Model 3 interior colors ???

Model 3 interior colors ???

Please please can we have RED !!!???

bobinseattle | 23. April 2017

I would like to see a dark charcoal grey, with some wood trim accents.

Bob in Seattle

Red Sage ca us | 23. April 2017

Something other than black hole black would be nice. Carpet options would be nice, for cabin, as well as trunk and frunk.

csmith476 | 23. April 2017

I actually like the black, plus I would prefer to spend as little money as possible changing it.

My concern is heat. Any owners have a black exterior and black interior? What is the temperature inside the car with that combination?

melinda.v | 23. April 2017

all black interior for me - hopefully with some carbon fiber trim :)

bobinseattle | 23. April 2017

I had a black car with black interior in 1968 in Fresno Calif. I got baked and fried in at car every day. In the Summer (103 degrees) records would melt in my car. No thanks.

Bob in Saeattle

kayaktom | 23. April 2017

I want the tan leather on my blue Model 3

Pkalhan | 23. April 2017

I'm hoping to get the white interior that they are now offering with Pearl white exterior.

g_g.tatham | 23. April 2017

I live I Fresno, CA and a grey or tan interior would be comfortable. Carbon fiber is a plus. Does it come in different colors ?

Ehninger1212 | 23. April 2017

X25273737 for red interior!!

topher | 23. April 2017

Matte black provides the least distractions to important things.

Thank you kindly.

4fishtankz | 23. April 2017

g_g.tatham, I'm right there with you, lighter interior for me too, tan or light grey. Had a BMW with both the black and lighter interiors, the black interior BMW we nick named the "human oven" and you had to turn on the air conditioner when the weather went over 70 degrees. We don't have that problem with the lighter interiors.

4fishtankz | 23. April 2017

panoramic roof and a black interior, could slow cook dinner while at work :).

daver6640 | 23. April 2017

I was at a Tesla Test Drive Event this past weekend and I have got to admit the beige looks nice! I was thinking of getting a black interior but Fresno temps well over 100.
I was asking the Tesla rep about Model 3 and the rep said nobody knows which options will be available for Model 3. The rep did say that Tesla was considering streamlining the process of building the cars by having an exterior color choice with a certain pre-determined interior color! Of course, it's pure speculation but it does make sense if Tesla is looking to ramp up production and ease the ordering process. Just thought I would share the info.

Ross1 | 24. April 2017

As a TSLA holder:
Why would we need to vary the colors at a cost to us?
We have over 400,000 orders. Why not make them all the same, inside and out?

1234emga | 28. Juli 2017

For energy/cooling efficiency I need a light interior in the South. I don't want to use all the battery power on AC! White is impractical for real people with coffee and a dog, or a dog that drinks coffee....

JAD | 28. Juli 2017

Unlike an ICE car, A/C uses relatively little energy, it is heating that uses LOTS of battery. No free wasted heat from an inefficient engine in an electric car.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 28. Juli 2017

JAD: Thanks for using the abbreviation 'A/C'... Whenever I see simply 'AC' I think 'alternating current' instead. ;-)

95dawg | 28. Juli 2017

I'm going for Storm Trooper look if possible:
White on white with shadow gray rims.

AttackOfTheMac | 28. Juli 2017

You can have it in any color so long as it is black

Bluegilmore | 29. August 2017

I'm in Texas and would really like a lighter color interior, like grey. White is impractical, and I'm not a huge fan of the tan.

carlgo2 | 29. August 2017

So, the people have spoken. The interior color choices will be: Black, red, gray, white, beige/cream and blue. Or you can have combinations of these colors such as, say, cream and gray. And, you can order fabric seating panels in any of these colors and combinations.

Any interior color can be ordered with any exterior color, of which there will be thousands as all cars will be wrapped with your choice of color.

George with SacEV | 29. August 2017

My fantasy preference would be a saddle interior with a metallic green exterior. Given the likely real choices......probably a tan Interior and either multicolor red (which would be my 3rd Tesla in that combo) or pearl white exterior.

bryandbaker | 29. August 2017

I am so0000 on board w/ a red interior. White exterior. Great combo.

coolnewworld | 29. August 2017

Tan interior for me. White if the planets don't align with my request.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 30. August 2017

bryandbaker: That combination has worked great since the very first Corvette came to be.

bmz | 30. August 2017

I fear that the choice will be black and white.

Sandy’s 3 | 30. August 2017

Black and white. Cream introduced with the PXXD.

sannyber | 30. August 2017

Being a minimalist, I would love the combination of black, white, gray and beige.

JuJo0 | 30. August 2017

https://lh3.googleusercontent com/geSoddNw3E9B4KOYE-WA4VVNrInvDh6Wr-CE9hSO3lRp7pCKYMQtphUwz5lno8EBP2Xpygi8tiXoyJuLBIguapcZqPGx-6Q7eUG5xMGfIKCwSSY3lM3_8sSrUpCaFLzTgxRFX9jFKAs=w1014-h760-no

Are my eyes deceiving me from the lighting, or is this a gray interior?

Carl Thompson | 30. August 2017


Yeah, the "black" interior is more of a medium-dark grey.


Tim_jacobsen | 30. August 2017

I have the dark gray exterior and the black interior and live in Southern California (with frequent trips to Palm Springs). I was concerned about the black interior but have found it to be a non-factor (surprisingly). On the flip-side, our Prius has a black interior and that car really heats up. Overall I wouldn't hesitate getting the black interior again

AFJAYMO | 30. August 2017

Which future options will be made available to order, and when?
We are planning to introduce the following options in the coming months:

Fall 2017: White interior option, standard configuration (non-Premium Upgrades)
November 2017: Standard Battery, $35,000 car
Spring 2018: Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive

jwsholtis | 30. August 2017

White interior seems a bit impractical but having a "lighter" interior color option available is definitely desirable. Why wasn't beige offered versus white?

Jonathan | 30. August 2017

I don't know if the ultra white interior on my MX is the same as what will be in the M3, but after 18 moths, my ultra white seats are flawless. My MX is a tour vehicle so it gets a lot of use and everything looks like it did on day one. I consider the white interior to be quite practical.

Ocean11girl | 31. August 2017

I'm going to order WHITE interior hoping it's an option for April-June delivery. Crossing my fingers! Love the white interior. Very classy and clean!

Debiha | 01. September 2017

While black interior is attractive, and blends in well with most colors. Due to climate differences it would be nice to have a light interior option as well.
Since Black, and grey are in the same family. White is attractive though to delicate, and usually requires much maintenance. A tan might be a good option!

KP in NPT | 01. September 2017

@Oceangirl - white is supposedly going to be available this fall, so you should be good.

stevenroglen | 01. September 2017

@1234, i LOLed at work reading your comment.

I currently have a tan interior and was skeptical at first but have come to enjoy it (2015 sonata). It hides the dog hair amazingly well so that would be optimal. Too bad i keep getting torn on paint colors. Was originally sold on the blue, but seeing some of the other colors has my head spinning. Maybe keeping the interior simple will help me mentally haha