Has anyone seen a TV commercial for ANY Plug-in Electric Vehicle?

Has anyone seen a TV commercial for ANY Plug-in Electric Vehicle?

Not standard hybrids. But any actual plug-ins? Even for partial Electric/gas? Like a Ford Fusion Energy type? Forget Tesla. I know they don't do any advertising.

David N | 28. Mai 2017


mntlvr23 | 28. Mai 2017

I did see one Tesla commercial once, over a year ago

DTsea | 28. Mai 2017

Mntlvr.. i think you didnt. Tesla doesnt advertise.

I saw 1 Volt commercial aboit 5 years ago.

mntlvr23 | 28. Mai 2017

I may be mistaken, perhaps I saw a TV show cover one of the unofficial commercials

UnshodBob | 28. Mai 2017

Here's a Porsche plugin hybrid tv ad that I think I might have seen on tv.

FISHEV | 29. Mai 2017

The market is small and most of the EV's are advertised via targeted internet marketing.

Bluesday Afternoon | 29. Mai 2017

@ Pg3ibew

"Has anyone seen a TV commercial for ANY Plug-in Electric Vehicle?"

Yes! In Southern California GM is pushing hard on the BOLT in both TV ads and LA Times.

rlwrw | 29. Mai 2017

Toyota mentions the PEV Prius once in a while in commercials covering the entire fleet.

Pg3ibew | 29. Mai 2017

Thanks for the replies. In NYC, I NEVER see any commercials for them. I don't even see them IN the commercial. I look for the PLUG IN gas caps.
I drive a Ford Fusion Energy. I am on the list for a model 3 Tesla.

KP in NPT | 29. Mai 2017

I've never seen an EV ad. I did see the Volt mentioned as an aside in a Chevy ad about 4 or 5 other vehicles.

That's part of the thing for me - when OEMs spend money actually advertising their EVs, I'll believe they aren't selling compliance cars. The Bolt was Motor trend's car of the year and not a single national ad despite them spending billions on advertising every year. I live in a ZEV state and still don't see them advertised.

Bluesday Afternoon | 29. Mai 2017

@KP in NPT

The LA Times has run multiple full page ads and just recently doubled down on the Bolt by the Times Auto reporter, Charles Fleming. The same reporter who drove the Bolt from Monterey, CA, to Santa Barbara.

or ;-)

Still have 1362 Bolts sitting on Southern California dealership lots.

Pg3ibew | 29. Mai 2017

I will say it again. There is ZERO advertising. I am their best AD in NYC. I post my 200+ miles per gallon all over Facebook. And I brag to whatever friends will listen. BUT.....People are still not sold on it.
The power of advertising, or in this case, LACK OF advertising, is amazing.

Pg3ibew | 29. Mai 2017

To the point, when I went to purchase the Ford Fusion ENERGI in early 2016, not one, but 2 dealers talked me OUT OF BUYING. Until I did my own research. Then I went back and wanted the car and they STILL tried to DISSUADE me from the car.

Silver2K | 29. Mai 2017

A while back there were tons of volt commercials. The guy would be pumping has and kids would say "I thought it doesn't use gas?". Volt at a drive thru. The commercials never worked so they stopped them. I live in upstate ny.

Silver2K | 29. Mai 2017


Silver2K | 29. Mai 2017


The bolt will not sell well for 3 reasons

1. It's a joke compared to what the M3 is at a lower price.
2. The car is not featured as well as the gas cars on the sales floor.
3. Lacking charging network.

RedPillSucks | 29. Mai 2017

@Pg3ibew, I'm curious as to what reasons they gave you to not purchase the car you wanted.

Haggy | 29. Mai 2017

I haven't paid much attention but I'm pretty sure I have. It might have been for a plug in hybrid rather than a BEV though.

SUN 2 DRV | 29. Mai 2017

GM ran some controversial ELR ads back when it first came out.

Pg3ibew | 29. Mai 2017

1. Both dealerships said the car was too expensive. Neither dealer mentioned the 7500 tax incentive.
2. Both said the battery technology was terrible and claimed they had no idea how long the batteries would last. Never mentioned that the batteries were warrantied.
3. Both said I would need to Pay an electrician a lot of money to install the house charger. BOTH neglected to tell me that they come with a 120v standard plug in. And neither knew I was an electrician and would install the 240v charger myself.
4. Both said the range was terrible. OK, After I did my research, I realize that my Ford Fusion ENERGI is NOT all electric. And obviously does not get the electric range of a Tesla. But 257 MPGe on this tank of gas is nothing to sneeze at. And 199 MPGe for the life of the car. But both dealers made it sound as if these cars absolutely SUCKED.

