Lost my Ludicrous Mode!

Lost my Ludicrous Mode!

New to the forum, curious how has your repair experiences been so far? Any SW features removed?

To all Tesla owners, perhaps some specific for 2016 and later P100D owners, but maybe any car owners below...

Up to 6 of my personal friends and coworkers over the past 4 years have purchased seemingly increasing sales volume Tesla Model S's, surely a fun ride with newest technology features that I'm sure everyone on this web site is more knowledge than myself. So I pulled the trigger and bought a top-of-the-line 2016 used floor model P100D from in-stock inventory with the original sticker listed $153k with all of it's options from San Diego. Having a discount since it had more than 100 miles on it, and reading and discussing with friends about what seemed like a history of happy customers buying a line of cars that have held their resale value as well, I didn't even have a chance to see the actual vehicle before I closed the deal as I was on travel, but rather simply trusted sales. At a price of 4 times your basic electric vehicle, I'd heard that the customer experience and maintenance would pay for itself. Even if these cars were still fairly in prototype phase or repair worthy, since they have recently upgraded to 8 cameras and are still awaiting federal approval for autopilot features and other SW add-ons I'm sure, once these rolled out as a purchase option, things would pay for themselves and warranty would prove worthwhile, eh?

After arriving back in town and being delivered the car on Jan 4th that was purchased on Dec 31st, I figured it was final and ready for the customer with any and all options, both SW and HW installed, at the time/mileage of the DMV title transfer as explained by the delivery agent. For example, even though I thought I saw on the web site that all P100D's had 'ludicrous' installed, this car also had it, whether or not that meant I was going to blow through my performance tires once a year instead! But I sure loved the ride and I hope others have to.

The issues so far....

1. Side-view mirrors not working:
We're now almost 2 months later, and as far as I've noticed, there have been at least 3 SW updates while I sleep comfortably at 2AM, so far seems like a list of various feature improvements that didn't concern me. But I contacted repair center on Mira Mesa Blvd regarding the side-view mirrors, most importantly the driver's side, where sometimes I didn't even noticed that they did not extend out into position until I was already on the freeway ready to change lanes! What a potentially dangerous issue! I thought it might be a mechanical failure, but the repair center already admitted to me to be a SW failure, and I was told to wait for a SW update coming soon. The solution is to push the retract/extend button multiple times while driving, typically 5 or more, until finally it extends completely out to position. No SW fix yet, anyone else? Going to see if I can get it repaired today.

2. Sunroof stopped working:
I'm not sure which one of the 3 or more SW updates caused this, and I have yet to find the time during my work week to make it into the repair center, but has anyone else had their sunroof recently stopped working? I know it worked at the time of delivery, but we sure had a lot of rain in the past month, so I have to make it in to get that looked at. I noticed this not working about 2 weeks ago after one of our big rain storms here in San Diego. But then I called yesterday and they were able to fix it on the phone why I was driving! We'll see if it happens again.

3. 'Ludicrous' removed from the car:
This seemed a bit crazy if the company wants to maintain an image of customer satisfaction. Apparently, 'ludicrous' was an option that costs $10k, and the car was delivered with it at the mileage specifically filed with DMV when the title was transferred, but it has now disappeared without customer notification sometime in the past 2 months. I emailed the delivery agent about it, is that even legal since it affects the resale of the vehicle? Why would they care except to piss off the customer? Here was the short conversation below...

