Other products Tesla should look into?

Other products Tesla should look into?

I was wondering if there were any thoughts as to other products that Tesla was looking into, or are they entertaining ideas and sugestions from Tesla enthusiasts for other product ideas. Yes, i do have a few that i would like to present but am un aware as to where to bring them.

vperl | 07. Februar 2017

The Perpetual Motion Motor has real possibilities, just needs tad of fine tuning.

The Air battery is also on the verge of real discovery.

soakes | 07. Februar 2017

Bose suspension

janendan | 07. Februar 2017

There are several companies manufacturing lithium wth advanced (~400wh/kg) designs. Stanford, MIT, Michigan. I would like to see Tesla do more( sustainable energy pledge ) with coatings that use, not only the visible light spectrum, but layer thin films that convert IR And UV along the research of SDU. Replacing FFs is not good enough. It will be necessary to reduce heating and cooling requirements of homes, commercial and manufacturing facilities. UV, IR and stabilized perovskite films can make as much difference as 1kwh/kg lithium air batteries.

erabu.buggy | 14. Februar 2017

I was going with more of a merchandising question.. something a little more than a key fob cover would be nice.. but the comments are REALLY helpful, i cant begin to express mt deep love for all the useful information here.

more to the point is there a smart house concept in the works? app control for such said house? I was entertaining the idea of something to go with the power wall or the purchase of a Tesla vehicle to make the draw that much more appealing... But you guys... wow, I mean how can any one compete with the perpetual motion motor..

Rocky_H | 14. Februar 2017

@ebabu, The comment about perpetual motion motor was a joke, because it can't exist, but that doesn't stop someone from proposing it on this forum about once a month.

erabu.buggy | 14. Februar 2017

@Rocky_H.. i picked up on that,, hense the sarcastic comment. i was not however aware of the frequency of the appearance of said engine. this is not a question about ludicrous sci fi garbage.

Tarla's Driver | 14. Februar 2017

I would like a key fob designed to fit in my wallet with no buttons. I almost never use the buttons, and having one less thing to stick in my pocket would be great.

erabu.buggy | 14. Februar 2017

Thank you Tarla's Driver, so if there was an upgrade to where you could have an iWatch or whatever that unlocks your car when you are within 5 feet of the car would be something you would be interested in.

carlgo2 | 14. Februar 2017

Obviously some sort of drone to carry us up and about. Actually, thinking about it more, how about a bi or tri-plane?

@buggy's iWatch idea is good, more reason to buy one. That key fob is just huge. Or maybe simply hire Apple to make it thinna...

rxlawdude | 14. Februar 2017

" if there was an upgrade to where you could have an iWatch or whatever that unlocks your car when you are within 5 feet of the car would be something you would be interested in."

I think auto thieves would be VERY interested. Jack a watch, get a car! :-)

Dramsey | 14. Februar 2017

The Apple Watch can be locked with a passcode...

NKYTA | 15. Februar 2017

Who wants to be encumbered by a watch? ;-)

J.T. | 15. Februar 2017

@NKYTA Back in the late 60s a friend's dad showed us a watch he bought. It looked like a bracelet and had no face. But, if you pressed a small button on the side the time of day appeared on the bracelet. It was cool until I realized that the guy now needed two hands to tell time.


erabu.buggy | 15. Februar 2017

Didnt Tesla get one of the programmer people from Apple? I think i remember reading it on here somewhere.. and i am not saying it has to be an iWatch or whatever equivalent gadget is out in the market now, and addressing the security issue i am sure there are ways to prevent theft. or have a selfie camera in the mirror that snaps a picture when the car is started.. i know there is an application for phones that does that.

just a thought..

Rocky_H | 15. Februar 2017

@erabu, Quote: "@Rocky_H.. i picked up on that,, hence the sarcastic comment. i was not however aware of the frequency of the appearance of said engine. this is not a question about ludicrous sci fi garbage."

You say it was a sarcastic comment. Have you heard of Poe's law?

"Without a clear indication of the author's intent, it is difficult or impossible to tell the difference between an expression of sincere extremism and a parody of extremism."'s_Law

You know that you intended it to be sarcasm because you understand that it can't exist. But there have been plenty of people here who would sincerely say that same thing, so we don't know that you don't believe it and were joking.

NKYTA | 15. Februar 2017

Late 60's? I've met you, you aren't that old! ;-)

Remnant | 18. Februar 2017

(1) A credit card-size fob would be a nice upgrade.

(2) A recently mentioned Regenerative PV Cloak/Shell would help to keep the car's inside cool during heat waves, better than reflective materials.

