Does everyone now have a " I am not a robot" button, when replying to post. That is new

Does everyone now have a " I am not a robot" button, when replying to post. That is new

But for some odd reason they do not have that same button when you start a new thread. Bizarre

akgolf | 30. Juni 2017


Captain_Zap | 30. Juni 2017


Bluesday Afternoon | 30. Juni 2017


Rutrow | 30. Juni 2017

Yup. Bump the Koreans?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 30. Juni 2017

I've got it. Just another CAPTCHA. Doesn't seem to be as bad as the old one used to be.

Coastal Cruiser. | 30. Juni 2017

Ahhh. Only the known troublemakers are getting the captcha.

KP in NPT | 30. Juni 2017

Maybe only non-owners? I don't have it.

Bluesday Afternoon | 30. Juni 2017

@KP in NPT

Good catch!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 30. Juni 2017

Coastal_Cruiser: What's the point of being grown up if you can't be childish from time-to-time?

Elizabets07 | 30. Juni 2017

Yep. And not an owner.

mmatthis | 30. Juni 2017

I in fact am a robot...robot....robot

noleaf4me | 30. Juni 2017

Id -- maybe I'm turning into a robot?!?

Itrnhds | 30. Juni 2017

beep boop bop... they're onto us!!!

Coastal Cruiser. | 30. Juni 2017

ReD, None at all. ;>

The original captcha you referenced on this board was before my time, but I am so grateful they didn't employ the "were gonna make it nearly impossible for you to get past this" captcha this time around. I have been downright defeated by a couple of those. Absolute hieroglyphics. You stare. You squint. You cock your head. You wonder whether THIS particular captcha is going to be case sensitive. I feel sorry for the elderly. Computers are not really any easier to use than the use to be. Just challenging in a different way.

Shesmyne2 | 30. Juni 2017

Yep. Got it.
Both S & 3 threads

Still Grinning ;-)

bernard.holbrook | 30. Juni 2017

I have the robot button. I am not an owner (Yet).

Frank99 | 30. Juni 2017

Yep, not an owner.

mntlvr23 | 30. Juni 2017

But they really need it most for when you start a new thread - and they don't have it there. A little backwards?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 30. Juni 2017

mntlvr23: Yup. I think that Tesla may have something in the background that initially prevents new accounts from starting threads, until they have posted within an existing one a handful of times... It may not work very well, but you sometimes see a BOT reply to an older thread with nonsense. Some of them even copy an existing post word for word, and the BOT posts it as a reply to another existing thread in an attempt to 'validate' itself. Then later, the torrent of SPAM comes.

Ross1 | 30. Juni 2017

Yes. Looks like jumping dolphins

eeb9 | 01. Juli 2017

D@mn. They caught me.

mntlvr23 | 01. Juli 2017

At least it shows that someone is doing something. That is a good thing.

Ross1 | 01. Juli 2017

I just got rejected by Google CAPTCHA instead of Mollom.
Then I posted again, copy/paste, and it loaded.

mntlvr23 | 01. Juli 2017

Mollom is still there

Rutrow | 01. Juli 2017

We're all part of a Turing Test.

noleaf4me | 01. Juli 2017


eeb9 | 01. Juli 2017

So long as it keeps the Korean bots out, I'm happy

stevej119 | 01. Juli 2017

I have it and I am an owner and also a deposit holder.

KP in NPT | 01. Juli 2017

Interesting Steve - is your account designated as an owner? Are you able to flag posts?

Sandy’s 3 | 01. Juli 2017

Yes, not an owner.

Jcastillo18 | 01. Juli 2017


JeffreyR | 01. Juli 2017

No robot button for me.

jwrnv | 01. Juli 2017

Robot button for me, but I just opened this account so who knows. Not an owner.

Mr.Tesla | 01. Juli 2017

Yes, and not an owner.

SacTesla | 01. Juli 2017

It would make a good political slogan

liftsrock | 01. Juli 2017

Yes, not an owner.

NKYTA | 01. Juli 2017

No (owner). I never had to deal with this the first go around either.

kaffine | 01. Juli 2017

I have it also. I lied I said I'm not a robot so I can post.

This is discrimination against the non-biological entities.

Seems strange most of the questions are if I can identify street signs I thought Tesla knew that robots can read street signs now.

Ross1 | 01. Juli 2017

Today I had to "select all images with belts" from a block of photos as well,
now its all images with street signs (there is a trick in that one)

mntlvr23 | 01. Juli 2017

@kaffine +1

noleaf4me | 01. Juli 2017

LOL - Kaffine! I'm mostly getting street signs and cars.

johnse | 01. Juli 2017

I don't have it. I've also never had any problem posting links. I am not actually an owner, though I had a Model X reservation. I just wasn't able to complete the purchase due to changed finances. I do seem to have owner privileges, however, since I have the "flag as inappropriate" links...

So, I seem to be an edge case all around :)

kaffine | 02. Juli 2017

Maybe these are photos uploaded from the AP2 cars that it had issues figuring out. They need to have people review them and mark what are the signs and cars but it is expensive to hire that many people. Just get the people posting on the forums to do it for free.

topher | 02. Juli 2017

I may not be a robot, but apparently I am training them in how to recognize street signs. And cars.

Thank you kindly.

Frank99 | 02. Juli 2017

Well, I have the "not a robot" button, but I appear to have passed some test - now when I click it, I don't have to actually perform their stupid little cognition tests. I get the checkmark immediately.

I'm OK with that...

Bluesday Afternoon | 02. Juli 2017

Are the ?'s in Korean?

Iwantmy3 | 02. Juli 2017

Why do we need to see this every time. Can they not limit it to once per ID or at least once per login

ReD eXiLe ms us | 02. Juli 2017

Iwantmy3: They used to, once. Didn't work. Hence the timeout of logins to the site, and continual challenges at the gate. 'Never trust the Client.'

Rutrow | 10. Oktober 2017