Question to the delivery agent:
Regarding the Model S P100D delivery, as a used car purchase when we accepted delivery, the statement was made that a feature called 'Ludicrous' acceleration was included in the installation of the vehicle. Perhaps you might recall the 'Merry Christmas' comment that because it was already installed on the floor model vehicle, then as a used car purchase the option was permanently installed w/the vehicle? For some reason, the later SW updates seemed to have removed that feature which I had thought on the web site back in Dec it was stated that all 100D's included that SW option. Now, the rumor is that instead it is a SW feature which costs on the order of $10k to purchase instead. Is that true? Would Tesla have the ability (or the right) to remove SW features after delivery of a used car purchase?
Agent's Answer:
Regarding Ludicrous, at the time of your purchase Ludicrous was an option, an option which you did not pay for. I remember telling you that your car has this option now and it was not removed prior to delivery so enjoy it, but as it was not in your configuration, it could be removed at a later date. I also mentioned to you that Ludicrous is a $10,000 upgrade. Therefore, since the Ludicrous option was not purchased, it was removed from your vehicle by our headquarters.
And an attachment was sent listing a set of options that were included with the sale of the vehicle, whether or not the SW had these options correctly or incorrectly installed at the time of transfer of title.

So my questions for everyone are:
1. Has anyone else gotten any price discounts/rebates when their automobile features have stopped working, or..
2. Has Tesla removed features that they may have claimed were not paid for after the time of delivery?

In general, the product surely is a fun car, but given my experiences so far in the past 2 months at the extremely high top-end cost of this product, I don't think the company wants to maintain a good customer relationship for their long-term success instead of recoup-ing initial investment costs perhaps. But, perhaps I'm incorrect and have approached these repairs incorrectly? Looking for advice from others on the forum... thanks!

reed_lewis | 02. März 2017

When I pickup my inventory model 60D at the end of Dec 2016, it was configured as a 75D. It had to be reconfigured as a 60D and there was no discount allowed at all for the upgrade to the 75D.

So I would not expect to get any sort of Ludicrous discount for ludicrous mode.

Teslas are sold based on what is in effect as the date of the build, not the date of purchase. For example, the car I purchase had the sunroof and premium package but they were both cheaper than the current price because at the time the car was built that was the price.

I was not aware that Ludicrous mode was not initially part of the P100D.

tenorman | 02. März 2017

But it was delivered/built with ludicrous, how can they remove it weeks later after I own it?

KP in NPT | 02. März 2017

Have you called them re: ludicrous? I thought all P100Ds have ludicrous standard - it should not be removed.

KP in NPT | 02. März 2017

Ah I see you did contact someone - maybe someone else here can confirm, but I think the person you spoke with is mistaken. I thought all P100Ds have ludicrous standard and maybe this person is not understanding that.

carlk | 02. März 2017

Like KP in NPT said there is only one version of P100D. Something does not jibe.

DonS | 02. März 2017

Is there a window sticker, or can you get a copy of "as built" record? Anything other than that should be explicitly spelled out in writing.

rxlawdude | 02. März 2017

Something doesn't smell right.

tenorman | 02. März 2017

Yes, in fact, the original floor model window sticker was left in the trunk and showed all options that they were displaying the car with, and from what I saw on the web site about P100D's and what the car was delivered with, from the delivery agents answer and a phone call to their office in Miramar, they claim that each SW option had to be paid for individually even though this one was installed when they delivered the car. To me, it kind of seems like selling a used laptop to someone, then hacking into it a few weeks later, and deleting some programs. However, my question is more or less why would they want to do that. My only guess is thinking someone is going to have fun with the options, and then be carefree enough with money to call them, ask about it, and then give them their credit card number to have it enabled once again. Why would they think that's a good plan or customer satisfaction or enjoyment however, after just forking over $130k for a "used" car? So I'm just wondering if anyone has had the same experience basically.

KP in NPT | 02. März 2017

The issue though is EVERY P100D has ludicrous as a standard feature. So it makes no sense they would "take it away." You paid for it already when you bought the car because all P100Ds came with it by default.

Which is why what they are telling you makes no sense, if your car is indeed a P100D. (I'm sure you know what car you have - but it seems they do not.). I would suggest escalating this over their heads.

carlk | 02. März 2017

I'm confused even more.

tenorman | 03. März 2017

Well, clicking on "My Tesla" on the top right of the web site here, it has then ... P100D below it. Can't get much simpler than that I suppose. Maybe there was a date that they turned 'ludicrous mode' into a sales option instead of including it w/all P100D's ?
Autopilot isn't available either apparently, still in 'federal approval' stage, as a new model type apparently?

