It was at the Dayton, Ohio supercharger with California plates and was accompanied by a MS that had some monitoring device mounted on top and they travelled in pairs. I pulled in in my new MS100D to charge and took one look at the nose and said wow. My wife took one look and she said "That car is gonna sell like hotcakes." They were pulling out and the driver made eye contact with me and had a big smile on this face. Thats a long way away from home base!

lilbean | 14. Mai 2017


RedShift | 14. Mai 2017

Cool, except for the fact that you had to be in one of the most boring cities I've lived in.. :-)

Bighorn | 14. Mai 2017

Someone got video of a Model 3 in OH last week--they thought it might have been delivered in an enclosed trailer.

carlk | 14. Mai 2017

No pics? You should post this on the Model 3 forum.

David N | 14. Mai 2017

Thanks for the report

KP in NPT | 15. Mai 2017

Was it black? Where are the pics?! ;-)

+1 Bighorn - a black model 3 was spotted on a Supercharger in Cincinnati a couple of weeks ago.

Dofpic | 15. Mai 2017

YES it was black. followed by a white MS with that dome on the top.

ReneeDexter01 | 15. Mai 2017

That's really cool!! awesome..

Captain_Zap | 15. Mai 2017

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Transportation Research Center, Inc. (TRC), is located in East Liberty, Ohio.

"NHTSA requires the continued professional, technical and administrative support services of TRC to staff and maintain daily operations to conduct the scientific and technical activities to support NHTSA's requirements for Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and the existence and potential consequences of safety-related defects.

"VRTC is a research, development, test, evaluation, and investigation facility of the \NHTSA.  VRTC is located on the property of the TRC; a component of The Ohio State University at East Liberty, OH.  NHTSA has utilized the VRTC facility for over 40 years to conduct scientific and technical activities, which support NHTSA's requirements for FMVSS testing for safety-related defects as well as performing applied research to develop performance criteria for new vehicle safety countermeasures, including objective performance tests and associated test procedures.  VRTC is NHTSA's in-house research, development, test and evaluation laboratory and has historically resided on the property managed by TRC. 

"As the principle research/testing facility for NHTSA, projects related to crash avoidance, crash worthiness and biomechanics technologies are pursued by government researchers at VRTC.  NHTSA conducts both static and dynamic testing at the test facility which includes the following major facilities:  a 50 acre Vehicle Dynamics Area, 7.5 mile High Speed Test Track, Crash Test Facility, Crash Simulator, and Skid Pad.  VRTC personnel plan and conduct interactive, long-term, or quick reaction projects with the purpose of including, but not limited to the general advancement of the state-of-the-art understanding of motor vehicle and traffic safety.

"In-house research into automotive safety provides the necessary governmental expertise and insight into the technology which surrounds many automotive safety issues.  VRTC must identify and evaluate alternative approaches to resolving day-to-day technical issues that require quick reaction capability.  VRTC is also involved in examining long-term problems, where the issues are not fully developed and where a mixture of analytical and experimental effort is necessary to promote the most sensible solutions.  VRTC also conducts engineering research, investigations, and tests to identify or confirm the existence of safety-related defects that may adversely affect vehicle control and traffic safety.

"TRC is currently the only independent automotive testing facility sufficiently equipped to fulfill the research requirements of the VRTC.  The TRC facilities such as:  the Crash Test Facility, HYGE Sled (crash simulator), a 50 acre Vehicle Dynamics Area, Brake Soak, Brake Slope, Skid Pad, Winding Road Course, 7.5 mile High Speed Test Track, and other test surfaces which are located at the same site as the VRTC, provides unmatched capabilities not readily available to NHTSA anywhere else.  Testing and research that has to be done by government researchers within NHTSA, including support of rulemaking initiatives, defects analysis, long-term research, anthropomorphic test device development, etc. dictates full-time daily usage of the facilities and test surfaces provided by TRC."

click411 | 15. Mai 2017

does anybody know it model 3 has good drivers legroom I am 6ft 5

nadurse | 15. Mai 2017

@Dofpic - "and took one look at the nose and said wow" ... is that a good 'wow' like that thing is a lot better in person or a bad 'wow' like i can't believe that's what the design will be?

KP in NPT | 15. Mai 2017

Don't know if this is true - but this guy claims almost 100 model 3s are at/around the NHTSA facility undergoing testing.

Ehninger1212 | 15. Mai 2017

100 model 3's?!??!? ... super stoked!

