Beach House in Outer Banks NC with Tesla Charger

Beach House in Outer Banks NC with Tesla Charger

Hey all. I absolutely love my Model S P90D Ludicrous. We own a Beach house in Duck, NC (Outer Banks) that we rent for a lot of the summer but we also spend some time there. I of course want my Tesla with me there and the nearest Supercharger to the North is Norfolk VA- plenty close to get you to Duck but too far to charge at mid-week. We all know plugging in to a normal exterior wall outlet (if you can even find that) at 3mph range per hour isn't practical. So I had installed a NEMA 240 outlet same as we all probably have in our garages at home to charge overnight. If you are interested in vacationing in the area, having this type of outlet for your Tesla makes all the difference.

Below is a link to the rental house. There is actually one unrented week this summer coming right up June 10-17. Then there are open rentals again beginning in October (at a much cheaper rate than the summer months). Next summer will have numerous availabilites, they haven't even opened the rental reservation period yet for 2018.

If you are interested, I would also offer an additional 5 percent off the normal rates for Tesla owners first rental. Just tell the rental agency to ask the owner to approve a 5 percent discount for a Tesla owner.

The house is called "Quack Attack" and Twiddy is the rental agency.

Here's the link:

Happy driving!