After I did all my research and went to a different dealer, he was 100 percent INDIFFERENT and outright told me that he knew absolutely ZERO about the Fusion ENERGI.

What I mean by indifferent. His attitude was, "If you really want a Fusion Energy, I will find one for you at another dealer. But I have all of these beautiful Gas models over here to choose from."

Madatgascar | 29. Mai 2017

ELR commercials were obnoxious monologues about why America was better than "the rest of the world" and said zero about the car. I wouldn't want to buy any car that associated me with that kind of attitude. Total fail.

Madatgascar | 29. Mai 2017

BTW I had the same dealership experience when I went to buy a Volt. There were none to be seen in the showroom; the dealer drove me on a golf cart to a maintenance shop where he showed me THE FILTHIEST car I have ever seen at a car dealer. He said they just got it in and hadn't had the chance to clean it up, and they kept it in the maintenance shop because "you need to keep these things plugged in all the time, and it's a big hassle" to keep them charged in the showroom. We went for a test drive where he made comments like "it works for some people I guess." Then we went back to the showroom and sat down next to a yellow Camaro that was polished to a high gloss. When other customers walked by, he would say "Isn't she a beauty?" I got truthful but dispassionate answers to my questions, and left half expecting some of the usual car-dealer pressure to close the deal. I never had any follow up from them.

Then the Model S came out and I bought two of those.

mntlvr23 | 29. Mai 2017

When I test drove the Volt, the salesman knew nothing about the car and couldn't even start the car. When he got someone to help, it started immediately, he had just been confused since it made no noise. We did the test drive, but the remaining range was only 15 miles and over the course of the next 2 or 3 miles (where I was gunning it a lot), it dropped to 6 and I decided to cut the drive short.

However, I did think it was a decent car - though if I decided to buy one, I would get one 2-3 years old used and save two thirds the cost, as it depreciates faster than I can boil water

Ross1 | 30. Mai 2017

New Zealand, the energy supplier is running ads in prime time to support all electric cars

Rocky_H | 30. Mai 2017

Yes, but barely. I've seen commercials for the BMW i3 that were shown repeatedly during something I was watching last year. Maybe it was Olympics or something? And then I've seen a few commercials for the plug-in Audi A3 e-tron.

And I see tons and tons of Chevy commercials--they show them in the previews before movies and a lot on TV. In one of the ones about all of the awards they have won, they have a row of cars, and then there is a vertically scrolling screen with a list of all the awards they have won, and they challenge people to try to keep up with reading them. I have been really really looking in that commercial for the Bolt and Car of the Year. I think the Bolt may be one of the cars that is in the row in the background, but I'm not totally sure. They sure don't mention it.

chenfamily | 30. Mai 2017

Chevy Bolt is being pushed very hard here in SF Bay Area, at least as radio commercial on KCBS.. everyday I hear at least 5-7 times as Woz as spoken person for 2-3 different Cheverolet dealers. All ended with some special monthly payment.

I might've seen a few on TV..

Frank99 | 30. Mai 2017

I'm glad to hear that Chevy is finally pushing the Bolt. It's a good car, and deserves to be successful.

rxlawdude | 30. Mai 2017

Hyundai is pushing the ioniq, too.

SUN 2 DRV | 30. Mai 2017

chenfamily: That's very interesting... I listen to KCBS for over 3 hours a day while commuting (6:30-8:00 AM and 5:30-7:30 PM) and I don't recall ever hearing a Bolt commercial. :-) However I did see a very cute black Bolt on my way in this morning...

SUN 2 DRV | 30. Mai 2017

tbouquet: I agree with your reaction to the ELR commercial.... and I just realized that it was a precursor to much of our current political climate..... good call........

RedPillSucks | 30. Mai 2017

@Pg3ibew, tbouquet, mntlvr23
Damn! Your guys experience makes the case for Elon cutting dealers out of the loop. I'm stunned that Tesla legal team hasn't recorded some sample car shoppers experiences just to bring to the state legislatures to bolster their argument.

