New supercharger map awesome

New supercharger map awesome

check out the new map of 2017 planned superchargers and destination chargers
this one can actually be enlarged (scaled) previous ones were much more vague still great
and the plan to increase California superchargers by 150% including urban areas wow
some NEW sites are probably planning on enlarging older ones,-66.94,25.82,-124.39,d?search...

larry | 24. April 2017

I live in Washington and the map is totally bogus. Something happened because Washington was accurate a few months ago. Now, known super chargers are missing and others that have been in place for years are listed as "coming soon"

What is going on?

Lubdub | 24. April 2017

I think coming soon means upgrade to an existing one

Rocky_H | 24. April 2017

The map really has gone weird. The existing Supercharger just north of San Diego is missing, but three coming soon ones are shown around the city.

Haggy | 24. April 2017

It does, and it's not just Washington. The new map is a confusing mess because it makes it seem as if the current network is inadequate. Even the oldest locations, Harris Ranch, Tejon Ranch, Gilroy, and Barstow show up as coming soon. Those, along with Folsom and Los Angeles were literally the entire supercharger network in the beginning. The latter two also show "coming soon" but also show open locations.

stevenmaifert | 24. April 2017

When Tesla says "coming soon", we all know what that means; right? Also, goal doesn't mean promise, but if they pull off just half of what is showing on that map, that would truly be impressive.

TM21 | 24. April 2017

The 2016 map was awesome too, but it was just fantasy.

Al1 | 24. April 2017

Awesome plans.

Al1 | 24. April 2017

With superchargers Tesla has been consistently about 6 month behind announced plans. Comparing to the task at hand, not that bad.

2016 map is close to be completed.

bp | 25. April 2017

It is time for Tesla to get very serious about supercharger installations, because there's a lead time in securing locations & permits, doing the construction, and then opening the superchargers. And if they succeed in beginning Model 3 production in a few months, if Tesla isn't deep into their supercharger expansion by the end of the year, they risk losing Model 3 reservation holders if it appears there aren't enough charging locations to support their cars.

Similarly, it's time for Tesla to get very serious about service. Even though Tesla cars should require less service than ICEs, when customers want to schedule service - they don't want to wait a month or longer for routine service. Adding more Service Centers and quickly deploying a fleet of the new mobile Service vans also needs to be done in the next 6 months, otherwise Tesla also risks having service constraints discourage Model 3 purchases.

Tarla's Driver | 25. April 2017

The difference with the new map is they're saying which towns they're looking at, which indicates more than just dropping a few dots along major highways. I'm optimistic that each proposed location indicates that the team is actively looking for a site, so it's reasonably likely that many of them will be built this year. I suspect many of them they've already found a site. We should get a much better idea of what to expect over the next few months as we see how many permits and construction sites are listed on

Rocky_H | 25. April 2017

@stevenmaifert, Quote: "When Tesla says "coming soon", we all know what that means; right?"

Apparently Tesla doesn't know what it means since they are marking many of their existing sites as "coming soon".

SamO | 25. April 2017

Or perhaps something "new" is coming soon to that location?

SamO | 25. April 2017

Or perhaps something "new" is coming soon to that location?

carlgo2 | 25. April 2017

Cheap, clean coal powered chargers, the obvious update, and mined locally when possible. Simply vent the exhaust down gopher holes to get rid of it and gophers. Win, win.

Either that or the map people are not sure what is going on but have to post something...

vp09 | 25. April 2017

Fantastic plans. We're going to the Commerce and the Downey sites soon to lay flowers.

Red Sage ca us | 25. April 2017

Yes. Plans. Remember when Elon said they would cover over 90% of the U.S. population with about 200 Superchargers? Well, there are now over 350 Superchargers in place. Yet, bellyachin' beyond belief.

Rocky_H | 26. April 2017

@SamO, "Or perhaps something "new" is coming soon to that location?"

But why are they intentionally being confusing? There are three categories they are trying to show now:
(1) Existing sites not being changed
(2) New sites that will be built
(3) Existing sites with expansions planned

So why are they insisting on using only two different icons? (red and grey) That is going to be confusing no matter what, using only two symbols to designate three different things. There are other colors that exist that can be displayed on computer screens, but it's Tesla's slavish addiction to the "red only!!!" color scheme that makes them trip on their own feet like this.

SamO | 26. April 2017


I totally agree with your assessment, except with there are two other possiblilies.

