Removing lug caps on 19" wheels

Removing lug caps on 19" wheels

Trying to remove the lug nut caps (silver plastic caps) on my 19" wheels and some of them are too tight / stuck to remove with my fingers. Does anyone know of a tool that can be used to remove them without scratching? I searched eBay but wasn't sure if the tools on there will work with Tesla lug caps.

Thanks much

Silver2K | 05. März 2017

I was kidding about the truck cover puller by the way :)

brian_b | 05. März 2017

Ha. Thanks. Appreciate the quick response.

Silver2K | 05. März 2017
fosh | 05. März 2017

Discount tire damaged my caps before, and Tesla had to replace my lug nuts. With this tool, could the caps be removed prior to removing and reinstalling the lug nuts, thus avoiding the damage to the caps? If so, I would simply buy this tool and hand it to discount tire.

Silver2K | 05. März 2017


yes, that's their purpose.

fosh | 05. März 2017

Silver - thanks!!!

bishoppeak | 05. März 2017

Harbor Freight has some cheap plastic trim tools that work great.

rxlawdude | 05. März 2017

@bishoppeak - You needn't qualify that Harbor Freight has cheap (measured in $$ as well as quality) stuff. Sort of the department of redundancy. :-)

pastorjimkuchera | 17. März 2017

Caution: Not alk 19's have removable lug caps. For instance, my S85 is a May 2014 production. The caps are metal, and permanently fixed to the lugs, told to me by the Ranger Service in Indy. Sure enough. I watched the removal of the lugs today when I had the tires rotated. Check with your Tesla service folks , and they will let you know if you're are removable. If like mine, tell your tire service folks not to loosen, or tighten, the lugs with an impact tool or the caps will be rounded and difficult to remove.

George.p.lukes | 10. Januar 2019

see page 120 of the model 3 owners' manual...

Yodrak. | 10. Januar 2019

I bought a lug-cap removal tool, only a couple of dollars. I take the caps off before leaving the car at the tire store.

pssaini | 19. Februar 2019

A guy at Tesla service showed me how to pull the Lug cap with bare hands by putting fingers behind and pull out with steady force .I tried it myself it worked. I plan to pull them out myself before taking for tire rotation or other tire service.

DonS | 19. Februar 2019

My 2013 doesn't have removable caps. There is a thin chromed steel layer permanently attached to the structural steel lugs.

AERODYNE | 20. Februar 2019

Same here, and I intend to keep them on my 2015 ME even though the soft stainless caps were damaged by an impact wrench in the past. Breaker bar, a little patience, and a good 6 point socket work.

Sailfast | 20. Februar 2019

You can buy a cap remover at Audi dealers, costs under $4. This one is plastic. There are metal ones online at Amazon but some users say thesemetal ones scratch the wheels.