Also, the Volt is a serial hybrid. Even if the battery had no charge, it should still drive if there's gas in the tank. I'm stunned that the dealers would know so little (or nothing at all) about the cars they're suppose to sell.

I really didn't intend to make a "political" statement with a Tesla purchase, but now I feel like buying anything else rewards the automakers (or dealers) complacency and outright contempt for car buyers.

wife: It's just a car. Why would you pay so much to go from A to B
me: It's not JUST a car. It's a statement.

UnshodBob | 30. Mai 2017

@SilverP85plus - I've never seen any of those ads you linked. The burger one was funny.

This topic will make me notice any BEV/PHEV ads I see in the future. :)

Silver2K | 30. Mai 2017

The only one I haven't seen is the long one with the drawings, the rest I've seen on tv in upstate ny

mark.willing | 31. Mai 2017

It would appear that, currently, most of these vehicles are ordered and purchased by folks who have done their research, walk into the dealership, and the salesperson is only used to facilitate the paperwork. Example: My wife and I have been leasing and purchasing vehicles from the Toyota dealerships in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, for many years. We purchased a Rav4 hybrid in 2016. We have owned a 2010, and a 2013 Rav4, the vehicle, all-wheel drive for the winter, seating position, cargo, etc. At any rate, the salesperson asked us, "Why the hybrid this time?" noting the lot full of non-hybrid Rav4's at a cheaper price. I told him that if Toyota made an all-electric Rav4, we would be purchasing that. He looked at us surprised like we were crazy. "Good to know." he said. So, just a few weeks ago, that same salesperson calls me up. "Mark, we have a Prius Prime Advanced (plug-in hybrid) that just showed up in our showroom. We want you to look at it." I had the day off, go down there. Beautiful car, loaded with every possible safety and comfort feature. The salesperson says to me, "It was ordered 6 months ago, just came in, the person who ordered it cancelled at the last moment." Well, I brought my 2016 Tacoma in for possible trade,...well, this would be an early lease termination with penalties on my part,...the math didn't work out,...I would be paying a few hundred more a month for the Prius than the Tacoma. But, interesting to note, when I asked about the Federal tax rebate on the plug-in hybrid, the salesperson was not aware of any such rebate,...and this is a guy we have been dealing with for nearly 10 years,...not inexperienced, a major metropolitan, busy, auto dealership. So, the point being, some manufacturers may not be putting any effort into selling these vehicles, nor educating their sales staff on those vehicles, are making folks special order them, and then making them wait upwards of 6 months to receive there car. | 31. Mai 2017

Nope bump over Korean attack

PhillyGal | 31. Mai 2017

@Pg3ibew - Yes! And actually, it was the Ford Fusion Energi plug in.

For a while during football season, Ford was running these really short commercials, always two back to back. One of them was for the plug in. One was a mustang. There was at least one more and sometimes alternate pairs would air together (1 and 2, 2 and 3, 1 and 3).

I saw it quite a lot actually, in the Philly market, during Eagles games.

PhillyGal | 31. Mai 2017

Wait, I was wrong. It was for the all electric focus and the commercials were called "By Design."
Google "Electric performs. By Design."

PhillyGal | 31. Mai 2017

But the commercial's own words were "Charged Up. By Design."

The Mustang one it was often paired with was "Demands Attention. By Design."

rxlawdude | 31. Mai 2017

@mark - the federal tax credit is for plug-in hybrids is substantially less than the $7500 for full BEVs. (IIRC, I got $2500 for my Plug-in-Prius back in 2014.) The Prime has a bigger battery, but I'm not sure it hits the threshold for a higher tax credit.

brando | 31. Mai 2017

BEST AD for BEV - Battery Electric Vehicle

https://youtu. be/gzVms9f6xzU


brando | 31. Mai 2017

Swap in Li Ion batteries for these Lead Acid batteries and what range would you guess?
https://youtu. be/fLknNrrL6QU

brando | 12. Juni 2017

https://youtu. be/ZPhBjED0PBs

stevew737 | 12. Juni 2017

Leaf and Volt ads were quite common 6 years ago.........but not lately.

El Mirio | 12. Juni 2017

Audi put Billboards up mentioning Musk's name, guess Tesla will let the competition do most of their bidding :o)

nadurse | 16. Juni 2017

BMW i3 during the Super Bowl (this year or last year). It was pretty good from what I remember.

rxlawdude | 16. Juni 2017