truck must be a TRUCK

truck must be a TRUCK

Looking through the photos of Tesla concepts for puckup trucks I have to say that it looks very disapppointing.
One of the photos is showing a copycat of F-150 with Tesla headlights that absolutely do not belong in there.
I have always owned F-350, and as most fo truck owners woudl not consider buying a truck that looks like a mutated car. Sort of like El Camino which was a major laughing stock of car industry. Now there is Ridgeline by Honda is out there, and it is as hideous and useless as it gets. A truck has TO be a truck- that's what will sell it. If Tesla is targeting those uncertain people that do not know what they want and make a little 'one size fita all', then Tesla will never win a tue pickup truck buyers that arae now willing to pay 80K for a new puckup, and will consider electric version. It has to be able to pull at least a trailer with a couple of dirt bikes on it, better a toy hauler. Definitley has to be able to go at least 400-500 miles.
Judging from what I see I wouLD not buy Tesla truck until lthey learn how make it.
By the way back seat/space is mainly not for passenger but for let's say motocross gear bags and other things that have to be locked up while we are riding and the truck is parked in the staging area.
Regular cab will not sell, everyone who owns a truck wants a crew cab no matter how many vehicles are in a household.
When Tesla figures out what truck peoplel want and make something similar to F-150 or F-350, then we may consider buying Tesla pickup truck.

Rocky_H | 14. April 2017

I agree, wholeheartedly and have brought this up before. Truck people want a truck that looks like a truck. Unfortunately, that means it's shaped like one of those cardboard boxes that a Big Mac comes in, not some aerodynamic swoopy-looking car-like thing.

Quote: "Judging from what I see I would not buy Tesla truck until lthey learn how make it."

Keep in mind that nothing has been released from Tesla yet. Every kind of rendering or proposed truck design has been from some starry-eyed outsider electric car driving non truck person. So it's not like Tesla has released bad designs and needs to improve. They just haven't released any designs yet, so the criticism is premature and misdirected for now.

Pricee2 | 14. April 2017

If it can't tow 14,000 lbs at least 350 miles it won't interest me.

Tropopause | 14. April 2017

The man, Elon, figured out how to make a reusable rocket, amongst many other things. I think he can figure out a pickup truck as well. How many semi's does Ford make? Elon's going to do both! "Seriously next level" is a disruptive statement.

Looking forward to a Tesla pickup truck!

mark.willing | 14. April 2017

When I saw the specs and drive system on the Nio-EP9 electric supercar,...I said to myself, "Now if they can put all that into a little car, imagine it in a truck." 4 drive motors with over 1000 ft-lbs of torque,...put to each wheel,...over 4000 ft-lbs,...insane.

I am driving a 2016 Tacoma TRD Off-Road 4x4,...s**tty gas mileage,...but a great sport truck otherwise. Now I am imagining it with 4 independent drive motors, one to each wheel, a decent traction control system,...even if it had 25% of the torque of the Nio EP9, would be a heck of an off-roader and toy hauler. No need for busted gear boxes, driveshafts, and all the typical antiquated "clunky" driveline of a truck. If the design of the battery pack could fit under the box,...that's a lot of surface area, and it would improve the front/rear weight distribution.

Seems to me, from an engineering perspective, it would be MUCH more simple to develop an all electric truck than an internal combustion engine truck.

Someone needs to get on this.

DTsea | 14. April 2017

El camino form factor is super popular in Australia. They call them 'utes' (short for utility)

DonS | 14. April 2017

Pallets, gang boxes, refrigerators, etc. are all rectangular and often tall. I never understood those stylized trucks with odd truck beds that cannot carry half of things you would want to carry. I hope Tesla makes a TRUCK and not an SUV with an open back.

SUN 2 DRV | 14. April 2017

"If it can't tow 14,000 lbs at least 350 miles it won't interest me."

No problem at 25 MPH.

Swoopiness becomes more important as the speed increases.

joemar10 | 14. April 2017

I'm not a truck guy, but it seems to me that if you put an electric motor at each wheel, you could solve a lot ot the ground clearance problems. Drive shaft, differential, etc.

reed_lewis | 16. April 2017

I work with a few people who own pickup trucks. All but one have never carried anything that could have been carried in a trunk of a car or back of an SUV.

Many people purchase a pickup truck and never use it as it is designed.

Remember the 80/20 rule. You design something for the 80%, not the 20%.

David N | 16. April 2017

reed_lewis pretty much hit the nail on the head.

lauriebhatia | 16. April 2017

did tesla have trucks?

