Where is the moderator?

Where is the moderator?

If i wanted to hear about Trump i would be elsewhere.Where is the moderator for the forum.?

lilbean | 26. März 2017

I know!

carlk | 27. März 2017

Did not know you dislike him that much.

Ross1 | 27. März 2017

How dare you use my name!

McLary | 27. März 2017



J.T. | 27. März 2017

@rosscvp Is there a poster who is not abiding by the guidelines at the top of the page?

>>>Tesla’s forum provides an online meeting space for owners and enthusiasts to exchange ideas that are entertaining, helpful and useful. <<<

I agree that Trump might not be considered useful, but I'll argue to the death against anyone who doesn't think he's entertaining.

jordanrichard | 27. März 2017

It's real simple, just don't read the threads about Trump. Nobody is forcing you to read those.

RedShift | 27. März 2017

While I agree with saying 'don't read them' (heck I told him in no uncertain terms in another thread) I do wonder if this bloke has a point. He came in foaming at the mouth a bit so I let him have it, but...

May be we should tone things down a little on the Trump thing. I absolutely dislike Trump, but is there a way to tone things down.

Dramsey | 27. März 2017

"General discussion about Tesla, EVs, clean tech, and more."

If anyone wants me opinion-- and you do, right?-- I'd say posts Scott Pruitt's EPA wanting us all to die in choking clouds of carcinogenic smog, warmed by runaway AGW, would be a valid topic, but general anti-Trump ranting would not be. I mean, it's not as if anyone's offered any searing insights that we couldn't read in a zillion other places online, right?

I'm a tech guy, and I do find it annoying that even my favorite tech web sites (Daring Fireball, Gizmodo, etc.) are constantly filled with this stuff. So far, the Daily WTF has remained clear at least.

Silver2K | 27. März 2017

I bet your momma is proud. Post your garbage elsewhere scum. This is a Tesla forum.

Silver2K | 27. März 2017

I must confess, I stole that line from the bottom of this page

massimob30 | 27. März 2017


This is what happens when snowflakes grow up to be adults, and their candidate loses an election. It can't be limited to an election, it pours into every facet of their lives. I would rather people cry on the web then they do it out I the real world.

rxlawdude | 27. März 2017

I find it amusing when hypocritical jerks use "snowflake" as a pejorative for people who believe in civility.

Silver2K | 27. März 2017

massimob30 | March 27, 2017
This is what happens when snowflakes grow up to be adults, and their candidate loses an election. It can't be limited to an election, it pours into every facet of their lives. I would rather people cry on the web then they do it out I the real world.


it's not about winners and losers, it's about what @rxlawdude posted above this post.

when you grow up (mentally), you'll understand

Mike83 | 27. März 2017

rxlawdude +10

MitchP85D | 27. März 2017

Yeah, we saw how "civil" those snowflakes were after Trump's election by smashing in store windows, torching a limo owned by a Muslim immigrant, and rioting at Berkley, CA when Milo Yiannopoulos tried to speak there!

rxlawdude | 27. März 2017

Um, those committing violence were NOT progressives. But sure, lump them in. Desperation calls for you to start arguing the ridiculous.

MitchP85D | 27. März 2017

Hey lawdude, you are so quick to disown a group that doesn't make you look good. But you are the first to scream RACIST at any conservative you disagree with!

Silver2K | 27. März 2017


I think it's good to disown those that protested with violence to show that this is not something anyone should condone.

as an independent, I was not for it.

RedShift | 27. März 2017


I can show you many instances backed up by videos where Trump supporters have resorted to assault. I'm not disowning the group that you cited above, but 99% of protests were peaceful. But you don't want to admit that.

SamO | 27. März 2017


There are terrorists, but most are white christians.

Silver2K | 27. März 2017

I don't think this thread is going in the direction the OP hoped it would.

SamO | 27. März 2017


MitchP85D | 27. März 2017

See if you can convince Bill Maher if Christian terrorism is a serious concern, when compared to the obvious.

rxlawdude | 27. März 2017

It took a few hundred years, but Christianity EVOLVED (dare I say, progressed) from its violent, "convert or else" Crusades and Inquisitions to where it is today. There are still radical Christian terrorists in modern times, but these are truly exceptions to the teachings.

The vast majority of Muslims decry terrorism in the name of Islam. And guess who dies in the largest numbers from Islamic terrorism? Other Muslims.