Silver2K | 03. März 2017

+1 to all that said "ludicrous" is stock on P100D, not an option.

More proof (if true) that 50% or more Tesla employees are clueless

JC | 03. März 2017

if it was on the car when it left the show room, i would be suing them.. period. bait and switch...

can someone explain to me whty it cost 10k for a few lines of Code?

holidayday | 03. März 2017

Silver: "+1 to all that said "ludicrous" is stock on P100D, not an option. More proof (if true) that 50% or more Tesla employees are clueless"

But then how did the software get updated to remove Ludicrous mode??

tenorman | 03. März 2017

that's what I was wondering exactly. Or why would they decide to remove it without notification was even my next question, if they want to keep customers returning at such an early stage in business? Waiting to hear who else might have had any SW options removed after delivery basically. It frightens me even more that they would do this and then expect folks to trust an "advanced sale" of the $8k I paid for at the time of purchase of autopilot/full-driving mode, etc. that were not yet complete or approved at the time of sale. I just picked it up today from getting the driver's side mirror fixed, asked the service manager to demonstrate to me where the autopilot/self-driving features. He happily obliged and upon inspecting the driver's controls, concluded that I must not have paid for any of those features either. Very interesting so far, so I've emailed the delivery agent to ask about that also. Anyone else run into this issue on a newer 2016 or later model?

KP in NPT | 03. März 2017

Tenorman, have you escalated this or not? Something does not sound right at all.

I have never heard of this happening to anyone else.

ColdOne | 03. März 2017

Did you pay for ludicrous mode or not? Did you pay for the other features? Show Tesla the paperwork or contract proving what you bought and this all goes away.

There is nothing unethical or dishonest about removing features you didn't pay for, even if you got used to having them for a few weeks.

Ross1 | 04. März 2017

Obviously you have a very rare car: the only P100D without Lud.
Are you sure it has 2 electric motors.
Do you own TSLA shares BTW? (loaded question).

tenorman | 04. März 2017

KP, not sure who to escalate the issue to, but rather looking to hear if anyone else out there has had this happen to. According to the agent's reply, this decision was made at headquarters, so my assumption is that it was already escalated to some effect.

ColdOne, first of all, thanks for spending the time to include your opinion. My opinion differs however, that I feel that I paid for whatever this used car was delivered with at the mileage which was transferred logged with DMV, plus the contracted SW license features that were sold to be added when they were available in the future. Now, if it takes a PhD to determine what features are included and what are not for $153k, and a seller decides later that they do not want to include certain items because marketing figures out that it was not communicated clearly or they've changed their minds about charging new car customers for SW features that they've determined will now help their profit margins, then it's clearly not a product or a seller that I want to deal with. My question is clear, not what is people's opinions, but rather has this happened to anyone else?

Ross, I do own Tesla shares actually. Pls check your P100D to see if it has been removed in the past 2 months?

KP in NPT | 04. März 2017

I feel like I'm not getting my point across here. I'll try again.

EVERY P100D has Ludicrous STANDARD.

IF your P100D had Ludicrous "taken away", it was clearly done IN ERROR.

I am not sure where the communication is being lost between you and your agent. But the bottom line is every P100D owner paid for Ludicrous in the price of the car. Either you "agent" does not understand that, or you are not explaining it clearly.

Do not go by "the agent's" reply. Do not assume.

I do not know where you are located, but demand your "agent" give you the contact for your region's manager, or someone of authority at Tesla in Fremont. Maybe someone here can give you that info, I don't know it. If Ludicrous was taken away, it was a mistake. If AP or any other software option you PAID for was taken away, that is also a mistake.

I do not own a P100D, but I know what is standard. And again - no, I have never heard of this, and have never seen anyone else post about this issue. And after several days, no one else has said they have the same issue as you do.

tenorman | 04. März 2017

Thanks for reiterating KP, I am located in San Diego, so even though I had talked to the service manager and the delivery agent, I'll try once again to locate a manager both at a sales location this time, and if I don't have any luck there, once again the service location.

tenorman | 04. März 2017

And much appreciated of course, I'll update the status when i know the next step.

