2016

In days gone by, Id put playing cards on the wheels of my bike using an old wooden cloths pin.....boy did I get a great sound as I zoomed around the block. Now if I can just figure out how to attach that playing card to my fender, Ill bet it solves this problem!! ;-)

lhanspal | 18. November 2016

Maybe a whoopie cushion with duct tape could do the trick... :-) ... that will teach those aimless shoppers walking about in a parking lot !! ...

Kutu | 19. November 2016

Wow! Regulars have time for a rule which will likely be no help and don't address rear view cameras, instead of mirrors, that would almost surely help prevent accidents - and improve fuel efficiency.

Remnant | 19. November 2016

@Kutu (November 19, 2016)

<< Wow! Regulars have time for a rule which will likely be no help and don't address rear view cameras, instead of mirrors, that would almost surely help prevent accidents - and improve fuel efficiency. >>

Japan has already approved the use of cameras as replacement of all rearview mirrors, as of 06/17/16.

Our NHTSA, in an incredible exercise of bureaucratic stupidity, has made cameras mandatory even as it maintained the requirement for rearview mirrors, despite demands from Tesla, other automobile manufacturers, and scores of drivers that the mirror requirement be rescinded.

Go figure ... ! The two competing rearview technologies are both required at this time.

They are bound to get in each other's way, make cars more expensive, and preempt both the aerodynamic and the economic reasons for the quest for cameras, which you've just spelled out.

vperl | 20. November 2016

Who appointed these clowns ? Fire them

vperl | 20. November 2016

Who appointed these clowns ? Fire them

rossRallen | 28. November 2016

Please, Tesla, if you must implement this moronic nanny-feature in your 2019 vehicles, please place the sound generator on its own fused circuit since it is so vitally important. Wink. Wink.

Vawlkus | 29. November 2016

Yes indeed, such a system should be isolated from the rest of the car to ensure nothing else could cause a problem with it......

brando | 29. November 2016

I would think UNDER 19 mph.
Isn't tire noise heard at 20 mph? just asking.

TSammy | 30. November 2016

I vote for two small, flat speakers in the passenger side wheel wells to broadcast a steady stream of the Beatles chorus from "No. 9" ...

Vawlkus | 30. November 2016

I'm getting the scanner noise from Knight Rider

rossRallen | 30. November 2016

How about playing "La cucuracha" from four corner speakers at speeds below 20 mph? No, wait a minute, that's what the taco truck does in my neighborhood. Nevermind.

Triggerplz | 30. November 2016

At first I thought this made no sense until I realized this would help the blind Thank God we all have our sight and don't have this problem but if this will help the blind I'm for it..

jordanrichard | 02. Dezember 2016

No, this is moronic legislation.

The basis of the law is that people only get hit by EVs or hybrids in EV mode. So what is the fix for those getting hit by an ICE cars?

Triggerplz | 02. Dezember 2016

People can hear an ICE car coming have some compassion for the blind people of the world..

PedanticOne | 02. Dezember 2016

I'm not so sure. Some of these ICE vehicles are really damn quiet. Eerily so.

rossRallen | 02. Dezember 2016

I certainly have compassion for those who are blind, and others as well, but this legislation is absolutely unnecessary and moronic. It will create a sea of useless noise.

Where does it end? What about bicycles? A cyclist could easily kill a blind pedestrian. Should the government require all cyclists to clothespin a playing card on the bike frame so it strikes the spokes and sounds like a motor?

This is just like those &^$%#$%@ backup beepers on industrial equipment and trucks that you can hear a mile away.

Drivers must be aware of pedestrians - especially the overwhelming number of sighted morons who jaywalk out into traffic, without looking, staring all the time at their smartphones. Will a beeper help them? No.

Triggerplz | 02. Dezember 2016

I wish they wouldn't have this law but if it helps the blind I'm ok with it, just my feelings/ opinion, to each his/her own

rossRallen | 07. Dezember 2016

I hear you, @Trig, but I have to say that while I would never wish a handicapped person harm, I have never in 500,000 miles of driving, to my best recollection, seen a blind person attempting to cross a street except at a controlled intersection. I guess I've seen every one else I would have left a long string of accident victims.

Some wankers in government, with nothing better to do, are making a law that affects many 1000's of EV owners that solves a problem that does not exist. My response: diagonal side-cutters or a fuse puller.

It is always the responsibility of the vehicle operator to avoid injuring pedestrians, even if they are morons whose mommies never taught them to walk out unaware into traffic while doing Facebook or watching cat videos. Of course, Darwin would say that these people should be eliminated before reproductive age lest the level of intelligence in the indigenous poopulation be forced even lower than it is as demonstrated by recent events.

So, um, my bottom line: I don't want any moron-shaped dents in my Model X, so that's good enough for me to carefully scan the roadway and crosswalks as I travel at or below the speed limit through poopulated areas.

Jus' saying'.

Love to all the brothers and the sisters all over this land.

lilbean | 07. Dezember 2016

My cousin is completely blind and his sense of hearing is amazing! He uses his hearing to navigate the world. We were at Disneyland and he caught my little boy who was slipping off a railing just by hearing the direction of his shoe slipping. He had his back turned to him and suddenly turned around and caught him. It was amazing. Disneyland was packed during the holidays and I bumped into more people than he did. He also refused to use his disability to bypass the long lines. I was like, "are you sure you don't want to use that?" :-)

burdogg | 07. Dezember 2016

Great story Lilbean - I don't personally know anyone blind, but I do believe that they have the ability to fine tune their hearing way better than we can. It is what helps them survive

As far as the law - jury still out for me - I see both sides and can understand everyones argument :)

Saxman | 07. Dezember 2016

It is amazing how blind people compensate and adapt with their acute hearing.

I'm a mtn biker and have read how BLIND mtn bikers use a clicking sound while riding their bikes to navigate technical single track trails...totally amazing

burdogg | 07. Dezember 2016

That is amazing - I am so very thankful for my sight and just think how crazy it would be to be blind. I am humbled for sure when I think about them and the things they navigate and how they do it :)