Which threads do you read?

Which threads do you read?

Since starting to devour information about Tesla back in October, 2013, I have read most, if not all threads.

Now I realize that, with proliferation of many new owners of Model S, Model X and 3, there are far too many, and I am not getting anything done!

So, I gravitate to threads about the 12 V battery, drive unit replacements, impressions of the new enhanced autopilot tech. I like the SUPERCHARGER TIPS AND REVIEWS thread, among other reliable favorites. OMC, threads about tires and patching, and fob problems are also what I read lately.

How about you?

EVRider | 23. Januar 2017

Not this one. :-)

Run4Waffles | 23. Januar 2017

I didn't want to be the first. Yes, this one. :-)

Run4Waffles | 23. Januar 2017

I wanted to be third.

I'm a junkie and an addict. I read as many as possible and bump others to help the new blood and to help with questions. It's always hard to tell where I'll be.....

Got to run.

renwo S alset | 23. Januar 2017

I only read mclary's threads.

J.T. | 23. Januar 2017

I read anything by lolachampcar, anything by PD, anything about service problems and anything by my friends. I fall asleep reading threads on rated range, battery capacity and firmware updates.

Haggy | 23. Januar 2017

I read threads on firmware updates from people who got one but didn't install it yet.

barrykmd | 23. Januar 2017

I read the threads that JT reads, especially those started by sbeggs.

-Gman- | 23. Januar 2017

I grab a big bag o' popcorn and read anything by the "16 year old tesla owner" who 'unscrewed the hubcap and heard a loud thunk-- should I take it to the service center or is it ok to drive?'
He's either a brilliant satirist, or an actual 16 year old idiot.

Bluesday Afternoon | 23. Januar 2017

I no longer read threads...they come to me as visions.

lilbean | 23. Januar 2017


sentabo | 23. Januar 2017

I've spent hours on the ones that say, "This topic has been moved." I can never find where it was moved to. Still trying.

AlMc | 23. Januar 2017

Any thread started by JT or Lola for sure.

AlMc | 23. Januar 2017

Oh, and Agent Orange...if he/she ever appears again :)

JayInJapan | 23. Januar 2017

I'll read any thread that I think will help me improve my knowledge about Tesla in general and our cars in particular.

Silver2K | 23. Januar 2017

Anything with "Haha!" and/or "LOL" in it!

I avoid long post (borrrrriiiiiiiiiing) and "I'd like to start off by saying I love my Tesla..."

Silver2K | 23. Januar 2017

oh and I like to learn more about typos

lilbean | 23. Januar 2017

Haha! Lol!

burdogg | 23. Januar 2017

I try to keep up with everything, as I sometimes glean new things from threads that had nothing to do with what I learned :) I love learning from all of you. It is getting really hard to keep up though, so some go by the wayside and I wonder if I miss out on some inside jokes by missing posts :)

lilbean | 23. Januar 2017

Yes, you do miss out on inside jokes. They even cross over.

Shesmyne2 | 23. Januar 2017

Code Orange. Miss those too!

Still Grinning ;-)

Innkeep | 23. Januar 2017

@sbeggs I'm in the same boat. Too many posts. I like your idea and have been avoiding some of the AP1 vs AP2 posts since I have neither. Also some of the I spent $$$ and my car doesn't _____.

I think I'll always love the travel posts and the what's wearing out posts so I can be prepared when my whatever wears out.

sentabo | 23. Januar 2017

I've learned quite a bit about my car on this forum, which for the most part is what it's all about. I also enjoy the travel posts, and, admittedly the silly ones once in awhile when the mood strikes me.

Anthony J. Parisio | 24. Januar 2017

Only the newest Threads.

AlMc | 24. Januar 2017

@Shesmyne2: I stand corrected! ;) 'Code Orange' where are you??