Waze App

Waze App

I just placed the order tonight for the Model S 100D. I am curious if it is possible to use the LTE internet to install Waze into the Tesla so the information (video and audio) integrate into the car's large screen, or do I need to keep using the cell phone application?

murphyS90D | 29. Januar 2017

It is not possible to install any app into a Tesla. There is a website that will put Waze on the screen.

TPilot | 29. Januar 2017

This is not interactive but does a decent job. I usually keep it on the bottom section of my screen.

miyamky | 29. Januar 2017

There are 2 Waze sites for Tesla. Neither can be used for navigation.

brec | 29. Januar 2017

If you want to use Waze for navigation, you'll have to keep using your phone. If you just want to see incident report icons in your vicinity, you can use on the car's web browser app.

miyamky | 29. Januar 2017

I actually prefer the other version (to excelsis) since it also has a weather radar built into it.

Firebolt | 29. Januar 2017

@miyamky - I'm only familiar with the excelsis version. Can you post the web site for the other version?

ishaik | 29. Januar 2017

Yes I'm also interested in this other waze, please post a link to it

miyamky | 29. Januar 2017

Okay...wilco. I'm not near my car but will do so when I get back

miyamky | 29. Januar 2017

SeaDoc | 30. Januar 2017

Hi Miyamky - the waze option doesn't work - the other three options work fine... Am I missing something? Thanks

miyamky | 30. Januar 2017

You have to answer yes to allowing the website to track your position. If you didn't see the question, try loading another page, then reloading it.

SomeJoe7777 | 30. Januar 2017

The Waze for the Tesla browser website that has wind and elevation information on it is:

SeaDoc | 30. Januar 2017

great, it worked - thanks

PagemakersS75 | 29. März 2017

Just tried both of these today and neither have speed camera locations although has an option to notify you about speed cameras. It never does.

Am I missing something?

slipsey | 07. April 2017

I do get speed cameras - they are on the map and there is a large popup when I'm near one...

PagemakersS75 | 09. April 2017

Where in the world are you?

ng0 | 12. Oktober 2017

I have an order in for the Model 3 and I'm REALLY hoping Waze actually does get ported over to the Teslas. Is there any way to submit a request to Tesla in hopes that enough interest will get them to do it?

kerryglittle | 12. Oktober 2017

I split the screens and put Waze on the bottom and the Tesla Navi on top. Works well that way.

stevenmaifert | 13. Oktober 2017

@kerryglittle - That's what I do too. The Waze is read only, but still helpful. | 13. Oktober 2017

@ng0 - Currently Google (who now owns Waze) does not offer an API or Tesla and others to integrate Waze into vehicles. Not sure of the issue.

Waze was just released in July to AndroidAuto, but no one expects Tesla to support Android Auto. So the best choice is the Tesla specific web version.

SBerg | 20. Februar 2018

I use Waze in the top half of the screen. Lately, though, it has not been showing my location (red arrowhead) and is not showing incidents, hazards or police.

Silver2K | 20. Februar 2018

Same here. Sumpin is wrong

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 20. Februar 2018

There's a lengthy thread by the creator of Tesla Waze (ericwol) on TMC going on now:

(basically, look at Feb 13 and onward)

Google changed the formatting of Google Maps (which powers the mapping on the Tesla Waze website), causing it to lose location/mapping data. The CURRENT Tesla browser is not compatible with Google maps so this site and sites like Plugshare and others will not work. Must pressure Musk to update the browser from a 2008 version to a 2018 version! There are many tweeting at him, including me!

bill | 21. Februar 2018

Didn't he say we were getting a new browser with 8.0?

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 22. Februar 2018

They fixed the Tesla Waze website and it's back up and running now - FYI!

Poll.vanghent | 26. November 2018

Can Wase be used in Europe on Tesla Model S?

Poll.vanghent | 26. November 2018

Can Wase be used in Europe on Tesla Model S?

awlbidnz | 19. April 2019

Did the latest update break teslawaze in your vehicle browser. It seems v 9.0 2019-12 broke mine??

KSS | 19. April 2019

Does web browser even work in the car? Mine never worked, and Mississauga SC says, that's how they are designed (not to work). SC can not do anything about it.

FreddyC10 | 20. April 2019

Since the latest software update, my browser has been working fine, although slow, and I have not had any problems withe Tesla Waze. I am on version 2019.8.6

EVRider | 20. April 2019

@FreddyC10: I think the updated browser comes with 2019.12, so you don’t have it yet.

FreddyC10 | 22. April 2019

I may not have the new browser but my current browser is finally working. I don't have to reboot every other day to keep it working like I did before. I did see a youtube video on the new browser, I am looking forward to getting it.

EVRider | 22. April 2019

@FreddyC10: Before anyone gets confused, I assume you meant you saw a YouTube video ABOUT the new browser, not ON the new browser. Even the new browser doesn’t support video (yet). :-)