ColdOne | 04. März 2017

Tenorman, my opinion is actually that you are the one who is trying to scam the other party in this contract, that you are trying to weasel free upgrades that you didn't pay for. It is incredible (meaning unbelievable) that you think two Tesla employess conspired to screw you:

"Hey Bob, did we ever actually write down that this guy gets ludicrous in any of the paperwork?"
"No, he just wired the money and didn't ask for ANY paperwork."
"Sweet, let's yank it because of the fat commission check we won't be getting when he upgrades!"

You have the sales sticker with all the supposed options. If you paid what was on the sticker and it says "Ludicrous speed upgrade", "Autopilot Hardware 2" ,... then show it to them and they will clear up this misunderstanding. If you made a handshake agreement with NO documentation for a $150,000 car then while it is still incredibly unlikely they intentionally screwed you, you are not going to get much sympathy.

By the way, I don't know where you went to school but mine didn't offer PhDs in basic arithmetic.

Silver2K | 04. März 2017

tenorman | March 2, 2017
Yes, in fact, the original floor model window sticker was left in the trunk and showed all options that they were displaying the car with, and from what I saw on the web site about P100D's and what the car was delivered with, from the delivery agents answer and a phone call to their office in Miramar, they claim that each SW option had to be paid for individually even though this one was installed when they delivered the car. To me, it kind of seems like selling a used laptop to someone, then hacking into it a few weeks later, and deleting some programs. However, my question is more or less why would they want to do that. My only guess is thinking someone is going to have fun with the options, and then be carefree enough with money to call them, ask about it, and then give them their credit card number to have it enabled once again. Why would they think that's a good plan or customer satisfaction or enjoyment however, after just forking over $130k for a "used" car? So I'm just wondering if anyone has had the same experience basically.


can we have a link to that windows sticker?
just take a photo with your phone and upload to your cloud store and share out a link to it.

EcLectric | 07. März 2017

Well, I guess you'll just have to act normally now.

joe_jet | 07. März 2017

If you look at the Tesla vids on youtube there is one where they discuss tesla doing over the air downgrades to cars that were being run hard. If that is true I wouldn't even know where to begin with the issues, morality, loss of trust, I would have with that. It seems like a huge lack of privacy for Tesla to monitor driving habits for any purpose other than to improve the product. Could you imagine someone buys a Corvette and chevy notices they have been driving it hard then sneaks into your garage in the middle of the night nad throws in a nice detuned low compression lower performing engine! WTF!!!! They do mention in the youtube vid that all the tesla software detuning was undone and the cars were restored as delivered. I wonder if this S P100 L you purchased was caught up in that

Bwalters613 | 08. März 2017

ColdOne - How can he be trying to weasel them out of something that comes stock on the car?

ColdOne | 08. März 2017

Bwalters, do you have a reference for that claim? Tenorman, sure doesn't or he would have provided it to them (and us).

It's also possible that Tesla offered to turn off ludicrous and the other options in exchange for a lower price to get this used floor model out the door. There is nothing to support these defamatory claims. They might still be true, but tenorman is just not very credible.

KP in NPT | 08. März 2017

He says he drives a P100D. All P100Ds come with ludicrous standard.

Silver2K | 08. März 2017

If you don't upload a picture, it didn't happen.

Joe_jet, all P owners are aware of this issue and they don't take away the ludicrous option with over the air updates on any car that comes with it.

ColdOne | 08. März 2017

KP, all P100Ds configured TODAY come with ludicrous. His was probably a late 2016 model and the Tesla agent seems to believe that AT THE TIME it was an option. Even so it may be an option to turn it off on a used car if the buyer doesn't want it.

If you've never negotiated a discount on an option package that you didn't want (or claimed not to want) then you probably left a lot of money on the table when buying a car.