RedShift | 27. März 2017


Agree 100%. I am completely aligned with Bill Maher's thinking on this one.

massimob30 | 27. März 2017

Rxlaw dude,

Civility is not what I would call people who show up to rallies to start fights, or lay in their own waste complaining about their own bad decisions.

massimob30 | 27. März 2017


False narrative about Christian terrorist attacks, as Muslims killed over 3000 Americans in the 9/11 attack alone. We also had a president who labeled radical Islamic terror as workplace violence. Imagine getting shot at work and it being called workplace violence ?!

Rxlawdude - When polled, there is a strong desire for Sharia Law in the Middle East.

finman100 | 27. März 2017

yes, fake news is real. wow, the stupid just keeps showing up.

johndoeeyed | 27. März 2017

You said "Hey lawdude, you are so quick to disown a group that doesn't make you look good"
Would you like to disown the White Supremacists who support Trump?

rxlawdude | 27. März 2017

@massimob30, I'm sure you had a point about "strong desire for Sharia Law" in middle east countries that are primarily Muslim, and many with theocracies.

Get a different view where PROGRESSIVE thought and/or religiously diverse populations, like Lebanon and your point goes down the drain.

I really don't care what legal framework ME countries decide on. If it is through fair and democratic elections, they get what they want.

My point is, in general, the most backwards of the backwards countries are the strongest supporter of Sharia Law. Not a surprise at all.

rxlawdude | 27. März 2017

I can only imagine massimob, Mitch (who knows no Japanese people), and littled will go apoplectic when they find themselves as ethnic minorities.

I'd suggest they fight fire with fire and start reproducing, but ...

SCCRENDO | 27. März 2017

@Massimo. Do you know any Muslims and have you ever been to a Muslim Country? When you do we can begin a discussion.

Frank99 | 27. März 2017

OK, this is going to be unpopular, but...
Any religion based on the God of Abraham is incompatible with modern interpretations of civilization. Despite most Abrahamic-based religions currently renouncing the violence that defines their religion, all of them maintain the religious texts that command people to commit genocide, to enslave, to kill at the urging of a leader who claims to be in communication with God. Mainstream Jews, Christians, Muslims all claim not to follow the bloodthirsty, convert-or-die rhetoric of the old Testament, but all it takes is an unhinged leader to exhort their followers to follow the "true" teachings from the old books that have been suppressed to end up with airplanes flying into buildings, rockets flying into residential areas, and fanatics taking over the countryside and massacring tens of thousands who don't measure up to their standards of devotion.

How's that for a statement? Makes the religious arguments above seem a bit, well, pedestrian, doesn't it? Man, I've got to stop drinking before posting...

vp09 | 27. März 2017

+1 Frank99 on all points.

Silver2K | 28. März 2017

I remember the clean-up crew at the circus we attended in Baghdad, Iraq was very lazy. We sat in the front row and we were really having a great time until they did the elephant parade. One of the elephants took a dump right in front of us as it walked by. We smelled that dump throughout the time we were there...

I think it was against someone's religion to clean it up...

rxlawdude | 28. März 2017

@Frank - Yep. More people have died in the name of "God" (by others who thought theirs was the "better" God). I just did a lecture in my bioethics course comparing and contrasting the Abrahamic religions. All are guilty of fomenting misery either today or historically (and of course, for many, these same religions brought peace of mind).

SCCRENDO | 28. März 2017

On my way to Israel. Will update you guys on the religious front

RedShift | 28. März 2017

Oh cool. Have fun SC!

Mel. | 28. März 2017

big cap , assistant to little d,
Really not interested

massimob30 | 29. März 2017

SCCRENDO - I don't need to have visited a Muslim country to speak about Muslims, and yes I do know Muslim people. A truly moronic comment on your part, as I am an immigrant myself, and fully understand the immigrant experience here in the US. Despite your insult, I do hope you have a great trip.

SUN 2 DRV | 29. März 2017

Massimo: 3,000 people killed on 9/11, 40,000 people killed EVERY YEAR on our highways.

J.T. | 29. März 2017

@SUN 2 DRV Don't worry, we'll make more. :-)

SCCRENDO | 29. März 2017

@Mel. Guess you have popped up again.

Ross1 | 30. März 2017

@SCCR: Hope you enjoy your pilgrimage.
I went about 5 years ago.
Look out for the Israeli Air Force Base underground in the plain of Megiddo.
The planes come out of a hole in the ground at over 300 km/hr.

massimob30 | 30. März 2017

SUN 2 DRV: Driving is a choice, being killed on 9/11 wasn't.

SamO | 30. März 2017