To recent Model X owners

To recent Model X owners

Dear Less-Than-Six-Month Model X owner;

How is you Model X experience? Would you order one today, knowing what you know now?

We have had a lot of problems with our Sig X. You only have to read the forums. All those issues? Yeah, I've had 'em.

And yes, we still have the car; I just can't seem to bring myself to returning it even though I did Lemon Law it only to back out at the last minute after it was granted). I guess that I've invested a lot of energy waiting for it, then all the troubleshooting and SC visits. I am hoping that over time, TM will indeed take care of us.

In the mean time, we have condemned it and relegated it to my exclusive use with the understanding that no child will be transported in it.

The main problem is the Falcon Doors. I feel that they are too unreliable, slow moving, and prone to failure. In an emergency, failure just isn't an option.

Despite our recent history, I am considering finalizing my second Model X order (which I placed years ago along with the X Sig, but chose to hold off on it because of our experience with the above mentioned SigX). I feel that the Model X, if it were to be reliable and trouble free, is still the best car for our mission... Kinder Taxi.

I am willing to hold off on completing our order until version 2.0 or later, whatever it takes until they can fix it all.

So the question is... Shall I pull the trigger, or wait a little bit longer?

Leeo | 03. Januar 2017

Took delivery of a P100D almost a month ago. Yes I would buy it again. Waiting for AP 2.0 to be activated.

MisterT2 | 03. Januar 2017

I love my Model X 90 D - Five Seater. I have had it a week without a single issue. If I had to buy another car today to replace it, I would buy the same thing. I live in Wisconsin and can't believe how well it works in the winter.

It is interesting about your safety concerns. I have no concerns about safety whatsoever. The FWD are being used all the time. I wanted every door to be controllable. I wish the Frunk was closeable that way.

That being said, go with your gut. My wife loves riding in the MX, but she sure isn't going to drive it yet. I think I see a Model 3, Y, or S in her future, but not now. She loves her Ford Fusion Energi.

joliver328 | 03. Januar 2017

My only regret was not having the extra money for p100d... maybe my next one? lol. Actually I'll pay my house off then we will see. I love my 75d so far (5days with her so far)

Model_D | 03. Januar 2017

The problem with reading these forums: is the post real? Is the person telling a balanced story? Why did they post here before getting it serviced? Is the person reasonable?
Examples: whompy wheels, 2 month backlog for service but really 6 weeks, doors 1 mm off and Tesla not willing to fix...
Obviously you have an X (well maybe) and are considering another. Be objective and compare it to what other options there are. If you buy a different brand and have bad luck you may have to Lemmon law a Lexus.
Our month old X is great. Less initial problems than our Dodge Durango, Nissan minivan, fusion energi and Lexus HS250h, one more problem than the focus electric, 2 Nissan pathfinders, 2 ford rangers, the same as a lotus Elise and ice focus.

phazor | 03. Januar 2017

Had a few issues with an X I picked up in Mid December but the SC resolved most and the rest are just waiting on parts (2 outstanding issues), I'm excited to drive the car everyday and I love it, no regrets.

dalexander1 | 03. Januar 2017

Late Sept P100DL AP1 delivery, not one problem. When AP2 was announced (three weeks later), that was something I wanted. Soooo I went and traded my fully loaded AP1 X for one with AP2 just like it (Nov 2). I only had the AP1 X for 5 weeks and I had not one problem and can hardly wait to get the new one. I did not want a 2016 delivered in Dec so mine is scheduled for an early Jan 2017 build and late Feb early March delivery. I get a 2017 and the free supercharger.

SSL161 | 04. Januar 2017

Thank you, but the veracity of the posters isn't in question. I believe the reasonable ones cuz I've experienced the same issues.