"Hanlon's razor is an aphorism expressed in various ways including "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity" or "Don't assume bad intentions over neglect and misunderstanding." It recommends a way of eliminating unlikely explanations for a phenomenon (a philosophical razor)."

I think "misunderstanding": Tesla may be conflating categories 1-3 for their own strategic reasons.

Tesla lays the breadcrumbs and then "keeps their powder dry" with the rest of the news. IF Tesla is going to launch "Supercharging Showroom/Lounges/Bathrooms/Food/HealthClub" product of some sort, then they want to telegraph generalities to the public and details later on. Owners know about Harris Ranch. But do they know about the swap station? Swap could be repurposed as a lounge. There are already bathrooms attached. Great place to try out SuperSupercharging with liquid-cooled connectors OR test the Tesla Semi between the largest port in the US (Long Beach/San Pedro) and Bay Area for limited route planning.

Rocky_H | 26. April 2017

@SamO, While I like the content and idea that you proposed and agree that Tesla may want to do that type of thing, I don't see it being related at all to this problem of using two icons to represent three things. They have changed Superchargers that already do exist and are operational and changed them to grey dots that are "coming soon". That is just false and misleading.

SamO | 26. April 2017

So your vote is for "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity"?

Rocky_H | 26. April 2017

Yes, that one. Well, I attributed it to that all along.

SamO | 26. April 2017

That's why I was confused when you wrote "why are they intentionally being confusing?" which is why I gave them the benefit of the doubt that there were intentions, no matter how poorly communicated.

Rocky_H | 26. April 2017

Oh, well, I guess I was saying it wasn't "malice", like being mean or ill-intentioned. It was more like thoughtless or lazy, which I think is almost the same as "stupidity" in that old saying.

SamO | 26. April 2017

And I guess that they are being wiley/cagey about the exact shape of their next expansion. I hope we hear more at the shareholder meeting on the 4th. I'll try and live-blog the meeting and hopefully someone will ask about the incongruity of the map ;-)

mntlvr23 | 26. April 2017

Glad to see Breezewood, PA on the map

RP3 | 27. April 2017

@RockyH "The existing Supercharger just north of San Diego is missing" Where is the one just north of San Diego? I'm in line for a model 3 and live in San Diego and would love to know where there's one outside of the qualcomm one I've seen on the map.

SamO | 27. April 2017


Coming soon includes:

La Jolla
El Cajon
Downtown San Diego
San Clemente (South Orange County),-116.90816,32.534856,-117...

mcsario | 28. April 2017

I love how they changed their mind and decided to put Superchargers for use by locals instead of exclusively for long drives! They will eventually make money off of it since new Tesla owners only have so much free charging every year.

mjgarrison | 28. April 2017

Still no easy way to get to Florida from central Arkansas. I guess I need to get out of this backwoods state, even though we finally got our first supercharger installed this month.

Bighorn | 28. April 2017

That's not a new idea--it's been espoused by Elon for years.

reed_lewis | 28. April 2017

The interesting thing is that some of the new locations are listed as "Target opening by end of 2017", but others are listed as "Target opening date to be confirmed"

I wonder what that means...

SamO | 28. April 2017

@Bighorn . . .


We’re putting Superchargers in cities, not just between cities. And this is obviously important in places like, you know, Beijing, Shanghai, London, San Francisco, New York, where at times people may have a challenge with having a fixed parking space. It’s more like some of those people don’t have a definitive parking space. And they might have street parking or something, you know. London is particularly tricky one; where there’s – it’s got lot of high-end neighborhoods just have street parking.

Rocky_H | 28. April 2017

@RP3, Quote: "@RockyH "The existing Supercharger just north of San Diego is missing" Where is the one just north of San Diego? I'm in line for a model 3 and live in San Diego and would love to know where there's one outside of the qualcomm one I've seen on the map."

That one at Qualcomm is the one I was talking about. When Tesla first updated their "Find Us" map, that one and a couple of others had gotten accidentally deleted and was missing for a day or two. It's back on there now.

RP3 | 28. April 2017

Ahh...thanks, Rocky! In retrospect, I guess I really shouldn't care about finding a supercharger close since I'll be charging at home at all times other than the long road trips...and in that case, that's too close!

Rocky_H | 28. April 2017

@RP3, Yeah, I like the saying, "The most important Supercharger for a Tesla owner is the one 100 miles away from him."

janendan | 28. April 2017

When do the 350+KW Superchargers make their debut?