Ehninger1212 | 15. Mai 2017

P.S. I'll volunteer to be a crash test dummy, if it means I get to drive one early :D

KP in NPT | 15. Mai 2017

LOL. Google earth/satellite shows the test track(s.),+OH/@40.298431,-83.5397867,242m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x8838d2cbb2d3a2bd:0xd07d61f00a08411f!8m2!3d40.3310881!4d-83.5818921!6m1!1e1

jordanrichard | 15. Mai 2017

NHTSA wouldn't need 100 of anything to crash test. Front end collision test, 1 car. Rollover, 1 car. Side impact, 1 car. Perhaps they test rear collision as well, so add one more car, but certainly not 100.

rxlawdude | 15. Mai 2017

@Ehninger1212, Yes, but as a crash test dummy you won't live to tell anyone about the experience. Then again, it's a Tesla. You may walk away with that story to tell.

KP in NPT | 15. Mai 2017

They do more than crash them at the facility. Not saying that means there are the numbers that guy claimed...

Virtual tour of the test tracks:

Captain_Zap | 15. Mai 2017

My bet is that they are testing self-driving as well due to the facilities affiliations.

Mike83 | 15. Mai 2017

OH man. This is very cool.

Dofpic | 15. Mai 2017

It was an awesome WOW. Redshift said he did not like Dayton. I do not know it well but it is one off the best locations for a SC with so many options there including Meier's Starbucks, Chipotle,Panera and many others right off the highway. Very easy on and off. And my car was charging at 395mph with two other cars charging. You can't beat that!

SCCRENDO | 15. Mai 2017

My cousin used to live in Dayton. Small town with a cool air museum. The Wright brothers are from there.,_Ohio

dsvick | 16. Mai 2017

Hmm, East Liberty is 2 1/2 hours from my house .... I've got vacation time .... Need a good camera with a telephoto lens.

hsuru4u | 16. Mai 2017

looks like a bmw 3 series or audi a4

RedShift | 16. Mai 2017


Just kidding. I have fond memories of the place. My first driver's license was from the DMV there. Also my first ticket.

Compared to California, it's more boring, more friendly, and more laid back.

AlMc | 16. Mai 2017

Another TMC poster is confirming that there are a 'number' (none specified) at the TRC test facility. :)

I don't live in Ohio so I can't drive over or fly a drone there to confirm. ;)

SUN 2 DRV | 16. Mai 2017

An M3 was sighted in Cincinnati, now an M3 was sighted in Dayton, further north on I-75. Keep this up and it will soon be in Detroit probably to stir up the angst and ire of the other auto companies. :-)

finman100 | 16. Mai 2017

I can see the Model 3 parade now going around the block of GM headquarters. Go Tesla!

Earl and Nagin ... | 16. Mai 2017

It would be kind of hard to beat the in-your-face display when Tesla employees drove a Roadster from CA to the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, in January. Then they put it in their booth without washing it - complete with all of it's road.

Mike83 | 17. Mai 2017

Well done.
Silver seems to be the preferred color now. Not sure which one my wife will pick.

finman100 | 17. Mai 2017

I need to search for that story. Very cool.

Dofpic | 19. Mai 2017

I probably do not need one with two MS 70A &100D but if I had to pick it would be silver with white interior.

warren_tran | 21. Mai 2017

I wish the display console would look more integrate with the dash instead of looking like a 17" monitor sticking out.

KP in NPT | 21. Mai 2017

I'm hoping we get a bone re: the model 3 at the VIP tour/model 3 viewing

Bighorn | 06. Juni 2017


viki.rekords | 06. Juni 2017

Hi Tesla,
I test drove a Model S a few months ago. I have one observation and request. No hand holds on the roof to get in and out of the car especially the back seat.

I am short and getting old. I am not the only old short person who would like hand holds to help get in and out of a car. It helps with balancing.

Bighorn | 07. Juni 2017


rxlawdude | 07. Juni 2017

@Bighorn, did you get your period? . :-)

Bighorn | 07. Juni 2017

No, I had a hemi-colectomy

SamO | 07. Juni 2017

That'll leave a mark.

Haggy | 07. Juni 2017

How fast do hotcakes sell in Ohio?

Bighorn | 07. Juni 2017

Bernard Bromwell--you're wanted on Page 2

tweety123480 | 09. Juli 2017

I just saw a silver model 3 in Centerville OH (Just south of Dayton). 100% positive it was a model 3. The front end is like nothing else. It had Ohio plates too.

KP in NPT | 09. Juli 2017

I would be shocked if a release candidate had Ohio plates. I thought they had to have CA manufacturer plates, and only production cars would have otherwise?

SUN 2 DRV | 10. Juli 2017

Maybe Ohio dealer plates or something similar????