Not a great ski car - help!

Not a great ski car - help!

Bought a 2017 model x last week and took the skis skiing today. Crystal Mountain 82 miles away from seattle. Full charge this am with 235 and web site used said I would burn 170 round trip accounting for evelation. Get to the mountain and only 72 miles left. No charging stations up here. Guess Ill need a tow. Lol.

Any thoughts? #rangeanxiety

lilbean | 14. Januar 2017

Oh no. Is there an RV park to plug into? You will not use as many miles going downhill.

dleng73 | 14. Januar 2017

How cold is it? Did you use the heat?

The website probably didn't account for heating and such. It takes a lot of energy. Tesla recommends using the heating seats instead of the actual heating.

That sucks though.

carlk | 14. Januar 2017

Not familiar with the mountain but would regen gets you most of the lost range back?

campusden | 14. Januar 2017

Plugshare APP is your friend, Any RV park near by will work. Any resorts with a destination charger?

lilbean | 14. Januar 2017

I drove downhill for a few miles and my miles remaining didn't change so I didn't use any miles going downhill. But this was in Los Angeles.

carlk | 14. Januar 2017

One thing to do is to use Nav when going back home. It will direct you to charging facilities on the route if it figures that you don't have enough juice to get home. Also take a look if there are destination chargers on the mountain.

Xp100DL | 14. Januar 2017

Hopefully you have Range Mode on too!
Good Luck.

lilbean | 14. Januar 2017

Ask the resort if there is anywhere you can plug into.

Realure | 14. Januar 2017

Download the Plugshare app to find a commercial or home user where you can charge.

eric.zucker | 14. Januar 2017

Going downhill will not only use a lot less, it will recharge your battery in part. Use the throttle as much as possible to control your speed, or use cruise control. Brakes waste your energy, you want to regen as much as you can.

If you really need extra juice and have your UMC, just plug in anywhere. Even if very slow, it's better than nothing.

MyXinTx | 14. Januar 2017

Someone up there has to have a EV charging station...Plugshare app is essential.

At least plug into a 110 outlet ASAP. It is slow, but over time it can build up a charge that with downhill regenerative charging should help.

Plus turn on Range Mode immediately, and dress warmly to minimize heater use.

If you can get hold of a quality 220 generator, you can recharge but will need help from a hardware store to make an adapter... In the spirit of is possible.

carteriii | 14. Januar 2017

Plugshare shows there is a Crystal Mountain RV lot right there.with two 14-50's. National Forest Development Road 1802, Enumclaw, WA 98022

burdogg | 14. Januar 2017

way to be to the rescue carteriii, just hope he took his cable

Good lesson for all - when going on a trip - make sure you TAKE your charging cable with it - kind of like Visa - never leave home without it ;)

Model_D | 14. Januar 2017

Can we flag this please. The title has nothing to do with the subject.

vperl | 14. Januar 2017

Many owners do not read up on the vehicle, then complain.

This will continue and these folks refrain from doing ANY research.

Wait till the M3 appears, a heard of whiners.

Ought to be fun

lilbean | 14. Januar 2017

Hopefully it's a Short drive down the mountain.

Solarman004 | 14. Januar 2017

The elevation of the base of crystal Mt is 3900'. Coming from Seattle, at sea level, that's a large gain and accounts for much of your consumption. But there is still something else going on. I have my 75D in the Rockies this weekend with a similar elevation gain, but my consumption was much lower. Started with 220 rated miles, used 119 climbing the mountains to a SC, and had 84 remaining when I stopped.
After you work through the immediate crisis, and get back home, come back to this thread with the settings you had in the car, and wheel size and road conditions etc. We can help you work out what happened, and make some suggestions.

RCorsa | 14. Januar 2017

Thanks for the helpful responses and no thanks to the smarmy responses (i.e. Vperl) I've owned a tesla for 2 years thank you. I just traded in my model s for the x put never took it to the mountains. I have the 22 inch wheels and pre heated the car while charging. The average temp was around 27f and the evevation at Crystal is around 4000.

Anyway. I have plug share but unfortunately The RV park at crystal was full and they don't let people "barrow" other people's hook ups.