(3) Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM) versions of Teslas could substitute for the Ludicrous upgrades, because of PMM's constant power up to max speed.

janendan | 18. Februar 2017

Has anyone tried Sunport? A plugin outlet that searches for solar power sources.

janendan | 18. Februar 2017

Maybe every Tesla should be delivered with one of these in the charging kit. | 19. Februar 2017

I would like Tesla to offer a line of lithium-ion cell-based golf cart battery replacement kits.
Much longer life.
Zero maintenance
And, when I get frustrated,
I can hit them with a 4 iron and blow the cart and clubs up, unless I shank them.😖

massimob30 | 19. Februar 2017

Look into a Chinese company that made a small graphene battery, results are impressive so far.

jdonovan | 20. Februar 2017

I'd like a Tesla lawnmower.

JHB10 | 21. Februar 2017

A Tesla trailer, that doubles as a huge powerwall.
At home you hook it up to your house.
on long trips it doubles the size of the car battery and gives extra storage space.

windhover93 | 21. Februar 2017

Tesla should really look into the motorbike market. There are already electric bikes in the market, and bikes have enough bulk to accept a battery pack.

Rocky_H | 21. Februar 2017

@windhover93, The fact that there are already electric bikes in the market is the reason why Tesla doesn't need to push their way into that. The market is already being served. Full sized four wheeled vehicles is a market that Tesla is creating and has plenty on their plate with that.

Quote: "and bikes have enough bulk to accept a battery pack."

This seems backward. The tiny frame of a motorcycle means very little space to mount and hide batteries and onboard charger, which is why it is so hard to get long range on an electric motorcycle. You don't have a huge body to distribute batteries into, like a car.

I do have a Zero motorcycle. Zero is at the head of the pack for electric motorcycles. Brammo was bought by Polaris, so they are now selling them under the Victory brand. And there are Vectrix and others.

Bubba2000 | 21. Februar 2017

iPhone/Smartphone case with key fob built-in. Use thin Li-Poly battery that is replaceable. Then it would be one less item to carry. Loose Smartphone/fob? Use a find phone app.

Partner with Winnebago, Thor, etc and supply battery packs, drive train. Big problem with the self propelled campers is that they are gas guzzlers. Then they need generator when parked away from campgrounds with power outlet. May be just supply Powerwall to be added to ICE trailers.

bish | 21. Februar 2017

I second jdonovans motion for a lawnmower

Jcolligan | 21. Februar 2017

I live in South Australia and our local government has been very proactive in moving our State to wind and solar power. unfortunalty we have suffered recently from several blackouts (actually caused by winds bringing down transmition towers) however the pro coal lobby and naysayers are blaming our blackouts on the lack of coal sourced base load power and we are quickly becoming the power generation laughing stock of Australia despite leading the nation in renewables.
Obviously tesla's home battery storage is one small answer at an individual level.
However I recently visited a wind farm and was impressed by the sheer size of the towers. Wondering if there is a Tesla opportunity to manufacture "battery towers" so that the the wind turbine and tower become a complete generation and storage system.
I would imagine storage so close to the generation source and dual use of the tower would have some real benefits Cheers Jim

SimonR_AU | 21. Februar 2017

Like the idea Jim. In Victoria (state adjacent to SA) there is a currently an expression of interest open for battery storage in the Western side of the state. Could be linked across the border. Have emailed tesla in case they some how missed it. I think people are fed up with getting ripped off and regular outages that many will order their own powerwalls for home.

On my wish list...
A mag rail using tesla batteries and solar panels on the ISS. use for launching micro satellites and counteract loss of speed by sending capsule (eg waste) of equal force in the other direction. Efficient due to 1. solar energy build up enough charge to gain sufficient acceleration (instead of combustion) 2. minimal friction and no air resistance.

Tesla ute based on the model 3 chassis. 2 doors, large tray, low to the ground.

Powerwalls as a UPS. Not sure if this possible with existing powerwall 2. Queried already, but no response received. Would love to replace the large number of UPS' in various worksites with a reliable, high capacity, 10 year warranty powerwall instead. ie it would need to be instantly providing power in outage and software smarts of a quality UPS would be welcome.

Selling drivetrains / battery systems to another car company could be a way to ramp up investment in additional gigafactories.

Tesla tractor with programmable autonomous mode (baling/racking/harvesting). Perfect robot work.
Saw the John Deere demo on electrek a while back. Sure that could be improved upon. Perhaps a joint venture?