Failing FWD
- Ghost Obstacles (partial closing/opening, unexpected hanging)
- * Not stopping when encountering an actual obstacles - namely my head, 3 times
- * Failing to resume close/open when pressing the button on the inside of the door jam and having to hold down the override on the big screen. This one is the worst. Thankfully, this hasn't happened during a child emergency

Failing Driver's Side Door
- Door blasted open unexpectedly hitting the car parked next to me
- same door, failure to lock up

Failed passenger door
- automatic function anemic. It would pop the door out about an inch and you'd have to pry it
open (car was delivered that way took two visits to fix)
- * window seal. The door would close but the glass doesn't seal correctly. The fix; close the door with the window down, then close the glass. The problem itself isn't persistent, just occasional - weird.

3rd Row seat
- inop seat lock up system (delivered that way)

The promising news is that most of the above have been resolved satisfactorily, all except the items prefaced by “*” which have yet to be fixed or verified.

TM, by and large, has been very cooperative and willing to help and I am not angry with them. It's just that this time, it's taken over a year and the all the SC time hasn't restored our trust in ‘ReX (short for Signature Red X).

I'd be most interested in hearing from those using their Model X with young kids, or similar circumstances (ie having passengers unable to fend for themselves), or those who use the doors extensively, as these are typically when the FWD issues become obvious.

Thanks again!

PedanticOne | 04. Januar 2017

One of the window issues reminds me about an issue in a couple of my Porsches from my past: I would come out to my car to find my window had rolled down about 2-3 inches. Sometimes, it would also not move down when the door was opened, and then when you closed the door, it would not seal right or would make a bad noise. I would have to put it all the way down and back up. So weird, because I completely forgot about those issues.

campusden | 04. Januar 2017

I picked up my model X on December 3, 2016. I haven't had to go to the Service Center yet for any problem. The problem that I found on Delivery was a noise on the passenger side FWD when I stopped the door mid-stroke using the key fob per the TMC forum delivery checklist. Now I might have a problem with the rear AC system but I haven't had the time to investigate in detail. It seems that the air flow isn't balanced but the personnel noticing the difference between the right side and left side could not adjust all the different airflow vents in a deliberate controlled matter in the 12 miles of travel from one location to another for the heat when it was 59 degrees F outside and set to 72 degrees F inside.
I have had a problem with the sensor in the passenger side FWD preventing it from opening without override on Christmas day but I have reset the controls with the steering wheel reset and washed the car and the problem has gone away for now.
I ordered my X before AP 2.0 hardware was announced. My test drive was with a AP 1.0 hardware vehicle. I was really impressed with the autopilot features. I ordered the original autopilot for 3000 because I liked it so much. I did upgrade to EAP for additional 2K when I got the E-mail about the EAP but declined the FSD option because of the unknown time involved and current insurance requirement that the State of Florida requires for FSD ( 5 million dollars liability coverage). I am not happy that currently I have a 5000 dollar cruise control and none of the features of AP 1.0 are operational yet. I wasn't one of the chosen thousand to get the update in late December.
The functionality of the XM radio in my model X is really another disappointment. I have transferred my XM subscription from my 2013 BMW 328i convertible. The Sirius XM on the BMW is far better. The ability to listen to one channel and see what is playing on another is something that I miss. The ability to listen to one NFL game while seeing the scores of other NFL games was incredible. The lack of ability to group the stations into folders like the 8.0 update screenshot shows is disappointing as well. Manually scrolling from one channel to another is disappointing.
Answering your beginning question, I would still order an X but I would have waited until AP 2.0 was operational but before the included supercharger deadline expired. I plan to travel a lot once AP 2.0 actually does work on my vehicle.

Lumina1 | 04. Januar 2017

I have owned my Model X90D for two months. I had one issue with needing the front windows adjusted. I have AP 1.0, and am generally pleased with its operation. I would not hesitate in recommending a Tesla based on my limited experience. I don't often use my FWDs.

I am surprised you didn't use the Lemon Law and get your Model X replaced. I would think that would save you a great deal of money, especially if you are considering trading the Signature X on a new model.

Unless something unexpected happens, I will definitely get another Tesla when my lease expires.

