Viewing forums

Viewing forums

Testing on Firefox

Do I need to be an owner to be able to see all the sub-forums?

Gizmo | 29. Mai 2017

OK it appears Safari was the issue with starting a new thread, anyone care to answer if I need to be an owner (rather than just having resereved a Model 3 to open up the rest of the forum?

mntlvr23 | 29. Mai 2017

I think that there are private threads that you need to be a owner to be able to view. But the four main forums can be viewed by non-owners

Bighorn | 29. Mai 2017

The regional fora are for owners.

Gizmo | 29. Mai 2017

Thanks, I can understand not being able to view a section unless you are an owner of that model but I would have thought the area ‘clubs’ would be viewable depending on your location, all I can see on the home page are:

Model S
Model X
Model 3

(it looks like I may be able to post in the Asia and Connecticut as these are in bold in the drop down menu in the ‘Post new Forum Topic’ page, but they are not visible in the home page, all the rest are greyed out)

Gizmo | 29. Mai 2017


Thanks so if and when I receive my Model 3 they will then become viewable.

lilbean | 29. Mai 2017

Tesla granted Eagles owner privileges on the forum. Tesla employees enjoy the entertainment.

Gizmo | 29. Mai 2017

Oops I forgot to add I was in the UK, which is why I was surprised the Asia and Connecticut sections were in bold (I have not tried posting in them though)

Bighorn | 29. Mai 2017

You'll get access when you get your car. Here's what's available. Forgive the probable poor formatting of a cut and paste:

All Regions






United Kingdom




New Jersey

New York

Northern California



Southern California


Washington DC

Gizmo | 29. Mai 2017