Date of final reveal

Date of final reveal

What do you think how many days prior to the reveal will the date itself be announced?

eeb9 | 27. Juni 2017

My guess? Two weeks

markr7 | 27. Juni 2017

End of July (Sometime during the last week of July)

carlk | 27. Juni 2017

I think there is a possibility that Tesla will just go to the delivery mode without a formal "reveal" event. There is really no point of doing that when you have enough reservations to fill up a year's production queue. No tto mention first production cars will go to Tesla employees who likely already have a good idea of how the car is like anyway.

socaldave | 27. Juni 2017

Reveal announcement, July 5.

Reveal Pt 3, Friday, July 21.

(Based upon zero actual knowledge of the situation)

Frank99 | 27. Juni 2017

socaldave -
Hmm, Sorry, that won't work for me. I'll be in the middle of Lake Powell, cut off from civilization. Can you have that pushed back a week?

ddrmadness | 27. Juni 2017

And if you could get those TPS reports for Frank too, that'd be great

Frank99 | 27. Juni 2017

One of my favorite movies of all time. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

Iwantmy3 | 27. Juni 2017

Date announcement this Friday
Reveal on July 27

ddrmadness | 27. Juni 2017

@Iwantmy3: I like it, it would probably be a big help in the recent silde of the stock price.

@Frank: awesome! Mine too! Not sure how exactly but I was totally picturing him when you said "Hmm, sorry, that won't work for me"

ReD eXiLe ms us | 27. Juni 2017

It seems someone may be making a reference to a movie I haven't seen, but all my Friends say I should check out...

Badbot | 27. Juni 2017


JAD | 27. Juni 2017

I think it will be announce this weekend for an end of month event. Not because much will be learned, but for the publicity stunt and coverage it will receive. WE know all about the 3, but most 'normal' people don't :0

msafalow | 27. Juni 2017

Invitation to Launch Event: July 3-5
Model 3 Launch Event and First Delivery: July 29-31

msafalow | 27. Juni 2017

Invitation to Launch Event: July 3-5
Model 3 Launch Event and First Delivery: July 29-31

greg | 27. Juni 2017


Don't forget to use the new cover sheets on those TPS reports


It [Office Space], is a great movie.

I had a Red Swingline [The Tesla of staplers!] on my desk for a while, where I stapled TPS cover sheets with it.
But no one else got the joke.

And the red faded in the sun to a dull red. But it still stapled fantastically well.

Swingline came out with their red Swingline stapler directly because of the movie.

And the great opening music track, is a song called Mambo number 8, and if that name rings a bell, its probably because the name reminds you of the [Lou Bega cover] song "Mambo number 5".

And you'd be right to think both are related, as both were original songs by the same composer, the Cuban Mambo King - Perez Prado, originally recorded in the 50's and 60's.

Frank99 | 27. Juni 2017

I still own a red Swingline stapler. Our former office manager had never seen the movie, so I told her she had to watch it. She enjoyed it so much, she found and ordered the stapler for me as a present.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 28. Juni 2017

greg: Yeah. That's what I thought it might be... People have been after me to watch 'Office Space' (1999) and 'Clerks' (1994) for years, among others. I'm pretty far behind on anything that isn't a Michael Bay Style Explosathon... I still haven't seen 'The Godfather' (1972), for instance -- though I did at least see 'Apocalypse Now' (1979) -- 'Citizen Kane' (1941) was good, but I swear that 'Gone With the Wind' (1939) was the worst movie ever made. I'd rather watch 'The Manster' (1959) or 'Plan 9 from Outer Space' (1959) instead.

dsvick | 28. Juni 2017

So, we are so desperate now that we are speculating on the date on which they'll announce the date that they make the next announcement?

Awesome, I'll play too. I'm betting they announce it next Thursday, the 6th.

Iwantmy3 | 28. Juni 2017


Maximillian | 28. Juni 2017

My guess is July 10th, It is Nikola Tesla's birthday

Ross1 | 28. Juni 2017

August 6

info | 28. Juni 2017

dsvick: yes I am very desperate because I still do not know the final price and availability for my order
and I am not sure that I will go for it if it goes above 40k EUR.
Meanwhle I miss very good offers like a 2015 BMW 435i for 30k

dsvick | 28. Juni 2017


No worries, I was being sarcastic, you do see the rest of here everyday don't you :)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 28. Juni 2017

greg: Also, 'Mambo No 5' and 'Mambo No 8' are quite nice. Reminds me of Lalo Schifrin's Latin Jazz Suite.

sbeggs | 28. Juni 2017

Latin. My favorite music!
I'm loving the mp3 given to me by a Havana taxi driver in April 2017, of Cuban classics.
His 1960 pink Studebaker convertible was barely hanging on.
I didn't have the heart to tell him about the T.

Rutrow | 28. Juni 2017

Give Maximillian the hat. He's got to be right.

info | 28. Juni 2017

i got it and should have put a :) but also I am a bit worried...

mntlvr23 | 28. Juni 2017

@Max +1

LA-Fohlen | 28. Juni 2017

@greg I don't remember what came first, the movie or the Hawaiian shirt day in the office.

I fear that the reveal might not be in July :(

gatorj31 | 28. Juni 2017

I just watch the final delivery event for the model S on YouTube. It was held on June 22. I wonder when it was announced? It was pretty cool, they really had a big show for the first people taking delivery. I'm sure the model 3 event will be just as big.

JuJo0 | 28. Juni 2017

@Red you will not regret watching Office Space and Clerks. Great, great movies. <3

As for OP, I'd go with @Max.

info | 28. Juni 2017

I was thinking about the same and I found this:
as the article is dated 21st May it seems it was one month before

Fredbob711 | 28. Juni 2017

Last week in July won't work for me... I'll be in the middle of nowhere Iowa on a bike participating in RAGBRAI.

bj | 28. Juni 2017

We could run another Tesla hat competition to guess the date of the final reveal, or a competition to guess the date when the date of the final reveal would be announced, or a competition to guess the date that the competition to guess the date when the date of the final reveal would be announced would be announced.

sbeggs | 28. Juni 2017

I am beside myself with excitement.

M3forMe | 28. Juni 2017

It will be the last Thursday in July - 7/27 @ 5pm PST. Mark it down folks! I'm feeling it. The force is STRONG with this one.

bj | 28. Juni 2017

@M3forMe - or Friday 28th, or Monday 31st :)

I think what's clear is it won't be the first week of July!

virgored | 29. Juni 2017


Liking that Date

andy.connor.e | 29. Juni 2017

July 23rd @ 8pm EST

bmalloy0 | 29. Juni 2017

Some time within the next Graham's Number days.

jefjes | 29. Juni 2017

Maximillian's guess makes the most sense. He's got my vote. | 29. Juni 2017

I think @msafalow got it right the first time, or maybe the second time.

Furioso | 30. Juni 2017


https://twitter com/elonmusk/status/880665053162348546

shin404 | 30. Juni 2017

News on Sunday!! | 30. Juni 2017

Yea! News on the 1st

Or the 8th?

Or the 15th?

Or the 22nd?

Or the 29th?

That was a big help...

Ross1 | 30. Juni 2017

glad it was helpful to you

SamO | 30. Juni 2017

soon . . .

Iwantmy3 | 30. Juni 2017

I had suggested that the date of the announcement would come today. I guess that what was made was the announcement of the date that the date would be announced. (step 1?)

dd.micsol | 30. Juni 2017

elon announcing it Sunday.

Haggy | 30. Juni 2017

Elon is announcing something on Sunday. I don't know what it is, but I plan to go to Fremont to talk to Tesla employees on Monday.