SSL161 | 04. Januar 2017


We didn't initially ask for a replacement for one basic reason; my wife had no faith in the model as a whole. So, until fixed, the car is "dead to her".

So, that's basically the point to this "Is it safe" thread (yes, the "Marathon Man" allusion is deliberate, for the old geezers in the audience).

On an other note, I decided to keep ReX for purely emotional reasons (sweat equity) and the possibly mistaken belief that as a Signature, it would be a potential collectible.

patswin | 04. Januar 2017

We picked ours up in late November. To date we have had no issues with the car. Have over 2300 miles on car and use the fwd fairly often. At this point if I get my way we will only get Tesla's from here on out. For That to happen though Tesla needs to come out with a pickup truck within the next 8-10 years. That's about all my f150 has left most likely.

SSL161 | 04. Januar 2017

LOL, My F150 is just about the same!

Yes, I agree. Ever since the Roadster, all the daily drivers that I've bought have been Teslas.

SSL161 | 04. Januar 2017

LOL, My F150 is just about the same!

Yes, I agree. Ever since the Roadster, all the daily drivers that I've bought have been Teslas.

aesculus | 04. Januar 2017

@SSL161: "The main problem is the Falcon Doors. I feel that they are too unreliable, slow moving, and prone to failure. In an emergency, failure just isn't an option."

The cars being produced today are no different from your Sig X if you have applied all of the updates. I don't think you are going to gain anything by getting a new car. My doors behave just like they always did (March car) except for a bit more speed and actually more sensitivity for detecting objects, which actually make them less available than more.

I also don't think you will find the Sig Model X much higher on the resale list either. Certainly not to the increased cost that you incurred in getting one. Maybe a Founders, but not a SIG could be worth more IMHO. And the new AP2 cars probably deflated all the AP1 cars even more.

I fear you are setting yourself up for a major disappointment in getting a newer Model X over what you have today and am surprised you opted out of the Lemon Law process at completion if what you stated was true.

I love my car but I don't think your situation as described seems to fit the Model X, at least in it's current (maybe permanent?) state, especially involving the FWDs.

SSL161 | 04. Januar 2017


Thanks. Good points on the valuation. However, I did say that it was an emotional decision.

"[...] am surprised you opted out of the Lemon Law process at completion if what you stated was true."

However, what did I say that surprises you?

neilheuer | 04. Januar 2017

The original poster brings up a good point that I hadn't thought of - but in the case of an emergency can you pull or eject the flacon doors in a speedy manner? I just ordered - have young kids and god forbid had some issue and need to get them out fast - could I?

lilbean | 04. Januar 2017

I think they open up fast enough. However, they will not open up if the vehicle is overturned.

Model_D | 04. Januar 2017

If the X is overturned the windows will probably be broken. Just exit there. In bad accidents the doors are jammed in most vehicles and the jaws of life will be necessary no matter what kind of door it has.

lilbean | 04. Januar 2017

Good point.

wanmat | 04. Januar 2017

These are the issues we've had and we've barely driven the car because I'm still waiting for the issues to be 100% fixed (we took delivery in april). 

1) visible denting in the frunk
2) gaps between frunk and headlights
3) chrome molding not aligned around rear window
4) rear B-pillar trim piece was missing
5) tie-down hook missing from one of the seatbacks
6) visible misalignment when R falcon door is closed
7) visible gap appearing between  falcon door (L) and window

- still waiting on getting #6 and #7 fixed
- When they replaced/repainted the frunk , they forgot to include the inner seal (fixed)
- #5 possibly happened during the replacement of the rear seat safety recall, not sure. but its fixed now

So no, I'm not happy with the car considering how much it costs (someone else in the family bought it) but on the bright side TM is trying to get everything fixed.

PedanticOne | 04. Januar 2017

@wanmat You're not driving the car because you have some panel alignment issues? Why?