Red Sage ca us | 16. April 2017

OP: Please understand that Tesla themselves never present 'concepts' of anything, ever. What you have seen elsewhere is artists renderings commissioned by various publications either from their own internal staff or from design firms they are in contact with. MOTOR TREND's Sister publication, TRUCK TREND, seems to have done the most sophisticated job of designing what they call a 'Model U' pickup, but if you have seen it, that too rather sucks. Not as bad as some, as you mentioned, but still not quite right.

That said, I do not expect a Tesla pickup truck to be a slab front monolith at all. I have noted for over three years now that it should go after the market segment denoted as 'Super Duty' by Ford, and 'Heavy Duty' by Chevrolet and RAM. Thus, it would target the 350/3500, 450/4500, and F550/5500 type vehicles first and foremost. Something with Class III, Class IV, and Class V towing capability.

Here are links to a prior data on the subject:

nadurse | 17. April 2017

Nothing official has been released yet so whatever you saw is just some made up BS in all probability.

If you look at the body of work from Tesla, they have never limped into anything or done something that wasn't impressive. So I am pretty confident that if they are going to design a pickup truck, that it will have all of the functionality and then some of comparable ICE pickup trucks. As Elon has said in the past when entering a new market(paraphrasing): you cant just put out something that is incrementally better than the competition, it has to be far superior to attract people away from what already exists.

People that I know who own F150/1500 and F250/2500 trucks, about 60% of them actually use them for hauling stuff. Whether its from Home Depot for house projects, or putting mulch/stones in the bed for landscaping, or towing a car trailer. Yeah theres a decent amount of people who just like driving a truck and making them look like an oil-rig Ferrari, but i think thats the minority. And there are a lot of people who like the small, inexpensive truck segment too. But when has Tesla ever started at the low end of a market? If they are going to start in the truck market, it will be on the higher end would be my guess, the kind of people who buy fully optioned 1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks.

carlk | 17. April 2017

What photo of Tesla truck? Do you realize none of those "renditions" came from Tesla?

jordanrichard | 17. April 2017

middesign, post the link from Tesla, of these trucks you are talking about, then we can comment.

Bill Korea | 18. April 2017

Unfortunately it is harder to change the attitude of a diehard truck person than it is to design an efficient pickup truck. Throw in the full-size bed, adjustable ground clearance that is low by default, a convertible cover and a sleeker shape for decent aerodynamics, and the diehards wont buy it because it doesn't look like an oversized version of a pickup from 50 years ago. Is this the same person who knows all about vehicles because they crashed the family pickup as a teenager, or just one of the majority who drive their trucks around empty, on paved roads? We need our trucks, but we don't need so many.

Mike83 | 18. April 2017

I would like good air suspension(1 foot) with a 9 ft. bed so I could lower the truck to add/remove stuff like rounds of cut wood without so much lifting. Then raise the truck up to move over obstacles. In another words a useful truck not a show off one. Of course I doubt the market for such a vehicle. | 18. April 2017

Elon: "Now, if we could just put a falcon wing tailgate on it..."

sunshinechen218 | 18. April 2017

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Rocky_H | 20. April 2017

I do think it's a little funny or short-sighted the bickering about whether "the" Tesla truck should be crew cab with shorter bed or small cab with longer bed. I would lay about 60% probability that they may have options for both of those when they debut their truck. Since they do offer the choice of number of seats in the Model X configurations, I could certainly see them offering those two major categories in their truck configurator to make sure not to eliminate a big portion of the truck market.

Bikezion | 20. April 2017

A decent sized frunk may eliminate using the crew cab backseat for gear. They could build a really wild, usable, truck if they do it right. A full length pass through floor for hauling a ladder, pipe or lumber up to 20' long is one of the things. Aadjustable suspension to lower load height to one step is another. A frunk tool box. Electric power take off. The ability to attach various implements, similar to a unimog. All wheel steering. A frunk mounted 5 gallon spring water bottle, for fresh cold drinking water, with a flip out sink in a door panel or center console and/or the frunk. And camelback like hoses to the passengers. An adjustable bed length/wheelbase. Getting rid of the antiquated drivetrain opens up all sorts of amazing possibilities. Exciting times! | 21. April 2017

Just build a solid, full-size pick-up truck that takes advantage of the battery-powered drive train and go after the bulk of the market.

See for example this article from a few years ago about the U.S. market.

Tesla doesn't need to build one of everything.

brando | 24. April 2017

"If it can't tow 14,000 lbs at least 350 miles it won't interest me."

What truck can do that now?
Price range is what?
Fuel useage/mileage, how big is the storage/fuel tank, cost to fill where you live.
Towing speed you experience, unless you haven't yet found said interesting truck.