Tesla Model 3 Pricing

Tesla Model 3 Pricing


I want to pre order , but can anyone guide me on the expected UK pricing


hoffmannjames | 09. April 2017

Tesla has not really announced anything final about pricing. All we know is that the 3 will start at around $35,000 with no options. At the current conversion rates, that would be around 28,000 GBP or 33,000 EURO.

Pkalhan | 09. April 2017

Nobody knows, We don't even knows the pricing of the options for the US market. All we know if that the base US version is going to be $35,000.

KP in NPT | 09. April 2017


Red Sage ca us | 09. April 2017

It will likely cost money to purchase.

Frank99 | 09. April 2017

>>>HK ≠ UK
Wouldn't that be special:
"In a stunning turn of events, China discovered a new map that obsoletes their "seven dash line", and creates a new "seventy-dash line" that includes Eurasia and half of the Middle East. As part of this discovery, the UK and other European countries have been named "Special Administrative Districts" of China".

Frank99 | 09. April 2017

To the OP:
I think pricing the Model S in the US and UK will be your best bet to guessing UK pricing for the Model 3. Currently, the base Model S is listed as $68,000 USD; you should be able to pull up UK pricing.

martin | 10. April 2017

old quote:

"The Tesla Model 3 will cost £30,000 or less in the UK, CEO Elon Musk has revealed.
Musk shared the pricing detail during the Prince's Trust Leadership Dinner tonight."

Haggy | 10. April 2017

Here's an article on GM's answer to autopilot. It may not tell you what options will cost for the Model 3, but it does point out clearly that manufacturers charge less for adding this sort of feature to cars that are lower down in the line than for the top of the line. There have been far too many people speculating that the options for the Model 3 will be priced the same as they are for the Model S, and there's no basis for that.

swingshiftworker | 11. April 2017

@Pkalhan said; "Nobody knows, We don't even knows the pricing of the options for the US market. All we know if that the base US version is going to be $35,000".

Agreed, nobody knows.

All you know is that Tesla has said that the base price of an M3 will be around $35k but nobody knows if it's going to be able to keep that promise or not..

Musk has said that he thinks that the average M3 will sell for $42k with certain unspecified options. So, the whole idea that the M3 will actually sell for $35k is pretty much a myth because few people (except maybe Uber/Lyft drivers will actually get a base M3 with absolutely no options, if that's even possible.

KP in NPT | 11. April 2017


Bighorn | 11. April 2017

Weird that he hangs around after buying a Bolt--seems to have NFC about Tesla.

SamO | 11. April 2017

I remember when I purchased Model S and everyone said "It has to cost $100,000." But my Mulroney Sticker coupled with my tax credits put my purchase price just over half that amount.


NFC sounds about right.

Red Sage ca us | 11. April 2017

swingshiftworker: The real myth is that it is possible to find and purchase an actual base version of the BMW 320 I for only $33,450. Or, a Cadillac ATS for $34,595. Or an AUDI A4 at $34,900. Any if them, at an 'independent franchised dealership'. Oh, but if you place an order for a $35,000 Tesla Model 3, that is exactly what you will get.

jarkkos | 11. April 2017

@swingshiftworker, If I end up buying a model 3 it will be a base model. I live in Finland and the M3 estimated pricing here will start at around 40 000€. In my country a 40k€ car is considered expensive and if you are a blue collar worker like me, it will be A LOT of money to spend on a car,
I believe that the average price of a new cars sold in Finland is something like 32 000€.

mattfog | 12. April 2017

I'm a UK reservation holder; am budgeting approx. £45k ($56k) for a mid spec model 3 (AWD, bigger battery + EAP) once VAT/other taxes added and an OLEV grant deducted (though grant only guaranteed @ £4,500 to March 2018 ... could reduce or be scrapped thereafter).

jdanielp_uk | 12. April 2017

As martin pointed out, Elon did say that the Model 3 would cost less than £30k in the UK. That was before Brexit though - the price of existing Tesla vehicles has gone up by over 15% since then (a small increase in October '16 followed by a larger increase earlier this year). I would anticipate the base model to cost at least £30k, possibly as much as £35k, unless the pound makes a spectacular recovery in the next year and a bit before the launch in the UK.