ChargeMe45 | 04. Januar 2017

Just got my X 90D 12/19/16. Love it. So far not really a single issue that I can attribute to the car. May be user error. Was sitting on the trunk putting on my shoes and the door closed on me. Obviously when it encountered the resistance it opened again. Wasn't sure if it was a time thing or if the key was activated in my pocked locking the car. Only happened once more to my son getting groceries out of the back. The fob was in his pocket and he leaned against the back of the car and activated it. Made me wonder why all the sensors on the outside but none on the inside to sense a person under it.

Only issue I haven't resolved yet is using Bluetooth to play my music and Pandora. Worked fine the first week and then just quit. It shows up on the screen, the play and pause buttons activate, everything appears as it is working but no sound. I have Googled solutions and looked at settings on the phone, car, deleted it from memory in the phone and car, then synced it again. Doesn't work. Still trying to figure that one out. I know the phone is linked properly because if I use talk to text it works through the car indicating the Bluetooth is connected. Still waiting on AP 2.0.

The only thing I have found not to be working and I am thinking it is a part of the AP 2.0 that I don't have yet is the Summons feature. The buttons aren't there to set it up so I am guessing it will come with AP 2.0.

Conan_the_Contrarian | 04. Januar 2017

OP, given that you asked the question here, I'm sure that you're looking for what you'll always get here -- nearly unanimous praise for the car and strong encouragement for you to get that second one.

But please read your own post again objectively. It's hard for me to see how any objective person could expect or encourage you to buy another one after the problems that you've had with your first one. And I really don't see how any objective person would not return a successfully lemoned car. And that's even before considering the endless problems reported everywhere else.

Obviously, you're not looking for my kind of advice or perspective, but I felt compelled to give it. If you happen to get a good Model X the second time, it'll be based on a certain degree of luck. But it might be even worse. Either more and worse problems than you have now (hard to imagine) or worse in the sense that it'll be really bad but not quite bad enough to justify a lemon claim.

If you want my advice, turn in your lemoned car, hold off for some years of Model X manufacturing quality before spending another $100k on one, and, in the meantime, get a Model S or anything other than a Model X.

aesculus | 04. Januar 2017

@Conan_the_Contrarian: I feel the same way about the op and I am a model x fanboy. I am baffled why he did not carry through, emotions aside.

carlk | 04. Januar 2017

Your decision but I would buy one if I need to now without hesitation. Owned one since March and super happy with it. Even that I don't need another one both my boss and one of my best buddies got one in the last month with a lot of my input. Again you have to live with the car or any other car so it's 100% your own decision.

carlk | 04. Januar 2017

Just want to add I also own a 14' MS. It likely will still be an X if I have to buy a Tesla now.

Conan_the_Contrarian | 05. Januar 2017

aesculus, I've just now gone to read your earlier post, and I agree with all of it. I struggle so much with the idea that OP is making decisions that appear very obviously opposed to his/her own personal interests.

The two parents in his/her family determined that the car is "condemned" and that the two of them have a strict rule to never put any children in that car and that only OP should ever be in the car. If the car isn't safe enough for kids or the other parent, then is it safe enough for OP? Is there anything that justifies this risk to OP with a spouse and kids? OP made a successful a successful lemon law claim. The car is, in fact, a lemon. And condemned and not safe for kids or the other spouse.

The problem is deep in the manufacturing. They've not been able to fix it. The car is worth nothing close to what he/she paid and never has been. OP got totally ripped off. The chances of selling it for a decent price at any point are very low. What will OP say when a prospective buyer asks if the car has had any problems? What if OP conceals the problems from the ultimate buyer, and the buyer comes back for an accounting (leaving aside the appalling ethics in that scenario, which I do not at all attribute to OP)? And why not turn it back in? Because OP waited a long time to receive the lemon? Because he/she spent a ton of time, effort, and energy trying to fix the endless problems with the lemon? And because he/she hopes that someday somehow Tesla will finally convert an obvious lemon into a car worthy of a $100k price? As hard as I try, I'll never be able to understand this.