More for spaceX/NASA feasibility study on if a solar shade could be setup between the earth and sun for influencing day/night on parts of ocean to cool it. (ie a solar eclipse) Cheapest way I can think of to cool the planet should we reach the worst case scenario over the next 50 years.

A powerwall plugin that you can hook up a reverse exercise equipment to. ie an exercise bike with a generator on it. Get fit, trickle charge the battery.

/crazy hat off

erabu.buggy | 22. Februar 2017

I was thinking may be a joint venture with Disney to serve a Star wars Droid that is integrated with the Power wall... have your own house droid. they already have rumbas and things.. but the size of them should be sufficient to hold a nice processor and a good size battery. shouldn't be too terribly difficult to get a little droid to follow you around. load it into the model 3 or the roadster X-wing style and roll out to create havoc for the Republic, or go pick up groceries, you know, whichever is on the agenda for the day.

Have already started building mine. Just not sure of the battery sizes available from Tesla.

brando | 27. Februar 2017

Tesla supplies drive trains and battery packs to Mercedes - Smart and B-Class and the old Toyota Rav4.

How about wind generation, which needs storage and inverters just like solar.

Ross1 | 28. Februar 2017

Interactive holographic Elon Musk giving test drives sits beside you in the car.

brando | 07. März 2017

JHB10 | February 21, 2017

A Tesla trailer ... for hauling or camping or ...


This would make a fine rental product.

sosmerc | 07. März 2017

How about a trailer hitch option on all Tesla models.....that would be a start. Lot's of utility trailers on the market for a variety of uses. But if the car is not factory approved or equipped, where do we stand?

Madatgascar | 08. März 2017

Ever been canoeing on a silent, pristine mountain lake and had someone start up a big loud outboard motor and blast across your path, leaving a trail of smoke and an oily sheen all the way over the lake?

A Tesla boat would be awesome. Model S already floats, just needs a propellor and keel.

sosmerc | 08. März 2017

There have been some attempts at performance electric powered boats, but they are just not quite ready for prime time. But I am sure it is going to happen. I think it was Mastercraft that had a functional tournament ski boat that was all electric. It ran for about 20 minutes before the battery needed to be recharged. But it did pull quite strongly !

Ross1 | 09. März 2017

Australia has found itself woefully short of electricity recently, with outages in SA creating havoc and panic. Our Prime Minister has declared it an emergency.

Thru Lyndon Rive, Elon's cuz, Tesla has offered to fix it in 100 days with Powerwall 2 en masse, as installed in Calif recently.

I have started a thread on that here.

Give this some consideration: we are not exactly a third world country. Rive said that the GF could rise to the occasion, and I guess 200 other countries could suddenly want Powerwall.

Remnant | 09. März 2017

@brando (February 27, 2017)

<< How about wind generation, which needs storage and inverters just like solar. >>

How would you get the wind to blow, from a fan?

You might need a sail as well.

topher | 09. März 2017

"A recently mentioned Regenerative PV Cloak/Shell would help to keep the car's inside cool during heat waves, better than reflective materials."

Unlikely. Reflective coatings can reflect up to 95% of incoming energy. PV absorbs about 15%, the rest gets transformed into heat.

Thank you kindly.

Frenchy | 09. März 2017

Warning: What i'm about to say may be a tad sci-fi however ,

I would love to see Tesla look into the ability of utilizing or storing the energy in lightning. It would be a game changer. Either to store energy directly somehow, or, if that's impossible, use the energy in lightning to power an object that will then create energy that can be stored.

Frenchy | 09. März 2017

Tesla worldwide Internet/Cell phone service. I have heard a mention of Internet but not cellphone included. The prices in Canada are quite steep. If the prices could be reduced the potential to takeover the market is there.

Ross1 | 09. März 2017

Lightning is a manifestation of a power that is already there. Capture that.

carlgo2 | 09. März 2017

@Frenchy: You are alluding to Musk's low orbit satellite plan? He was talking about huge clouds of satellites all built on the cheap in volume and launched by reusable rockets. Nobody could match the costs and the entire world could be served. Not sure if this is to be just for cell service or if fast internet is part of it.

On another thread I suggested a huge solar utility. Maybe desalinization plants too? Don't forget the Hyperloop!

erabu.buggy | 09. März 2017

i have already contacted Tesla about my amphibious drive system alredy designed and ready to go, waiting a response.

Remnant | 10. März 2017

@topher (March 9, 2017)

<< Reflective coatings can reflect up to 95% of incoming energy. PV absorbs about 15%, the rest gets transformed into heat. >>

The relationship between the captured vs reflected energy is a major concern in PV engineering. These components of the processing of incident energy are complementary rather than exclusive of each other.