I will say the computer was spot on accurate and when I plugged In my home to the Nav it said I would arrive with 1% left. Obviously I was nervous but I gained about 14 miles off the bat coming off the mountain. There was a 15A changer about 30 miles from the city but I decided I would trust the computer that I could make it.

I was happy to find that I arrived at home with exactly 5 mile left. Lol.

While the battery didn't hold up as great as I expected the computer clearly made up for it. I'd post a celebratory photo but not sure how to do that on the forum with my phone?

lilbean | 14. Januar 2017

Yay! Congrats. Glad you made it home safely. :-)

burdogg | 14. Januar 2017

Glad you made it RCorsa - From some of the posts, it looks like the elevation change going up is a killer, but as you learned on the plus side, coming down, don't need nearly as much :)

RCorsa | 14. Januar 2017

Thanks guys. For Dwepilot if you don't like the post feel free to ignore it. I think the post makes a poinent statement and that is that as someone who bought the model x as an actual SUV I rely on it to take me up hiking or skiing etc and the only way I can plan such trips is based on mileage since the car doesn't account for outdoor temperature or changes in elevation. Im fairly tech savvy and have several other cars (2016 m5, 2016 488GTB and 2015 911 turbo s) and I traded my 2015 model s for the 2017 model x for a reason)

While it was a little scary with my 9 year old daughter and my 9 year old niece in the car I have to say all of the nice and helpful posts as well as some other friends who own teslas and gave insight helped me feel confident in getting home. Cheers.

bhoskins | 14. Januar 2017

Mine has been an awesome ski car. Great on ice and snow!

lilbean | 14. Januar 2017

Beautiful! Looks like Mammoth!

bhoskins | 14. Januar 2017

Mount Shasta, and thanks. It's home!

lilbean | 14. Januar 2017

Awesome! You are truly blessed!!!

Saxman | 14. Januar 2017

I'm heading back to ski country next week and am anxious to see how my 75D fares with all the snow we've had , since I've been gone.

I have 20 " All Season...But that's another thread for another time.

bhoskins | 14. Januar 2017

Took this today. It was kind of funny. I didn't want to park with all the smaller vehicles because it's a bit long with the ski rack. Asked the attendant if I could park on the side with the trucks. "Is it 4 wheel drive?" Oh yeah. I'm not sure they believed me as I heard one guy say "He says it is." I said gimme a sec to raise the suspension. "You can do that???" Went right up the little hill that many 4x4s were spinning to get up. Love this car !

lilbean | 14. Januar 2017

Cool story!

Saxman | 14. Januar 2017


Since I don't have any experience in snow & ice yet, in what circumstances would you raise the suspension? I'm guessing on roads with unpacked snow.

skymaster | 14. Januar 2017

I'm holding out for a 100D. The model X drinks the electrons at a alarming rate. I won't even buy a 90D for the Colorado.mountains.

bhoskins | 14. Januar 2017

@Saxman, unless the snow is deeper than your ground clearance, standard is usually fine. I usually only raise it up to traverse a bigger snow berm. The one in my picture was about a foot high.

Saxman | 14. Januar 2017

Gotcha, thanks.

I have a relatively steep driveway and if my snowplow guy hasn't plowed yet, raising SAS should help. Maybe I'll set it on high to geolocate at the start of driveway.

bhoskins | 14. Januar 2017

My driveway is about as steep as can be. The GPS suspension raise works well in that situation!

bhoskins | 14. Januar 2017

Just be careful to clear high packed snow/ice. I busted a large icy berm with the front during a snow storm as I went into the office parking lot and it actually popped the darker trim loose on the wheel well. Popped right back in, but not before I had a major WTF attack!

Saxman | 14. Januar 2017

Good to know, thanks again.

Is the High setting usually sufficient, rather than Very High?

bhoskins | 14. Januar 2017

Most of the time it seems to be, the car usually drops itself into high from very high after I believe 20-25 mph anyhow.

Saxman | 14. Januar 2017

Thanks again.

Anxious to get back to Vail Valley for the rest of Ski Season. I missed some good powder days while I've been away.

bhoskins | 14. Januar 2017

You're very welcome. Powder is a terrible thing to waste!

Saxman | 14. Januar 2017


Triggerplz | 14. Januar 2017

@Dwepilot You are correct