KP in NPT | 08. März 2017

AFAIK it was an option from the beginning. Are you saying that with the first P100Ds, it was an option?

This story still sounds very fishy.

ColdOne | 08. März 2017

No, I'm saying that I don't know and nobody has provided any evidence to disprove the claim from the Tesla agent. The OP is clueless, at best, and for all we know it wasn't even a P100D.

KP in NPT | 08. März 2017

Sorry was standard from the beginning.

KP in NPT | 08. März 2017

@coldone gotcha. :)

jkilch | 09. März 2017

The "P" represents ludicrous.

Ross1 | 09. März 2017

He owns TSLA shares, none of you picked up on that.
Fake news?
The OP needs to prove his position.

tlamotte | 09. März 2017

I am the one the one who sent my friend, tenorman, to this forum to seek help on his Tesla issue. Imagine my horror at reading many of the responses here? At least KP_in_NPT is trying to be constructive and helpful in his responses. I have owned my Tesla for almost 4 years 55,000 miles now and am still loving it. I like to think that I have been influential in getting 5 people to purchase of Teslas. I would really like tenorman to be happy with his Tesla. Please, if you don't have anything constructive to say, don't be a Troll. So, does anyone have a constructive suggestion or information, in addition to trying to escalate with the delivery agent? Has any one had any experience with escalating an issue? What's the best way to do this?

rxlawdude | 09. März 2017

@tlamotte, You've been a Tesla owner for "almost 4 years..." yet this is the first post I ever recall from you. Odd.

And really, if you can't figure out how to escalate an issue when dealing with a corporate structure (like writing a PAPER MAIL, CERTIFIED, RETURN RECEIPT to the office of the CEO), I'm not sure there's much more to say.

The issue here turns on one question: Did all P100Ds come with Ludicrous mode? My recollection is yes, and it wasn't an extra-cost option. I think the vast majority of posters in this thread had that exact same impression.

OK, so let's take Tenormin (sorry, drug reference) as reliably conveying his issue. Why the HELL has he not sent emails to corporate? And if those don't yield acceptable results, then why not use snail mail to the CEO?

Instead, he comes to the forum with a bunch of owners (and TSLA shorts bent on creating a controversy that benefits their pecuniary position), and no official Tesla Corp. presence. He got what he deserved.

KP in NPT | 09. März 2017

@tlamotte - I think the fact that no one has chimed in the week this has been posted to say this also happened to them, or that they've even heard of it happening, is at least some indication that it is very out of the ordinary.

please have tenorman escalate it and report back.

jkilch | 09. März 2017

I confirmed with Tesla Sales Corporate Toll free: (888) 51-TESLA or (888) 518-3752 that P=Ludicrous.
From a hardware standpoint they had to beef up some connections and cables to handle the increased current, the rest is software. It's Expensive and Fast the P represents Performance! ---No need to be rude on the forum.--Looks like the S forum might be a better place to post for technical and specifics such as this.

jkilch | 09. März 2017

Tesla in Florida confirmed Ludicrous was an option on the P90D but it was not an option on the P100D. All P100D's came with Ludicrous. (I've had a problem I have been working through with no charge for asking your question while I was solving mine. Hope it helps. I have the contact names if you need them.

Silver2K | 09. März 2017


P does not mean ludicrous, because I have a P85+ and it never had the ludicrous mode. The ludicrous option was introduced on the P90D out of the factory as an option and an opportunity for P85D owners to upgrade to ludicrous mode for $5k.

In today's Performance Teslas (P100D), ludicrous mode is standard not and option.

jkilch | 09. März 2017

And that is consistent with my last updated post. Seems we are approaching a consensus!

Bighorn | 09. März 2017

+1 jkilch

JayInJapan | 09. März 2017

OP, can you tell us how you know your P100D has no Ludicrous mode?

Silver2K | 10. März 2017


just realized you and I posted the same exact time (our last 2 posts). :)

lilbean | 10. März 2017

That's just ludicrous.

Silver2K | 10. März 2017