And how about the people encouraging OP to continue with this irrational situation? Do they have OP's best interests in mind? Or Tesla's best interests in mind? Or what? I can't even imagine what they're possibly thinking. So what if they were lucky enough to win the lottery and get an X without problems? Can't they see the objective reality of what OP is going through here? Do they think that OP's situation is some kind of total fluke and are they certain that his next one will be perfect? I don't get it. Do they think Elon would've kept this car had it been delivered to him? Or do they think instead that heads would be rolling and that he'd have a new car that isn't a lemon, but that kind of obviously correct remedy is too good for OP? What would they be saying if we weren't talking about Tesla and were instead talking about a GM car that created all of this misery and also had widespread problems with the same model all over the country?

I feel like I'm ranting a little, which isn't at all my style, so I hope that everyone will excuse me in this one case. But this is one of the most outrageous displays of consumer abuse that I've ever encountered. And this is a $100k car. And the consumer doesn't accept the available remedies, and instead decides to reward the manufacturer by keeping the lemon. And further rewards the manufacturer by buying a second one, which might or might not be another lemon. Meanwhile, people encourage and applaud him for doing so.

Now that I've written all of that, I'm totally speechless. And I can't think about it any more.

Madatgascar | 05. Januar 2017

@Conan, the OP has obviously been reading the forums and noted the very obvious story line about quality improvements, specifically in the last 6 months, and wants further support to believe that these issues have been resolved.

FWIW, my Model X is exactly 6 months old, and it has had no problems. Yes, one of the software updates removed some FWD functionality, but they don't close fast enough to really hurt on impact, and they don't pinch too hard. I guess we have also just learned to have our heads out of the way while they are closing. We use it for the school drop off daily and have not had a problem, except they are a bit of an unwanted display in the school drop off line.

carlk | 05. Januar 2017

"And I can't think about it any more."

Not sure you ever could.

SSL161 | 05. Januar 2017


Thank you, that is the kind of answer that I actually hoped for. I'm only interested in whether or not the issues that we face with ReX still exist in the current production vehicles.

In hind sight, I probably should should not have muddied the water with the back story on ReX. All I wanted to do was put it in context and highlight what specific problems that I am hoping to alleviate. The wisdom, or lack thereof, re my decision to keep ReX is irrelevant to the topic at hand.

burdogg | 05. Januar 2017

For what it is worth SSL161 - We got our X on Dec 22 and have no problems at all with it. My wife starting using the FWD more this week as school started back up and no issues there. We have 4 kids. Wish I could have more time using them to help you out more to give you more info, but I have limited amount of time with it so far, but so far so good.

SSL161 | 05. Januar 2017


I feel for you! It's a wonderful car (it's FWD quirts not withstanding). I enjoy driving it every chance that I get.

I thank you for your help!

Conan_the_Contrarian | 05. Januar 2017

carlk | January 5, 2017
"And I can't think about it any more."

Not sure you ever could.


carlk, did you have any actual refutation of anything I wrote? Or are you content with childish hit-and-run playground comments? Your anti-intellectualism is on full display here.

burdogg | 05. Januar 2017

Conan - I will provide a counter :) I do believe a majority of the issues have been fixed. We hear a lot of the problems were on the earlier models. I received mine December and it has been great. Others have come on here that were scared to death to get the car and almost backed out because of the issues reported, and have come back to say they are super happy they did not. When something goes wrong, we are sure to come here and say something (Not to negate the sincerity of those problems). We do this to one, vent, two to find others to agree with us to help us feel even more justified in our anger. (Again, I get it and am not trying to say this is everyone and that they don't have reasons to be upset.) Yet, we don't hear the good as much, because, well there is no reason to search out a forum to say my car works :)

Last, it is not a crap shoot at this point - the odds are in your favor it is going to be good. Sure, there may still be a slight trim not match up, but that is not dangerous nor hurt the car in any way, and it can be easily fixed. We are into the 30,000 numbers of these produced. Do we really believe that of the last 15,0000 produced, 7500 of them are bad? Really? I think there would be a huge problem if that were the case. I have been following pretty closely here lately and there have been a lot of people coming on here to report all is well because they were scared to death from all the statements going on.

So, that is my take. Is there still a handful out there that have hiccups - yes. Are a good majority of them problem free - yes. :) Are there some that over scream on a misaligned piece of trim - Yes. Are there a handful with some more major problems then trim - yes. :) All in all for how new this car was and were we are now - I would order again.

OvrICE | 05. Januar 2017

@burdogg +1

carlk | 05. Januar 2017


You wrote absolute garbage here. Op was asking opinion from people who had recent experiences with the X to help make his decision. What was your experience with your X? You neither own one and likely is not in the position of buying one neither. Op knows whole lot more than you about the car. He owns one and he could read everything you're able to read too. He could very well go to the Huyndai forum if he wanted to hear why X is so bad that he should not buy one.

And you said:
"But please read your own post again objectively. It's hard for me to see how any objective person could expect or encourage you to buy another one after the problems that you've had with your first one."

Huh? Who do you think you are? God? So pathetic.

SSL161 | 05. Januar 2017


"I love my car but I don't think your situation as described seems to fit the Model X, at least in it's current (maybe permanent?) state, especially involving the FWDs."

Does that mean that your car doesn't have these issues?

windward | 05. Januar 2017

I have never participated on these forums before, I was very upset for not getting the AP2 which was the main reason for trading my S for a new X, I am still upset because I still not have it and some features that I had with my Model S, some as basic as auto wipers, something that herein florida is activated almost every day. Many on these forums where very defensive but I still feel Tesla has been abusing their success. If you are joe customer with no experience on these failed promised dates and go today to order a Model X you will see that still reads that AP2 will be available Dec 31. Maybe they forgot to update the website, maybe negligence, maybe incompetence. But in any commercial transaction when you are buying something, and paying for it you are expecting to have it on the product you bought. That negligence on representation in any other product or service would be called Fraud. I know is a hard word for the people who know the company. I think the company should be more transparent especially with the customer who are not on these forums and be more clear about issues like this with clear disclaimer like the one they do have on the full driving feature, but do not have on the AP2. And when delays like this happens be upfront with the paying customer who paid and expected to have the item paid for, at least some answer. Today I can only look at rumors on the web, and the people of Tesla that use ambiguous answers.I am not certain if I will have autopilot tomorrow, in a week from now or April.
The market is not forgiven on these issues and you can see that the inventory on "available" new cars is growing basically people that ordered the car and cancel it. Once competition starts stronger from other manufactures on electric cars, they will have a hard time keeping the dominance they have now if continue this practice. Similarly what happened to many companies like blackberry that relayed at the end only in the cult following not in the open market.

burdogg | 05. Januar 2017

Start a class action lawsuit then, but by golly, they were transparent on the fact that you just referenced the order page that HAS been that way from day one of the change, yet somehow you did not know???

Could they do better at some communication - yes, but that page was clear that it would not be at LEAST until December (Expected is the word they used). So to act like you didn't know because you weren't on the forums is still your fault for not reading and purchasing something you didn't read about.

Now, back to at hand. It is out and being tested and will come. You can be mad at this point that you don't have it but no promises were ever made you would have it at this point.

Also, with your whole "inventory" rising because people are cancelling their orders is pure BS. This comes up at every time. When they first announced AP 2.0 supposedly EVERYONE was refusing their order with AP 1.0 and placing new orders, causing MASSIVE inventory buildup. Show me the proof? Tesla produces inventory cars on purpose, all inventory cars are NOT refused delivery cars.

Last, I am not having to defend Tesla - are they sloppy on some things - yes. Does Elon sometimes say stuff he shouldn't - yes. Do they make mistakes - yes. BUT don't put YOUR mistake as THEIR problem. YOU made a huge purchase without even doing due diligence to see if it would be working. Now, can you be upset about wipers - YES, by all means, as I think Tesla did not disclose that and many were surprised by that.

So, while you may say I am just a Tesla fanboi, I will laugh because I am not writing this to defend Tesla. I am writing this because people like your post feel slighted when there was no slight. I despise that. I despise people that don't take responsibility (Tesla included), like those that are always looking for it to be someone else's fault for what happened. Sometimes crap happens, you didn't do anything wrong, but neither did someone else, crap just happened. Sometimes it is our own making. Sometimes it is because of someone else's choice.

Now, I do not know you but am tired of the AP 2.0 complaints. Tesla did not Promise, Did not Guarantee anything. You were not forced to trade in your car. You were not forced to even buy Enhanced Autopilot. Good luck, sorry you are so mad and feel like Tesla is slime. And, they are not going away, the car is amazing to drive, unlike blackberry who could not keep their product relevant.

Jama | 05. Januar 2017

@burdogg. Absolutely agree with you. Its really gone past annoying stage to see childish comments made by grown up adults and who can't differentiate between right and wrong.Most like to blame the whole world for their stupid decisions. I guess this explains the election result. 50% of Americans don't know right from wrong and believe in all the BS they are told.

Leshe | 05. Januar 2017

Have had my 90x 5 seater for 5 days an absolutely love it. Have not had any issues at all. My only
Complaints are cosmetic. The XM radio UI is terrible. Can't change stations by inputting number and there is no icons showing stations after
You push the "station" button which would be helpful like they have for other interfaces like streaming. The favorites on the radio provide no organization. It's one huge long scrolling line.

The heated steering wheel on/off is not easy to access for us cold weather folks. Should have ability to turn on heated seats and steering wheel from app.

Storage space and cup holders are poorly designed for such a great company and vehicle. Still trying to figure out why I drive 25 miles and lose 50-70 miles of battery but it is 10 degrees outside.

I have had challenges with the sensors on the FW doors inside my garage as they seem to open outward and very limited upward making it difficult to get in or out and a obstacle for your head.

Can use auto mirrors as they open while still in my garage when start car so have to leave it off or risk hitting side of my garage. Problem is by turning this function off when you park and lock the car they do not fold in. Should fold in on park/lock and open automatically when car is moved into drive only (which they do even if manually close them with
function off).

No all weather mats available from weather tech or tesla really stinks and the storage space cover where 6 and 7 seats would have gone is bsckordered and no eta on delivery.

Any suggestions or advice on these issues would be welcomed and appreciated. I think the vehicle is awesome and drives incredibly.

burdogg | 05. Januar 2017

Leshe - On the FWD in your garage - is there enough clearance for them to open all the way? If so, you can override it on the touchscreen and then I think click on another statement that you want them to open up that way every time at this location. Of course, first check to see if there is enough room for them to open all the way. We have plenty of room in our garage for them to do so, but the first time in, we had to force them to open all the way and then tell it to always do that in this location.

Not sure if that helps or not, but worth checking :)

yaw20 | 05. Januar 2017

took delivery of a 90D 5 seat on the 23rd! parked it at the airport the next day-cold PA winter. no sweat, only losing 3-4 miles a day. anyhow, i only have two minor issues, not sure if it's build or design issue- 1. my left leg feels cold driving at 70 mph. lower to 45 mph, no problem. Also hear wind noise, more than my old Buick. So I think the driver door trim needs to fit better. 2. Only once, when opening the FWD after parking in the rain, water falling onto the 2nd row seat. Didn't happen the other two times, so don't know what triggered the first one. Other than these, looking forward to drive it every time! Oh, I saw that ghosting too, but doesn't bother me much. love the big windshield during the day. a worthwhile trade-off in my book.

Conan_the_Contrarian | 05. Januar 2017

carlk, you're one hot mess. Didn't even read your hysteria. Sorry.

burdogg, your counter-points are good for OP to consider. Thanks again for not being an emotional train wreck like carlk.

Conan_the_Contrarian | 05. Januar 2017

burdogg and JAMA, I'm going to side with windward on this. Leaving aside any particular detail, I think that he's justifiably upset, and I think a lot of AP2 owners are justifiably upset. And I think that it'll get worse because I have little confidence that they'll get parity with AP1 even this month or even next month. I know that everyone disagrees with me. But time will obviously show us.

Anyway, the reality is that Tesla has some real weaknesses in sales, marketing, and advertising. Weaknesses in those areas create many unhappy customers. The inadequate service center network is another real weakness that creates many unhappy customers. Just a couple of points, but I think that Tesla should carry much more blame that customers.

And, I think windward is right on this point too -- Tesla will need to improve in these areas when there's competition in the high-end long-range EV market. I know that you all hate dealers and prefer the model where the manufacturer is the dealer. But people can tolerate a lot of dealer interactions when the alternative is to wait 3-4 months for parts and 6-8 weeks for service appointments, and when they have more confidence that they're getting what they paid for.

4myfun | 05. Januar 2017

I, like several others here, just picked up my X 90D 5 days ago and love, love, love it! I have had zero issues and nothing but joy in driving this dream of a car....

Am I bummed that my wipers aren't automatic right now? Yes, but, my disappointment is small compared to driving this amazing SUV.

Am I super excited and anxious for the autonomous drivING capabilities and the awesome summon feature? HAHA, I am only drooling as I type this, yes, I want it NOW! However, with that said, I believe the Tesla Team is working out kinks so they don't get yelled at (or sued) more. Wouldn't it be better to release a version that is bug free? Especially in this instance!! So although I am anxious and want it ALL now, I am not complaining about the wait because I do think Team Tesla is heads above anyone else in the industry..... My reasoning for buying this beauty is not because of the automatic wipers or autonomous capabilities, although, those are nice and add to my "want" factor, rather it is the SUV as a whole... overall it looks sleek, has lots of geek features, handles like a dream and the vision Team Tesla has is inspiring and visionary. I for one am buying into their dream, that vision, and will love the additional options when they arrive.

All in all, I would buy a second one today for my husband if we could justify the expense, as it is he will have to wait until 2018 to get his own. I haven't given him the choice yet between his Z06 and a new Tesla X. For now, I will share mine (a little)... I see a lot of thought and innovative ideas in this beauty I drive, I know more are coming and am so excited!!

I just ordered 2 of the Model 3's for my company too!!!

inconel | 05. Januar 2017

I have AP2 and it does not bother me at all that it does not have all of AP1 features yet. I know how to read Tesla disclaimer and added myself some additional delay. I know that AP2 will get better with time and that is something that I enjoy looking forward to. After all I also waited about a year for AP1 features.

Saxman | 06. Januar 2017

@4 my fun


burdogg | 06. Januar 2017

Conan - I understand what you are saying and do agree there can be some things done better at Tesla - as I said, I do not have to defend them :) BUT there is some shared responsibility in all this. When one references a page that implicitly states Expected December, one should not be so pissed off when their car arrives very first of December and it does not have the AP yet. I don't know what else could have been done on the order page? Do they have to make a pop up window come up saying "Are you SURE you want this and you REALIZE that this may or may not even be available in December? Make sure you check the box that you understand." Come on, we are not dealing with unintelligible people here - or at least at this cost we shouldn't be. Again, was there some miscommunication, possibly. But I have a hard time with lack of personal responsibility in our world today. It is becoming more and more prominent and scares me to death.

Besides - the car is amazing with or without AP - if you really think the car is a piece of junk without AP - then please get rid of it. If not, then quit complaining, 85-90% of people would gladly take the car off your hands WITHOUT AP ever being activated. Yes you paid for it, it is coming as promised, but no specific date was given, you could have waited and paid for it when it was ready at regular price. Instead, they GAVE you a $1,000 discount to do it early. Everyone had a choice there, but EVERYONE wants to save money, so they save money and then complain.